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Everyone Fears- A Children’s Poem

Drama dramatic

Dramatically moans

“I’ve nothing left, There’s nothing I know”

Sleepy has slept

And tips as he toes

The people all left

And still he’s unknown… 80 more words


Listless 101

(Leaves me listless) Write a list of things we like, or learnt or wish? Or what the hell this task I’ll ditch! That’s disappointing for a brief, … 183 more words

Source 101 (or 101 sauce?)

Why are you writing? for Fishing for Soup!

What should it look like? something like gloop!

Do you catch it yourself? Yes, that’s why I’ve this net! 111 more words

Blogging U

fun for 101 free write (poem)

Writing live on the wire’s a much better way

Somehow I’ll write something though nothing to say

Using no paper and wasting no ink

I can save on resources, free-write and free think… 131 more words


Is This Poetry? A Conversation Between Friends

This isn’t really poetry. But it’s too short to be a story. So maybe it is a poem. I just have a thing about poems and rhyming. 111 more words

Feel a Feeling...

For any of those not sure about letting their feelings out through poetry. It’s what this blog is all about.

Feel a feeling write a poem… 65 more words

Mystery Jestch

a drop in the ocean

It was just a drop in the ocean,

 least it must have been so once,

cos when I prised open that treasure chest lid… 142 more words