Leadership is about building something great together

Let’s say you had the chance to take advice from a guy who had a 12-employee, $95,000 company and grew it into a 6,000-employee, $1.5 billion company? 421 more words

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Here's why LinkedIn publishing is probably NOT a good strategy

From The New Yorker’s really long, in-depth profile of billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman:

LinkedIn would also purvey business advice. Three years ago, it assembled a group of eight hundred “influencers”—Hoffman, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington—who began regularly posting on the LinkedIn site.

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On no-ROI deliverables

I’ve been working 13 years. I’m about to turn 35 years old. (Less than one month, yay.) The first two years I was working, I… 601 more words

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Marketing 101: How about a simple YouTube video explaining your business?

Let me try to walk through this logically. I may step on some land mines, and if/when I do, I apologize.

  • If you have a business and that business makes any type of money or gets any type of funding, chances are it has some kind of “value prop” or “business plan,” right?
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Why is change so hard?

This whole topic is one that I wish more people would discuss more openly more of the time, because if you really get right down to it, the ability to change is pretty much everything in your life. 1,236 more words

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