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Day 96 of 100 - Single Leg Skills.

Today Billy reminds you that approximately 85-87% of walking and 100% of running are done with only one leg (at a time), so incorporating single -leg training exercises into your movement program is a great way to get optimal athletic performance. 6 more words

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Day 76 of 100 - Defining Functional Exercise

Today Billy explains his definition of “Functional Exercise”.

To learn more about functional exercise or to have Billy assist you with creating your own personalized program, fill out the form below.  13 more words

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5 reasons to do squats everyday

“How low can you go?”

Squats are one of the most functional movements we perform on a daily basis. It is incorporated in many activities such as lifting, bending and sitting down on a chair or toilet! 432 more words


Getting and staying fit for the long run: The single leg stance Part 2

If you read the last post that I wrote on this subject. You will know that this movement pattern is directly tied into many activities that we like to train… 800 more words


Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide - Week One

As you may already be aware, last Monday I restarted the BBG 1.0 guide. (Last time I only got to week 5 before moving countries got in the way). 270 more words


Be Your Own Advocate!

So I may not have good range of motion for squats, but at least I can feel good about my deadlifts and chest presses. Most of my evenings lately have been spent stretching out, eating Arctic Zero, foam rolling and playing some Divinity with the boyfriend. 627 more words


How to make the best of your 1 hour working out with the right sequence

So you are all determine that you want to hit the gym/ workout at home and when you finally get there ,you get all worried that you have no freaking idea what to do and just end up doing something on the treadmill and heading back home ? 362 more words