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Flattery will get you everywhere

Dear Me,

I need to tell you some of the wonderful things people have been saying about you for the past few days. If only to give life a little balance. 171 more words


First R package, first git commit, and first push to GitHub

I finally did it. It’s true what’s often said, that getting started is the hardest part, and then it’s writing documentation.

Thankfully there’s plenty of help to be found for how to write an R package. 570 more words

WorkdayVoice: What's Your Favorite Spreadsheet Function?

(Source: www.forbes.com)

In the world of corporate finance, spreadsheets are core. Whether it’s managing a profit and loss statement or developing financial and headcount plans, spreadsheets are a daily part of a corporate finance professional’s job. 596 more words

Money Matters

A thief thinks everyone steals

Dear Kelly:

Knowing you has changed my life. For the better. Did you know that? Doesn’t that sound funny, or possibly sarcastic, since we were never friends and then stopped speaking for a few months. 1,155 more words


Computer guilt

Dear Brandon:

I was talking about you with a colleague today. I was telling her about how I would fly you across the country to visit me in the summers, and about how I told you that you were expected to repay my generosity by changing my diapers when I’m old. 370 more words




Some people have the misconception that kids are just little adults. After all, they just seem to be smaller versions of big people. However, this is so far from the truth. 600 more words


Blame your parents!

Dear Me,

Okay, here’s the thing. I know I shouldn’t inebriate myself every day but it’s something I do consider daily. The ‘will I or won’t I’ conversation taking place in my brain can drive me absolutely crazy! 228 more words