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Testing the Thoracic Spine in Shoulder Issues

Many people think their shoulder issues are stemming from their shoulder itself but this may not be true. Often times when we see someone with shoulder issues there is more to the story.   400 more words

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The Pelvic Curl

Hi everyone! We are very excited to welcome back our Blog this week with the first of what will be fortnightly installments of Pilates related information, know-how’s and exercises for you to try at home. 170 more words


Is the Push-Up an upper body strength exercise?

Often we think of a push up as an upper body exercise without considering the importance of the core. However, during your Functional Movement Screen (FMS) you perform the Trunk Stability Push-up to assess your  368 more words


Bullet Points and a Brew 9/12/16

And here we are, heading into another week. I took a break from this series last week. I was in Asheville with some family members, touring breweries and getting mad at the TV during a Notre Dame football game. 613 more words

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course: The Obsession Continues

 CrossFit Garden City.  The space was amazing, equipped with a shop, a welcoming lounge area, and 8,500 sq. feet in which to exercise so hard. 858 more words

Bullet Points and a Brew 8/29/16

It was a good and busy weekend. Everyone who came out to my Saturday class at SCSF killed it! Fun times were had with kettlebells and bodyweight movements, EMOM style. 711 more words

Your Sport is Unique..Just Like Every Other Sport

It’s so common. Everyone is looking for the next “X”-specific training program. “I’m looking for a climbing/basketball/baseball/etc. specific strength routine.” “Oh, I don’t squat. I’m on a marathon preparation training program.” The examples are endless. 1,304 more words