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The Otherside of Giving Back

Giving back doesn’t always mean good things for a charity. The recent case involving the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) of Toronto underscores the responsibility charities have to their donors to achieve results and live up to gift agreements they sign. 418 more words


Can't Wait? How to Help Now

Things are just about ready with the online donation mechanism.

Until it’s ready to launch – and if you can’t wait to assist research efforts to help say “No!” to hemangiosarcoma – snail mail gifts are always appropriate. 51 more words

14 Measurements Every Charity Should Track

There are many ways to define and measure success within the charitable, nonprofit sector. Below I have presented 14 measurements or key performance indicators (KPIs) every charity or nonprofit should track over time to ensure they are sustainable and demonstrating impact within their respective communities. 952 more words


Donate a Photo, Donate to 4-H

A new app sponsored by Johnson and Johnson allows you to donate to your favorite cause (including 4-H) by sharing your favorite photos on social media. 94 more words

Selecting Your Charity of Choice?

There can be a number of reasons why a person might want to select a charity of choice. Maybe it’s prompted by a review of the family budget, the preparation of a Will or a desire to see evidence of the social impact. 590 more words


8 Tips For Charity Box Fundraising

Diversifying fundraising programs can help a charity generate new sources of income while mitigating the cash flow risks found in of those peaks and valleys throughout the year.  601 more words


Reimagine Your Case For Support

Today’s donor wants more than a transactional relationship with a social cause, so let’s shift our traditional view of the ‘case for support’ to a ‘case for engagement’. 1,292 more words