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30-Day Challenge Day 9: Song(s) That Make You Want To Dance

The first couple topics for these song challenge posts were a bit too serious. So it is nice to see a topic that is fun for a change. 395 more words


The Wunderkind

Software needs to run quickly. Whether it’s to get a response to a shopper so they don’t get bored and click on to the next site, or performing calculations on some data that is urgently needed downstream. 902 more words


Activities for budding engineers

Construction play for toddlers is all about building their play skills and confidence.

Toddler’s are entering a stage where they want to be independent but don’t quite have the skills for them to achieve their big dreams. 334 more words


Impossible Is Nothing

If Jason McElwain, an autistic, can reach his dreams; what is your excuse?
Jason scored 20 points in the last moments of the game, won the game for the team, was the highest scoring player and was featured on CBS News. 9 more words


September Book Quiz

This month the quiz centres around books and films.  I have supplied 10 film titles but can you name the books that they were based upon  (sometimes loosely based). 80 more words

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Make a Mancala Game

Mancala is an ancient game that is easy to make AND play. Great for grade school kids and adults.

Click HERE for the instructions to make the game board and the game instructions