Why crowdsource an idea/concept if you don't care about the responses?

Here’s a little personal story.

This was posted on Twitter a few days back:

any web / content writers looking for work? email me

— Robert Williams (@letsworkshop) …

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Let's retire the idea of "paying your dues." Oh wait, we can't.

Here’s a 2014 study on “millennial preparedness” for the workplace. You could choke about 19,287 horses with the amount of words that have been written about the millennial sensibility as relates to work — … 783 more words

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We should probably stop considering mobile as "a fad"

I’ve talked to a lot of random high-middle-management people in my life who have told me that there isn’t really a logical reason to invest in mobile, because it’s a “fad.” (As in, “Well, something else will come along.”) I agree with the second part — something else always comes along, or, phrased another way, Facebook might be irrelevant in 20 years. 555 more words

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Try 'management by walking around'

From here:

As a leader in his company, Bud used what he called “Management by Wandering Around” (MBWA), where he’d stop into offices and ask the opinions of employees, clients, and others to gather insights about his organization and clients.

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Why work sucks: Your boss is trying to predict threats

Employee-manager relationship: challenging. Work: inherent clusterfuck much of the time. Reasons for this: numerous. Some reasons are even rooted in science! Here’s one:

“ need focuses attention on the sources of danger and on trying to predict where the next threat will appear, on escape or full frontal battle rather than on an innovative or creative solution, on avoiding risk rather than managing it towards a new suite of products, market or way of doing business,” Swart writes.

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