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Every day I have the opportunity to open a new door – test out a different path. This does not have to be a big, major venture in order to have significance but it can have profound impact. 175 more words

Fund Development

The "How To" of Writing and Winning Grants

I’m a sucker for “how to” books. To overcome the monotony of walking the track at the gym, or to mentally escape when trapped in an airplane seat, I always have at hand someone’s advice on writing, organizing, healthful living or whatever. 384 more words


Opportunity – EVERYWHERE!

I was recently reminded of the number of events we are asked OR expected to attend in the course of our work. Many times we approach these events with teeth gritted and attitude less than receptive. 184 more words

Fund Development

Personal Connection Key Motivation for Giving, Survey Finds

It’s the messenger, not the medium, that is key to motivating users of social media to give to charity, a report from the American Red Cross finds. 46 more words

Organizational Development

Fundraising: Yep, it's sales

I have heard it said that fund development and fund-raising is not sales. To this I say, poppycock. Donor engagement is a relational sales process which ends in a transaction: a donation. 373 more words


Design Thinking While You Work

When I ran into a former colleague recently, she asked me what I liked about freelancing.  Without hesitating, I commented on how stimulating it is to work with such a diverse group of nonprofit and foundation clients. 377 more words



All of us who work in the not for profit world consistently seek support for the cause. If we allow ourselves to think, “if financial resources were not an issue, how would we change things to better address our mission.” The magic that flows in this kind of conversation, generally allows wonderful vision to be set free and possibilities to be articulated. 226 more words

Fund Development