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A poem a day

keeps the mental health doctor at bay.

And apples wouldn’t hurt neither

if you need a little breather,

but the best thing to do…

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(Fun Poem) Farm Living


Have you ever been blessed to live on a country farm

A successful farm is the greatest peace anyone can see

Dark rich soil spreading from the sunrise till light dims… 191 more words

Personal Thoughts/Beliefs

Happy New Horse!

This one is for my extremely awesome friend Lucy from PorterGirl 

New year, new you?
What is wrong
with the old you?
New year new horse!

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A Poem for My Brother...Who is Always Wrong... Always...

My brother, as I am sure is the case with most – if not all brothers – is a complete and utter piss taker, who loves nothing more than to wind me up and make fun of me. 235 more words


Gimme all your words

Give them to me
shout them, yo!
Gasp them quickly,
whisper slow.
Giggle words to me.
Wig out all about your day!
Let me hear just what… 130 more words

Creative Journal

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

Ginger beer.

Sweet-sour tang, sliding

Along tongue and teeth.

Refreshing relief

To a parched palate.

Simon C.J. Falk 10 September 2017

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Fun Poem for Children

Three Blind Mice…Look Out!!

This is the tale of three blind mice,                                                                                             who ventured out their hole.                                                                                                               They longed to seek adventure                                                                                                           and decided to be bold. 148 more words

Writing For Children