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1. My character is more important than talent
2. Failure is nature’s plan to prepare me for great responsibility
3. Failing is not the worst thing in the world, quitting is… 224 more words

On Function, Aesthetics, and Screw the Goddamn Birds

This is something I don’t understand about basic function: Why move the birdseed away from the door nearest the feeder and hide it in the… 61 more words


Functional outcomes for patients after differing types of radical prostatectomy

A newly published paper in the British Journal of Cancer has reported on  patient-reported functional outcomes following robot-assisted laparoscopic (RALP), non-robot-assisted laparoscopic (LRP), and open (ORP) forms of radical prostatectomy. 649 more words



Today something about loops in C++(11). How can we run through a table using a loop ? Well what we are being tought in first place is: 304 more words

Day three of my incarceration begins

Okay, not really incarceration but that sounds aptly dramatic for how I’m feeling. I had a cold last week and, I guess with my immunity down, contracted a stomach bug. 694 more words


function as part

held as its own manner

and distance

and caught

as the story

and meant

as its own running

and chase

as its own eagle

as its own wings… 43 more words


Multi Select Checkbox

var chk_array_id= [];

function checkboxselectfunction(checkBoxId){


for (var i = chk_array_id.length – 1; i >= 0; i–) {
if (chk_array_id[i] == checkBoxId) chk_array_id.splice(i, 1); 11 more words