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Mobility Training No Longer a Speciality Market

Mobility training is the new kid on the block… once the domain of Physical Therapists … mobility is going mainstream with help of the fitness industry. 411 more words

Yoga for Track

Where there’s a will, there’s away! Half of the team is here in Vermillion, 1/4 is heading to Tulsa, and 1/4 is on a plane to Arizona, but they all needed some functional movement and yoga today to recovery and shake off the bus/plane ride. 10 more words

Bullet Points and a Brew 3/7/16

Here’s one of the things I’m going to try and do semi regularly. To start the week off, I’ll share a few articles that I’ve recently enjoyed and will finish the post by reviewing a beer. 392 more words


Philly MANIA - Part 1

MANIA happened over the weekend of February 19-21. The calendar informs me that it is March 3rd. I thought about trying to spill my guts as soon as I got home, but a) that would be messy, and gross, and b) I would just be spewing back information. 970 more words



CrossFit 308 – functional movement


5 min row

PVC pass through x20

cat stretch

seated figure 4


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 15 more words

Functional Movement


CrossFit 308 – functional movement


Shoulder stretch 1 min

Couch stretch 1 min

Pike stretch 1 min

10 mins of cardio



10 x :30/ :20 r/t… 15 more words

Functional Movement

Yoga: It's not just "Ohms" and "Ahs"

Firstly, let me apologize for not posting anything last week.  New schedules equal trying to balance out the load and see where I can put what.  796 more words