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Juggling for better technique

I once asked a coach from PSV why it seemed like the Dutch and the Brazilians were better at striking long, hard accurate balls than most. 192 more words


Mini Holiday to Cornwall

I had a great few days in Cornwall with my cousin Jemma. I got a bit of writing done too and have managed to get past a really tricky bit in book 2, so it should be easier to write from now on. 11 more words


Confessions of An Evil Parent

I had my kids by C-Section.

As I lay down in the hospital bed, carefully holding my oldest (Jill) for the first time, I was bemused and still a little addled from the morphine that they knocked me out with. 593 more words

Money shot


Every skateboarder experiences this, the “Money shot”. On Monday I asked one of my friends to take a sequence of a new trick I was learning on a bigger rail, and I thought to myself that it would look pretty cool at one point of the trick. 161 more words


Writin' Nerdy: March 4, 2015

And this week’s writing prompt is:

You’re an alien who has found his/her way to Earth. But you have a problem! All of your sensors are on the fritz! 189 more words


Sometimes I'm a character, sometimes i'm me

Ever since I can remember I’ve been modeling for my mom. Yes all parents take pictures of their children. My mom really got into photography though. 295 more words

About Me

eating out

have you ever wanted to yell at a old person because you know for a fact they are talking about you?????

my son liam who is 4 years old has probs with attention so that means he’s always on the go and trying to get me look at stuff. 144 more words