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The Right to Property

The universal right to property is a rather curious thing. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may be universal in the sense that it means the same for all human beings, but the right to property is dependent on what a person happens to own. 360 more words


Research projects 'PHAEDRA' on cooperation of data protection authorities came to an end

With a set of more than 50 recommendations for the improvement of practical cooperation between data protection authorities, a multi-national research consortium – led by Prof. 1,466 more words


Boy Scouts made the right decision.

I was glad to read that the Boy Scouts are expanding their good work to include transgender boys.  (See Des Moines Register link below.)  Private club-type of organizations, like the Boy Scouts, do have and should have the right to decide who may or who may not be members.   121 more words

Born to be Different

By Aine McDonnell

As the late great Nelson Mandela said “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”. The human rights of many different groups of people has been a very prominent topic in the media in recent times. 711 more words

Division in Social Movements: How to prevent a movement from collapsing

As I reflect on the political movements that are emerging in America, I’m reminded of something I learned long ago in one of my undergrad sociology classes: That within movements there can be division amongst members. 836 more words


Religious Freedom bill may be just fine.

I respectfully disagree with Kevin Pokorny’s letter to the editor in the Register yesterday.  (See link below.)  The State of Iowa does need to amend its civil rights laws to allow buyers and sellers of products and services to peacefully follow their conscience when they have reasonable disagreements. 235 more words