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Pocket Knives! (A Primer)

Pocket Knives! (A Primer)

What to consider?

This will be an introductory post in a sub-series on pocket knives within the overall EDC series. It’s like a dream within a dream. 1,268 more words

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Vector Equation, Parametric Equations and Symmetric Equation Passing Through Two Points (3D)

This video explains how to find the vector equation, parametric equations, and symmetric equations of a line passing through 2 points in space.

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Simple Function Notation

Function notation is using a letter to hold the position of a number which gets substituted inside of f(), g() or h() showing the number the functions happen to. 114 more words


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Sheldon and i got into a heated argument about him doing the sixty-nine on someone else; so we broke up. A few years later; we met at a function and my family was there too, trying to make us work things out and get back together. 8 more words


the one we ought to be having

The concept of symmetry rears its head again,
As does the ever growing ugly presence of muscle length,
Which are both thrown around the clinical platform like a football. 520 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Builder Fence with Size and Block Arguments in MakeCode for Minecraft

I had wanted to build a fence from the first day I saw MakeCode for Minecraft. Why? To hold all those raining chickens, of course, Due to one of my most endearing flaws, I couldn’t just build a simple, straight-forward fence. 636 more words

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