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6 easy ways to turn your day around

Everyone has had one of those days.. you know what I’m talking about! Nothing has gone the way you’d hoped and everyone is pissing you off. 658 more words

Fun Things

Coldest Places

Coldest PlacesĀ 


When it’s raining and little bit cold we don’t want to go outside, but their are so many places people live in coldest place on earth. 16 more words



Hullur beauties of the world. I hope you are all well, it’s a real winters day in Cape Town with much-needed rain. Totally the day to be at home enjoying the thunder and lightning. 82 more words

Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling


Traveling has too much stress and fun. :)

If we know how to be happy and having fun with all those exciting things we are experience while traveling. 9 more words


Budget Babe

The B word…I think it’s appropriate since pay day is a few days away. Because I love crafts, stationary and books so much, it makes it a little more easier for me to enjoy mixing up budgets and templates that I like. 250 more words