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Getting the Kids Involved in Cooking Dinner: Week 2. Black Bean and Chickpea Flautas

This is the second week of my new goal, getting the kids involved in cooking dinner. I decided that my deep love of my slow cooker, although amazingly convenient, wasn’t helping the kids learn the joy and value of time spent in the kitchen. 867 more words

Getting the Kids Involved in Cooking Dinner: My New Mission

My husband and I were watching a documentary a few weeks ago and it occurred to me that in my attempt to be highly organized and extremely prepared I was ruining my kids future! 731 more words

Hallerbos: The Bluebell Forest

Spring is a magical time in Benelux. In The Netherlands the tulips are the star of spring but everything is in bloom. It seems that everywhere is full of magical colors and wonderful smells. 673 more words

Boschuur De Meren

My kids love getting really dirty and I love letting them. For me there is no greater sight than my kids covered in mud and exploring nature. 532 more words

Nederlands Water Museum

I decided after finding out about the Museum Card I would start taking the kids to more museums. This is a really easy thing to do here because there is a whole list of museums labeled “kid proof”. 937 more words

The Museum Card

Have you ever discovered something so awesome that instead of being thrilled you are slightly annoyed that you didn’t know about it earlier? It’s a weird feeling. 628 more words

Slow Cooker Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

My kids love to help me in the kitchen. When it was just my son and I home all day we would bake all the time. 830 more words