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Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen

If there is one thing I love about the Dutch it’s their willingness to let their kids get dirty. Probably not all Dutch, I’m possibly over generalizing but I think that the fact that there are mud pits in most playgrounds and play forests everywhere says something about the general laid back attitude of the culture. 1,131 more words

The Speelgoed Museum: Oosterhout

My son had a study day and I always try to make those a little special. I decided to give the Speelgoed Museum in Oosterhout a try.  838 more words

Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg

De Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg is an indoor softplay with a great outside play area in Tilburg. Sounds scary to people living in Eindhoven but really it’s only like 30 minutes away from me. 738 more words

Snow Day Soft Pretzels

We’re buckled down here in New England, and the radar shows that most of the East coast is doing the same. I’m happy to have our snug and cozy family time back after two whole grueling days of being back to ye olde work-and-school routine. 742 more words


Passion for Pizza - Homemade Pizza with the Kids

Everybody loves pizza right? We certainly do in our household and we are certain you guys do to. Its cheap, tastes great and is seriously fun to get everybody involved from the little ones right up to the big kids like ourselves too! 309 more words

Family Life

Time To Experiment

Mr. E was a little bored this evening so I figured it was time to have some fun and stimulate that beautiful brain of his. It was time to experiment! 212 more words


Rainy Day Play Dough

The week started out feeling like summer was already here.  Panda and I grabbed the grand baby, Bug and went to the beach for the day about mid-week and it was wonderful!!!  482 more words