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Mayday Mayday

Blood sugar levels dropping dramatically, nosediving into the nonsense-zone:

Twinkle, twinkle little cursor
you just waste your time
because a very hungry author
really does not want to rhyme

Writer's Block

We all stumble. We all fall.
Sometimes a block is the cause.
A writer knows this the best,
For he will stall just because.

A writer’s block is the worst. 44 more words



Water in the rivers flow about,
Ice on the streetsĀ freeze the route.
Never a dull moment here,
Nor a tonne of glee we see. 74 more words



Chinooks warm the winters here,
And spring does come twice.
Long are the season of sports.
Grey Cup winners live here, 32 more words



Sunny summers, we love the heat,
And winters cold, we now in defeat.
Springs and autumns are wet with snow.
Kicking and screaming kids never board; 39 more words



Poems do what they do best;
Occasionally rhyme if they must.
Everyone a critic or love the rest;
Today’s the day a poet you trust. 13 more words


Questions for Humans (read in sing-song)

Which song plays in your mind

when you go to bed?

What kind of love you dream of –

does it glow soft or burn like Kerouac’s had? 56 more words