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The Difference Between Handkerchiefs and Pocket Squares

Lots of people confuse handkerchiefs with pocket squares.  Above is a handkerchief.  Below is a pocket square.

Aside from the stylishness, there are many other differences.   613 more words

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Movements & Muscles

To train muscles or movements…


Which thought process is right?


Technically they both are, however it simply depends on the purpose of which you are training. 288 more words

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A New Mandate for Human Resources

This article aims to justify the existence of the HR function and to define the changes that it must undergo in order to survive. The common theme is that HR must deliver benefits to the business and that it should focus on outcomes rather than activities. 333 more words


#949: Use VLOOKUP

Some facts about my dark spreadsheet past:

  1. I had learned to use VLOOKUP before.
  2. I had vowed to use VLOOKUP before.
  3. Whenever I had an opportunity to use VLOOKUP, I forgot how and didn’t want to spend the time or energy re-learning, so I just used a different formula or function.
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What Inspires You | Inspiration for Creation | Motivation Monday

Inspiration can be a funny thing that picks you up and carries you away on a creation adventure, or it can be something you chase after like a child with a butterfly net. 258 more words


Check if value exists in another column of a Microsoft Excel document

Today I spent some time looking for this trick. The function to use is called VLOOKUP. From Office Support web page:

Use VLOOKUP, one of the lookup and reference functions, when you need to find things in a table or a range by row.

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Beware of Google: the case of adverb phrases

Q: What is an adverb phrase?

A: A group of two or more words whose most important word (called the Head) is an adverb… 405 more words

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