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There are some myths out there regarding creatine and the negative effects it has on your body.  This is probably the most studied and tested supplement on the market due to its benefits for endurance and strength athletes.   164 more words

Recursive function

In simplest possible way, recursive function is a function that calls itself. It’s common for function to call another function, but when it calls itself its a recursive function.   347 more words


F(x) = Love..

**..Aim to make You smile
Let slip from tip of tongue 
Sweet formula to the function of Your heart..
Whisper the sweet nothings 
Let them trickle… 76 more words

Poetic Form

How to call PostgreSQL functions (stored procedures) from Hibernate

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This article is part of a series of posts related to calling various relational database systems stored procedures and database functions from Hibernate. 589 more words


A curated life

A curated life

A curated life
A museum quality life
where we hold onto
things that give us
beauty, pleasure and function
and cast off the… 131 more words


☆ Treasure Hunt ☆

***This is a new category. When I come upon a scripture; which no scripture is ever just added for filler; yet it clearly requires the Spirit to teach beyond it. 555 more words