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Initial trials

Last Tuesday I had my first pre jury, and I’m sorry to delay. I’ll be informing you about the process in 2 different post, one as Initial Trials and the other as Prejury preparation. 662 more words


On a serious note...

Tweenagers… this has to be such an awkward age, with so many things going on, hormones, body changes, social interactions, and just generally working out their place in life. 1,249 more words


To Return Function with Function in Python

# return the function

def lazy_sum(*args):
    def sum():
        ax = 0
        for n in args:
            ax = ax + n
        return ax
    return sum

def count():
	for i in range(1,4):
		def f():
			return i*i
	return fs

def countx():
	def f(j):
		def g():
			return j*j
		return g
	for i in range(1,4):
		fs.append(f(i)) # we pass the value of i here
	return fs

Weekly Update: Sunday, March 26th-Thursday, March 30th, 2017

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week, we are starting our final Unit of Inquiry of the year, looking at the transdisciplinary theme: How We Express Ourselves. 322 more words

Weekly Newsletter

Explicit images blurred on Instagram

So what is considered explicit content/offensive content? My white trash smile? Hopefully drugs are at least and not a burn victim or a person not considered “beautiful”, what ever that is. 65 more words

Bad Things

Diversions in Mathematics #2: Hilbert's Hotel

In this instalment, I introduce the concept of infinity in a simple and (hopefully) entertaining way, which puts into practice the counting concepts introduced in the  3,152 more words


Workflow: ZSorter, sorting other imagepoints

In this post I write that there is no way to customise the behaviour of ZSorter to deal with sorting objects that have a different imagepoint as a sort reference. 33 more words

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