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Fun Poem for Children

Three Blind Mice…Look Out!!

This is the tale of three blind mice,                                                                                             who ventured out their hole.                                                                                                               They longed to seek adventure                                                                                                           and decided to be bold. 148 more words

Writing For Children

Poetry is Great for Your Child's Development

For my dissertation project, I decided to write an educational, poetry book for children. This is my reason for doing so.

Why choose to write poetry for children? 1,097 more words

Children's Book

Fun Poem for Children

Humpty Dumpty, Come Down From There!

Humpty Dumpty, get off that wall!                                                                                                     You’re shape just isn’t right.                                                                                                                 You’re rocking back and forwards there                                                                                         and giving me a fright! 143 more words

Another Fun Poem for Children

Mixed Up Fairy Tale

A fair princess lived in a castle,                                                                                                       though not alone, you see.                                                                                                                   She had two sisters and animals,                                                                                                       to keep her company. 235 more words

Fun Poem for Children

The Sweet that Ran Away

I woke up in the factory                                                                                                                       and saw what they had done.                                                                                                             They’d made me fat and turned me green,                                                                                       now different to everyone. 321 more words


What could happen to rattle my winter

To mix my thoughts, my mind to splinter.

Not very much, I focus dead center.

Oh, I remember!   ‘Twas a foul printer. 70 more words

Fun #poem to read out loud!

This arrived in my inbox this morning from Pintrest and I had great fun reading it to hubby. Read out loud and see how you do! Lemme know how it goes ☺