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I'm sharing my world again!!

It’s time for another Cee’s Photography Share Your World! She asks the questions and you provide the answers (or, in this case, me). If you want to participate in the fun click on her pretty badge below. 213 more words


I love PINK!

It’s National Pink Day! So I decided to take some of my previously posted pictures and PINKED the out – or up – or whatever!!! Enjoy them!!! 432 more words


I hope everyone has a good day today!

I’m hoping mom will do a special post for me tonight but incase she doesn’t, here is my wish for all today! (Thanks to my Auntie for sending it to us!) Love LadyBird


Happy Father's Day

I want to wish my papa a Happy Father’s Day! He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee now with his son and daughter-in-law. After my mom went to heaven he decided he couldn’t stay out in the country by himself so he sold everything and moved. 42 more words


I have a new collar!

You know how I love PINK! Mom was at the store the other day and saw a collar with a really pretty flower! Mom tried like crazy to get a really good photo of me in it but of course I refused! 129 more words


Dog and Cat Picture Books

Cat Up A Tree

John & Ann Hassett
Walter Lorraine Books, an imprint of Houghton-Mifflin, Co, 1998

This is a picture book with really only one main character: Nana Quimby – a sweet old lady who looks out her window and sees a cat on the top of a tree and naturally she does what old-timer humans used to do and call the Fire Department to rescue the cat. 304 more words

Book Review

This one is for my Granmama!

Today is Red Rose Day! Granmama, here are some red roses for you!  I love you!  Love, LadyBird     <3