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Funafuti has gone solar!

Well, despite my best intentions to give you regular updates on our big solar project in Funafuti it’s been two months since my last blog. After a slowish start, which gave me a bit of spare time to write about what was happening, the workload and the pace of the job really took over. 644 more words


One month in Funafuti

The one month mark had well and truly passed and my life in Funafuti was becoming more and more familiar as the weeks passed by. 318 more words


A new team member lands on the Island

The adjustment period was over, now it was time to get down to business. Week two in Funafuti came with it some normality and a sense of routine. 526 more words


The project begins, well sort of...

I rose at first light and headed down to site to meet the local workers. First to arrive was Masi, a friendly, well spoken guy, kitted out in his hi-vis, safety goggles and hard hat. 361 more words


Day One: the adventure in Funafuti begins

After sitting in a steamy departure lounge and enduring a two and a half hour flight from Suva over the open Pacific Ocean we started to descend through the clouds and I got the first glimpse of Funafuti, the Island to be my home for the next two months. 470 more words


Are coral islands doomed by global warming?

Among the most voluble and persistent advocates of CO2 emissions reduction are representatives of islands in the tropics that are built entirely of reef coral… 474 more words

Climate Change And Palaeoclimatology