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Perceptron Learning Algorithm in C

You can vary the learning coefficients (0<lr<1), the desired output, initial weights etc. And then see the difference in the number of epoch’s it takes for the perceptron to learn a particular pattern. 63 more words

Wedding Venue and Function room hire in Hull

Function room and venue hire in Hull. There are several
rooms and multipurpose halls that are suitable for all sorts of occasion,
meetings, conferences and incidents. 253 more words

AIME I 2007 Problem 8


The polynomial is cubic. What is the largest value of for which the polynomials and are both factors of ?

My Attempt:

So, the wording is a bit odd. 510 more words

Philosophische Untersuchungen — An Introductory Understanding (Sections 1-8)

According to Ludwig Wittgenstein (LW) in his Philosophical Investigations the essence of language encompasses and permeates all things related to humanity. In this work LW argues that the first step to understand the essence of language more fully is to dispel previous attempts that define and thereby limit a fuller understanding of language’s essence. 77 more words


Experiencing Function

What I wish to do in this post and the next is to put down some of my thoughts on the experience of music — it’s really an effort to put down some reflections that I have had for quite a while. 1,773 more words