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Attwood et al. - FMS: A weak association with markers of athletic performance.

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The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) consists of seven movement patterns described as fundamental to athletic performance. This study investigated the relationship between FMS score and performance in a battery of fitness tests in 436 English community rugby union players (age (mean±SD), 24.6±4.9 years; height, 180.5±6.7 cm; body mass, 93.4±14.3 kg; body fat, 14.3±5.1%). 148 more words

Injury Prevention

3 Ways to Improve Your Core

Author: Sean Cristea, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS

All movement begins with the core, so it is very important to train it effectively and correctly. Here are a few tips to remember when prepping for core day: 174 more words

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Moving On Up ...

Movement.  Our bodies are made to move.  Recently I resonated with a comment on another blog

My body wanted to move. I would look at people dancing or jumping or turning somersaults on TV and feel jealous of their movement.

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Exercise for the Mature Population

As some people grow older they have a tendency to shy away from exercise for risk of hurting themselves. In reality the truth is actually the reverse, older adults hurt themselves more by NOT exercising, than from exercising. 555 more words

Exercise For Older Population

Will improving your technique be a game changer?

I was asked a couple of questions by a colleague the other day about running technique (the Pose method) and whether learning that particular technique was a game changer for me. 414 more words

Tips And Tricks

World Issues in Sports Performance

I watched a video of Buddy Morris, Arizona Cardinals Physical Preparation Coach, a couple weeks ago, and he brought up a point that is so important to performance training today. 457 more words

5 Reasons to Hit the Gym with a Plan

Heading to the gym without a plan can be a complete waste of your time. And our time is a valuable commodity. Here’s 5 reasons why you need a game plan. 509 more words