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New feature: Read all blogposts in your language

Hi beauties! I have been gone from blogging for a few weeks due to loads of uni work. but now I’m back. I wanted to let you know about a new function on my blog; a translate button, where you can translate my blog posts to your language. 41 more words


Congress Needs Its Bacon Back

How to get congress back to its function, writing and passing legislation that serves everyone? This article is interesting in its analysis of congress’ inner dynamics both past and present, what hit me while reading the article was I was lamenting the death of pork just last week, if only as a tool to push negotiations along instead of retreating behind stubborn ideological lines. 218 more words

ROLES OF LIFE (ponder & reflection)

Role is defined as the part or function played in any given situation that is not limited to just human experiences either. All of life plays a role some unassuming while other vital and obvious but the roles being played out are essential. 819 more words


Should This Be In This Function?

Somewhere in the pages of Clean Code by Robert C. Martin it says:

Functions should do one thing. They should do it well. They should do it only.

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Somthing old

Almost everyday my hair is in a ponnytail. It is the easiest way to keep the hair away from the face.

However, yesterday function I felt for something else. 108 more words

MiwoFTP - WordPress File Manager - Miwisoft LLC

MiwoFTP Free. Stellar.  5 Star WordPress.org plugin!!  FTP bliss: Nothing to set up.  No programs to open/close, start/stop.  With this you simply activate the plugin: you can see and access all of the site files, FTP to and from your WordPress website – not a WordPress.com blog. 125 more words



“Form ever follows function,” said the architect.

The shape from intended function or purpose.

Long-necked giraffes reaching the tallest of leaves.

The poem beating with its 5-7 heartbeat. 21 more words