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Common Sports Injuries And Working To Prevent Them: Gymnastics


This blog is the first post in a multi-series blog on sports most common injuries and how we can avoid and even prevent them. Today’s focus is on gymnastics. 690 more words


What is Crossfit?

If you go on crossfit.com or see quotes from Greg Glassman (the founder of crossfit) you may see that it is ”constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” 596 more words


Accessory Gainz Week 1 & 2

  • Day 2 (week 1)


Bird dog 20 reps per side 3s to complete a full rep

Standing knee raise with band over feet use green or blue. 911 more words


Population-Specific Norms: Common Clinical Movement Screens & Military Recruitment

Research Paper Title

The Interrelationship of Common Clinical Movement Screens: Establishing Population-Specific Norms in a Large Cohort of Military Applicants.


Musculoskeletal injuries (MSK-Is) are a leading cause of missed duty time and morbidity in the military. 353 more words

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What is the Functional Movement Screen?

Before I develop an exercise program for my clients I always perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). I consider this screen to be so fundamental in program design that I don’t even charge for it. 310 more words

The Pelvic Curl

Hi everyone! We are very excited to welcome back our Blog this week with the first of what will be fortnightly installments of Pilates related information, know-how’s and exercises for you to try at home. 170 more words


Bullet Points and a Brew 9/12/16

And here we are, heading into another week. I took a break from this series last week. I was in Asheville with some family members, touring breweries and getting mad at the TV during a Notre Dame football game. 613 more words