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Digital Voltage Recorder Phase Finder System Live CT Test Set

EdiTech’s Digital Voltage Recorder (one-phase/threephase) is a device that records the variation of voltage values and power failure incident dates. It also can detect and record the voltage unbalance factor (VUF) ratio. 323 more words


Applied vs. Pure: it’s all ecology at the end of the day

I’m what other ecologists would call an ‘applied ecologist’. I collect most of my data outdoors in the field, rather than in labs or microcosms. I work predominantly in human-modified landscapes (agroecosystems). 993 more words


About Transhumanism, how it is relevant and its need for political involvement

Transhumanism is the kind of word that makes you wonder what crazy idea lies behind. Like all “–isms”, transhumanism is a generic term that represents a broad movement of different tendencies. 944 more words


Do you like humans?

I have lately been playing around with Allo, an instant messaging mobile app by Google. Among other interesting features, the app comes with a virtual assistant which when asked… 447 more words

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