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Solutions to your muscle aches and postural defects

Have you ever felt constant tightness in certain areas of your body and you wonder why? The basis of our stability is right at the bottom where we stand and balance as we move our limbs. 659 more words


White Fragility in Yoga: Privilege, Power, and Posts

Today I’m breaking off from my usual blog, and sharing a post I wrote for a social media group. I’ve only recently (within the last year or so) discovered the use of facebook groups in the yoga world. 4,255 more words


On Movement Skills (Part 5)

Training variety for varieties sake and employing variety as part of an overall plan are different things. Variety for its own sake can negatively affect progress or potentially cause more harm than good.   844 more words

Mobility Training No Longer a Speciality Market

Mobility training is the new kid on the block… once the domain of Physical Therapists … mobility is going mainstream with help of the fitness industry. 411 more words

Yoga for Track

Where there’s a will, there’s away! Half of the team is here in Vermillion, 1/4 is heading to Tulsa, and 1/4 is on a plane to Arizona, but they all needed some functional movement and yoga today to recovery and shake off the bus/plane ride. 10 more words

Bullet Points and a Brew 3/7/16

Here’s one of the things I’m going to try and do semi regularly. To start the week off, I’ll share a few articles that I’ve recently enjoyed and will finish the post by reviewing a beer. 392 more words

Training For Climbing

Philly MANIA - Part 1

MANIA happened over the weekend of February 19-21. The calendar informs me that it is March 3rd. I thought about trying to spill my guts as soon as I got home, but a) that would be messy, and gross, and b) I would just be spewing back information. 970 more words