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I'm just a little worried!

Do you know what today is? Yes, I know it is the first day of spring – no, I’m talking about it’s Extraterrestrial Abduction Day aka Alien Abduction Day… 187 more words


I want some chicken!!

It’s National Poultry Day!! I want some chicken! Preferably fried but I will accept roasted. Com’on Mom – p-leee-se may I have some chicken? 8 more words


I'm not a leprechaun!

My friends and I want to wish you a Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

St. Patrick


I got put in jail!

Well, I don’t know about my mom sometimes – she took me to the park and I was enjoying myself,

sniffing the bushes

when she puts me on top of this platform thingy – why I don’t know – … 105 more words


I want pie!

So mom told me today was pie day and I was so excited I might get some pie! But she fooled me – today is not PIE day, but PI day! 59 more words