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Hiddenbeds and Multifunctional Furniture

From time to time I like to look other interesting things besides maths and stats. This post is somewhat of a follow-up to my¬†Optimized Living Spaces and Tiny Houses… 251 more words

In press | Growth strategies for post-growth societies

Abstract: A sharp problem focus sharpens the problem. Sustainably ongrowing bodies of text on degrowth are not the key to post-growth scenarios because evocations of the limits of growth reinforce rather than transcend the economic principle, which is in the observation of scarcity. 86 more words


An honest story about Child-on-child sexual abuse

Child abuse is something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Child-on-child sexual abuse (CoCSA) damn right cringes people the hell out.

I’m here to talk about both, if not now, then for a short time soon. 220 more words


Beholding God: The Function of Melody in Helpful Worship Music

Four months ago, I wrote an essay titled, “Beholding God: The Foundation of Helpful Worship Music,” (which you can read here). I have since contemplated the role of melody. 1,858 more words


Limits made easy and slope

today I am going to explain to you very basic concept called the slope. This is going to be important for the basic understanding of derivation. 260 more words


Architecture: St. Martin in the Fields

I have been looking to incorporate my love of architecture into my wanderings and I figure that I can analyze some of my favorite structures and concepts in a new architecture series of writings. 1,103 more words