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Exponentiation by Squaring

Hari ini adalah hari rabu dan besok gua libur *yeay* dan lusa udah UAS lagi :( tapi selo lah masih lama kok dan lagipula materi yang bakalan gua bahas kali ini berhubungan sama materi yang bakalan di-UAS-in :). 335 more words

Phone Counseling Helps Workers

Employers may be interested to learn that phone counseling programs targeted at depressed workers can help both their employees and their business by improving worker productivity and keeping costs down. 204 more words

Mental Health Articels

4clojure and the Functional Mindset

4clojure.com is a very nice learning tool!! After creating a user you can start solving problems with Clojure, starting from problems that was designed just to verify if you understood how 4clojure works, becoming more complex as you provide a correct answer to questions. 118 more words

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