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Can you hover over a Porta Potty?

Can you hover over a public toilet? A question you probably don’t think about until you are in that situation. I am very proud of that fact that my OutdoorFit ladies think of me when they are using a porta potty. 247 more words

Fit And Fabulous

Functional Body, Functional You

Try this out: Sit down on the floor. Now, get back on your feet without using your hands in any way (even bracing yourself on your knee). 718 more words


Chiropractic and Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprain is the most commonly injured body are among athletes. With Sprains dominating most diagnoses. For initial ankle sprain, individuals often report persisting limitations to the ankle joint, including pain and swelling, and recurrent sprain. 132 more words


Digital detox

Technology has advanced so much, having our phones, laptop, tablets etc has made life easier. It has made hyperconnected and hyperdistracted.

We have ‘connected’ with people online but have ‘disconnected’ with people in real life. 125 more words


Passive vs active care

Both forms of care are beneficial in improving pain and function. What do you want out of your care? Pain relief only? Better function? Improvement in sports performance? 117 more words


#36alive 258: Make Use Of Your Chores By Moving | Lunges

Back in our 36alive 245 post we suggested that chores could be a good way of getting the body moving more (check back there for more info). 140 more words

#36alive 225: Sit On The Floor | Position 2 - Straddle and Pike

#36alive 225: Sit On The Floor | Position 2 – Straddle and Pike
It’s happy hour today with two for the price of one with today’s sitting position(s), the straddle and the pike. 184 more words