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Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Pyramid 1

Ah the Pyramid, the tree, the triangle. These workouts test your endurance and it’s definitely one of my favourite formats to use when training.

This one does require a bit of thinking and keeping track of where you’re at in the workout as you will be doing the strength exercises for 2 minutes, and then a cardio round for the next 2 minutes. 206 more words


Sweat: Functional Fit Plan - Boxing 1

This week’s workout will inspire you to let go of some anger via Boxing inspired H.I.I.T workout. Punching the crap out of a bag is definitely on trend at the moment and I cannot wait to experience #RUMBLE this Saturday at the @Womenshealthmagsa #FitNightOut… 175 more words


Sweat: Functional Fit Plan - AMRAP 1

This week’s workout is an AMRAP workout and I’m actually giving you guys a good timing split too. What is AMRAP? As many rounds/reps as possible. 255 more words


Let's Get Functional

Maybe you set out to lose (or gain) weight, maybe you set out to build-a-booty, maybe you set out to improve confidence, meet like-minded people, boost serotonin levels, or honor a commitment to yourself. 1,082 more words


Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – H.I.I.T 1

Next up in my Functional Fit Workout series is a H.I.I.T Workout!

What exactly is H.I.I.T? It stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is guaranteed to get your heart rate up, burn fat and make you sweaty. 222 more words


Exercise Technique: TRX Y, T, A

Are you a volleyball player or other overhead athlete? Do you have a desk job or are you hunched over a computer for a good chunk of your day? 259 more words

Live. All In.™

Lower Back Pain?? You Need to SQUAT

One of my clients taking my karate bootcamp complained of lower back pain after her first class. She was the only one feeling back discomfort and coincidentally she is also the only one with weak glutes! 30 more words