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How Does The Signature Function Work?

I don t quite understand the signature function, how and where it appears, or what type of thing is generally placed there. Could you give me a brief explanation please? 9 more words

Illustrating Functions

Function definitions aren’t usually tested on either the SAT or the ACT and since I never worked professionally with math, functions were something I’d barely considered in algebra a billion years ago. 1,250 more words


Daily Tips: Drink More Water

Drink More Water. Even if we drink water throughout the day, drinking at some particular time provides more benefits to us. Do this daily to make your body sounds better. 62 more words


Will Zip Ties DISABLE A Glock? Wacky Pistol FUNCTION TEST.

What happens if you wrap a Glock with Zip Ties? How many Zip Ties will it take to cause the Glock to malfunction? Is one Zip Tie powerful enough to stop the slide from functioning properly? 469 more words



modernity given expression

artistic design reimagined

a philosophy of function

schooled architects painters

and sculptors in industry

rendered a new generation

of socialized landscapes

cosmopolitan cradles bore… 44 more words


The Hour of the Wolf: Ruminating with Phaedrus

The line my thoughts took this evening reminded me of Pirsig’s use of the theme of Phaedrus in his work Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance… 1,147 more words

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