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Thanksgiving Pet Tips!!!

Hey, folks!!! I found pet tips for Thanksgiving and I wanted to share it with my besties!! Everybody have fun tomorrow and don’t eat too much!!! 19 more words


Always up for more treats!!

Hey folks, when I was at my Granmama’s the other day, I was reminded what a soft touch she is. Mom always tries to feed me before we go over to G’s house so I won’t beg for treats. 100 more words


We wish Paris peace and solace . . .

We are send prayers and wishes to the folks in Paris today. We wish them peace and solace in their sadness. We dedicate this post to them today. 11 more words


Puddling about - an update from the canine pool

We did return for another session to the hydrotherapy pool and much to our surprise, Ellie wanted to go into the pool.

This time we had a surprise in store for her – a surf board. 48 more words


Thank you to all of our Veterans

Wednesday, November 11 is the day we celebrate Veteran’s Day. Mom has to work tomorrow so we are doing our post tonight. We want to thank all the veterans who put their lives on hold to let our lives be free and rich. 42 more words