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Low Back Pain Relief

Low Back Pain

80% of all Americans suffer from lower back pain. It’s an injury that can make the most mundane daily activities, hell. I speak from experience. 98 more words

Functional Training Place "Generation Fitness" Jakarta

Hola great people!!

I do apologize to all of you that I have not been writing on this page (I know I am supposed to) since forever. 477 more words

Circuit Training

Functional training: why, what & how

Functional training comes down to mimicking your daily movements. During a functional training workout, you’ll be focusing on the exercises themselves, rather than on your muscles as you would do during a regular workout. 290 more words

Hercules Academy

DOING THE WORK - day 122 and 123 in a year of...

Day 122 and 123 – November 25, 2016 @2:05 pm

Thank God that no two days are equal. I am having a much better after lunch feeling. 384 more words

FTS3 Video & description

The Netherlands this afternoon is rain, rain and more rain. Was lucky enough to get a mid-morning 10k run done whilst Jamie was at play group and before the depressing drizzle started. 451 more words

Core Stabilization Part #1

The video below walks you through:

  1. What is stability
  2. What is your “core”
  3. The starting point for “core stabilization training.”

In short, stop doing crunches and back extensions. 17 more words

Health & Vitality

What's Wrong with Hypermobility? Part II

This is a continuation of my last post on hypermobility.

By now it should make sense that hypermobile folk should pay attention to different things during a workout. 2,001 more words