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SHE'S Like a Snake & I'm not afraid of the way you lie...

Wait a second here let me get to the point she’s like a snake trying to breath into me fear but I’m not afraid

She slithers towards me and is ready to gobble me up, strike me with her venomous deception and lies and leave me for dead or just enough alive to come back for a second feast. 92 more words

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Responsible Wishing

Looking to the starry sky
Waiting for a flash of light
Blowing seeds of dandelions
Watching them take flight

One rub of a genie’s lamp… 79 more words

An eye for puns?

I want a new outlook,

one that sees past

my own needs.



the god of me-first.

{wait for it} ->->->->  

{wait for it} ->->->-> 14 more words


Dark and Deadly

Dark and Deadly

I push people back from the stage

I knock people out with a look

I attack like a pack of PIRANHA

I am so Dark and Deadly I make flowers die when I pass them… 63 more words

A Good Mood

'Twas the Week After Christmas - an Ode to the Salvation Army Officer

‘Twas the week after Christmas when all through the Corps
The wreaths have been taken from every door.

The bells have stopped dinging, donging, and ringing, 137 more words

Salvation Army

An open letter to the one or time...

Are you a fruit or a food

Are you holding back a relationship

Are you the best thing that ever happened to me

Are you the one and only? 59 more words

A Good Mood

Myself and all

 M  e an what little else

Y ou care for no reason

S ome do not a bit a tall

E veryone needs a reason… 59 more words

A Good Mood