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Is This Poetry? A Conversation Between Friends

This isn’t really poetry.┬áBut it’s too short to be a story. So maybe it is a poem. I just have a thing about poems and rhyming. 111 more words

Feel a Feeling...

For any of those not sure about letting their feelings out through poetry. It’s what this blog is all about.

Feel a feeling write a poem… 65 more words

Mystery Jestch

a drop in the ocean

It was just a drop in the ocean,

 least it must have been so once,

cos when I prised open that treasure chest lid… 142 more words


Sharing the happiment

“Our Mom is gone, what will we do?” the woe-begotten little zoo complained to Dad who simply said “I’ll make you all a splendid bed!” 54 more words

Frog-hopping - Today's everyday daily poem

Flutter-by frog- bloghopping,

flaneurial visiting,

flew only online but also found shopping

from borrowed depositing

and ordered a fanciful week full of food

no fruit or veg but some packet cup soup… 77 more words


everyday daily poem - My April Fool

My April Fool

is a Jackass mule

it’s pack

is a worn

paper bag.

Now I’m torn between

an A or a B

in a poem… 69 more words


Tuesday Terse Verse

What kind of books do you usually find with James Patterson’s name on?

Killer Thrillers.