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Alhaja Zainab Olukoya Turbanned As Balogun Adeen Aenur Hujud

The Aenur Hujud Islamic Global Family (ALIGF) has turbaned Alhaja (Chief) Mrs Zainab Olukoya as the Balogun Adeen of the Islamic society.

At the turbanning/award ceremony held at the Crystal Club House, Adaraloye Street, Ikorodu, the newly decorated chief was also presented with an excellence award for her humanitarian and support services to the Islamic group. 112 more words

Living donor not at higher risk of kidney failure: Study

(Source: health.asiaone.com)

A kidney donor may have only one kidney after a transplant but it continues to function well, with four in 10 regaining 75 per cent of their pre-donation kidney function after five years. 536 more words

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What is blood?


Blood is a circulatory process that occur in our body, for rest of our life. It can be disturbed by any kind of foreign substances.

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Life Roles vs. You

You adopt life roles because they are neat and ready – and because you have no clue what else you should be doing. Roles offer an answer to the… 3,949 more words


society's function

on my toilet
i think of
all the crap
i might face
could wipe
it away
and flush it,
so hopefully
my function
plug up
your high

Smokers who are breathless and clueless

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

I saw Mr Lee, a 75-year-old retiree, two years ago. His daughter had taken him to see me as he had been feeling more and more breathless over the past year. 711 more words

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