Future of Work: Pursue a rookie mindset

Last week, I flew from Toronto to Vancouver for work; that’s a deceptively-long flight and, in the process, I got to read the magazine of Rotman (University of Toronto) business school. 749 more words

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Make your messaging audience-centric

Good article here from the team behind Decker Communications. Let’s start with an essentially-important pull-quote, shall we?

The corporate communications team had already been churning out emails highlighting new expense procedures, sales process changes, escalation flows, etc., but this wouldn’t engage employees.

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Look at this "try to live and work in San Francisco" stat

Glassdoor came out with one of those “Best Cities For Jobs” reports recently, and then Fast Company went and deep-dove on it. Let’s actually start with the chart of the top 25 or so cities, because I feel that would be a helpful jump-off. 363 more words

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Coming back to blogging tomorrow

Probably an unnecessary post, but for anyone that follows this blog and may have vaguely missed me … I’ve been out of the WordPress pocket for a week or so, because I was on a work trip in Canada. 78 more words

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Actually, the best thing you can do with your mom is realize she has flaws

The No. 1 brand in the entire world isn’t Apple, or Exxon, or Google, or anything like that … it’s motherhood. That’s the most tied up in “should-be good” feelings, the future of our world, and everything that we’re taught is supposed to matter greatly to us. 937 more words

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There's a black America and a white America. They are NOT the same.

From here, which is in turn from here, comes this chart:

Pretty hard to look at that and argue whites and blacks have the same experience in this country; 2,207 per 100,000 African-Americans in America are in jail. 50 more words

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You need to start killing off good ideas

I’ve got this friend from back in the ESPN days. He was living in Los Angeles for a while, but getting a little restless with his professional existence. 741 more words

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