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Deviance in Youth Sport (To be assessed)

Deviant behaviour I’ve always thought of as more of a sexually motivated concept (think Nick Willis in the news recently) but through my study of sociology I now know deviance is a term used to describe any behaviour that sits outside of any social norms often it’s on the negative side of normal behaviours such as violence, drug taking, match fixing that sort of thing but it can also swing the other way being an over conformist, kids trying at all costs to achieve.

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I Know It When I See It

A few days ago, we said farewell to two American friends who are moving back to the United States after living here for two years.  To celebrate their departure, a group of us met at a local bar, where we drank heartily and, as might be expected of inebriated academics, engaged ourselves in loud and non-sensory debates about the definition(s) of religion. 1,058 more words

Daily inspiration, functionalist house

I can’t find the best translation for funkis villa but I believe that functionalist house is the closest. Funkis is a style direction mainly in architecture, which claims that the purpose, function, must determine the shape. 52 more words

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