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On track!

I ran “dog my.” Twice this morning. My leg didn’t hurt at all. Yesterday I pulled out of the “Gorge waterfalls 100K ” early because of hamstring pain! 32 more words

Functional Training

Functional Fitness - 58 years young!

Was just sitting on the bus the other day watching the over 60s paying with their concession tickets, (that will be me in 2 years time!) some very spritely some not so and it got me thinking about mobility and functional training. 59 more words

Joint Mobility for Performance and Injury Prevention

Athletes and gym rats alike all tend to focus on very specific aspects of athleticism and fitness — muscle strength and size, and fat loss, both as they relate to aesthetics. 613 more words



Jeanie has been training with me for many years, longer than anyone else! She is a lot of fun to work with or just chat with! 14 more words

Personal Trainer.

My response to s blog stating the person sometimes showed up for exercise because she felt bad and blamed herself if she didn't:

Good for you! One thing though, be careful with your “blame game” it might keep you going now but by putting yourself down in any way (blaming yourself to make you feel bad so you do the exercise), won’t usually stand the test of time! 65 more words

Functional Training

Want to get fit? Find a work-out partner!

What are the benefits of having a work out partner?

  • He or she will motivate and push you
  • You are more likely to stick with your workout program…
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Hercules Trophy


This is another pic of Gina! She is Inside Out Fitness’s “Athlete of the Month”! When I asked her if she would be April’s’ “Athlete”, she asked if she deserved it? 51 more words

Functional Training