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Influencer Interview | Ch. 3

It is almost impossible to explain how amped I am to have this next Influencer on.

She is someone who has made me look good for years in publications so having the chance to flip that lens is just so dang neat. 597 more words


The Musts That You Mustn’t Do…

Some pieces of advice are heard so often in the gym that they get taken as set-in-stone rules to follow, but is this really the case? 1,870 more words

The 2017 Coach | Ch. 5

If the fitness industry gets known for beating the hell out of people, then we are heading down a very scary path. 

I don’t know about you, but I see a F&#!-ton of opportunity in that. 675 more words



The knees are extremely important for the body, as they support it and enable movements. Yet, when injured, they can cause difficulty ( i.e.an inability to walk, move, run, and do other everyday activities). 222 more words


Heard of XCo's? HIIT meets function!

If you have not come across the XCo trainer before then you can be excused for thinking that this is a little weird! Bear with me and give it a chance. 466 more words

Functional Training

Influencer Interview | Ch. 2

There are so many exceptional minds in this industry. The Influencer Interview series is in place to help them spread their message.

There are no words to describe how lucky I am to know Brendon Rearick. 968 more words


Functional Training: Identifying and Rectifying the Basics

A belated Happy New Year to all.  I hope that 2017 is off to your desired start, and if not, you’d better hop to it as we’re already one down and eleven to go.  1,672 more words

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