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Ook (trail)runners overwinteren bij sUP!port.

Niet alleen de fietsers krijgen de kans om te overwinteren met de BOOSTcamps van BOOST en sUP!port. Ook de hardlopers en traillopers kunnen hiervoor inschrijven! 169 more words

Functional Training

All You Need To Know About What Fruit Gives You Nutritionally.........

  1. Apple. An apple a day may not keep the doctor entirely away, but apples are nutritious, convenient, and always available. Apples get an A+ in fiber content, since they contain a lot of the soluble fiber, pectin, that helps to lower cholesterol.
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Single Arm Bent Over Row


Set up the Step Up attachment to knee height and stand facing it. Place your right hand flat on the step facing down. Stand with your feet in a shoulder width stance and bend from the waist. 108 more words

Functional Training

Do You Find Press Ups Easy?? Try This Variation.......

We all know press ups are a great compound movement, working press ups in different angles and at different levels can also work all those stabiliser muscles but we will come to that another day. 42 more words


Have You Tried Oil Pulling.......Great Wake Up Idea.

Place a little coconut oil in your mouth and let it dissolve. Don’t swallow it. Instead, swish it around in your mouth for 10 minutes or so. 54 more words


Class Updates for Thanksgiving Week

Hi all,

Because of the Holiday, there will be NO classes starting Tuesday evening through Friday for the week of Thanksgiving. Classes will resume on Saturday, November 28 as scheduled. 15 more words