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A single approach to fitness no longer works. Move over fad diets and gym workouts, fitness training and nutrition have turned dynamic

by Swagata Yadavar… 2,127 more words


Jerred Moon Wants To Build The Garage Gym Athlete

We have some awesome writers and athletes who contribute to Garage Gym Life. But we admit that we don’t know everything. So we scour the web to find the best articles from yesterday and today (we’d get them from the future as well but our DeLorean is in the shop) and bring you the links here. 314 more words

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Functional Training

What is Functional Training?
Functional training is a form of exercise that uses smooth movements, softness in movements to utilize the kinetic chain/muscles that work together during any movement patterns. 410 more words


The Functional Workout Routine. Men’s Fitness. Dumbbell Reverse Chop
Stand with feet a bit wider than shoulder width and hold a dumbbell in both hands by your left hip. 70 more words

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Intro: F45 MOA - Functional Training

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to introduce in one of the emerging training technique, the functional training by F45 Training. As an intro, I am sharing the information below, the background of F45 and its objective to their clients/ athletes. 805 more words


3 Steps for a Fitness Training Plan that Reflects YOUR Life

With increased usage of social media and the internet, information can spread like wildfire. That can be helpful or detrimental to your search for truth within the fitness industry. 796 more words


Power of your brain… The Trainer hood river . Columbia River Gorge

By Dr. Mercola … Along these lines, research recently revealed that when you focus your mind on a specific muscle during a workout, you work that muscle 22 percent harder.1 By harnessing your brain as a workout tool, you may, in fact, be able to get in better shape, faster…. 11 more words