The psychology of talking about Muslims and terrorism

Consider this simple situational example:

A boy notices his mother shut the door, and the room becomes less noisy; the correspondent inference is that she wanted quiet. 364 more words

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What actually drives consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior is a fairly big racket at some level. For smaller purchases — so, if your widget costs less than about $100 or so — you could argue that there’s no rational way to predict the behavior of a consumer. 873 more words

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A four-quadrant system to be more productive at work

Being more productive at work seems like a goal — or rather, it should be a goal — of everyone who has a job. Remember: your life isn’t actually about work, even if it often feels like it is. 622 more words

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Leading business communication with "What's in it for me"

Check this out from Forrester on the “customer service ecosystem:”

People participate in the ecosystem if they get value from it. Each actor in the CX ecosystem is asking, “What’s in it for me?” Employees want things like professional development, recognition, and advancement.

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