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Power of your brain… The Trainer hood river . Columbia River Gorge

By Dr. Mercola … Along these lines, research recently revealed that when you focus your mind on a specific muscle during a workout, you work that muscle 22 percent harder.1 By harnessing your brain as a workout tool, you may, in fact, be able to get in better shape, faster…. 11 more words


Effects of alcohol on the human body…The Trainer hood river Columbia River Gorge

How Alcohol Affects the Body from Healthline.com Even a small amount of alcohol has an affect on your body. When you drink, alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. 26 more words


CrossFit's Contribution To Everyday Life

Functional Training. It’s all the buzz right now. In fact these two words are thrown around pretty loosely, often in the wrong context. So what is it? 883 more words


Spot reduce fat?? The Trainer hood river

From all my learning and experience(15 years as RN in CCU and 10 years as a personal trainer), it seems as though fat comes and goes from some areas more than others(body areas) but in reality, fat cannot be spot reduced(removed or added to one area more than another based on something a person does […]



Training: Functional/Calisthenics Day - TrainWithDjundi

I know a lot of people are looking into a non-traditional workout, fun and effective of course.

As a fan and practitioner of functional training, calisthenics and incorporating running in this routine. 48 more words

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EOS Active Outdoor Training Wien

Am 23.4. starten wir mit dem ersten offiziellen EOS Active Outdoor Training auf der Donauinsel (Höhe U6).

Um 09.30 Uhr kickstarten wir das Wochenende mit einem intensiven Workout aus einer Kombination von Übungen mit dem eigenem Körpergewicht und Kleingeräten (Medizinbälle, Kettlebells, Springschnüre, Resistance Bands etc.) 59 more words

EOS Active Schnupperstunden

Am 11.04.2016 gibt es die Gelegenheit bei EOS Active reinzuschnuppern!

Hanna unterrichtet Pilates von 18.00-19.00 Uhr und Functional Training von 19.00-20.00 Uhr.

Ort: Friesgasse 4, 1150 Wien… 13 more words