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Are elite civil service cadres becoming training schools for politicians?

It is a fashion of the times that officers of the elite Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Indian Foreign Service join political parties and get elected to public office. 1,046 more words


Conform to the norm: less favourable treatment and “conventional standards” in Long Hair v CCS on appeal

There is a problem with the statutory torts of discrimination. Direct differential treatment may not be justified and is ipso facto prohibited. There being no analytical space to extenuate less favourable treatment on account of a protected characteristic, explanations offered by respondents for treatment – in reality justifications – are often squeezed into consideration of the a priori questions of “who is the appropriate comparator?” and/or “did you suffer less favourable treatment”. 2,634 more words

Fundamental Rights

Editorial of November 2018

 by Alessandra Silveira, Editor

In the face of globalised populism, European Union as a kind of “life insurance”

In case C-619/18, Commission v Poland, pending judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), the European Commission has requested the Court, in the context of interim proceedings, to order Poland to suspend the application of the provisions of national legislation relating to the lowering of the retirement age for Supreme Court judges, 1,826 more words


LM judgment – effective judicial protection as general principle and fundamental right

 by Joana Covelo de Abreu, Editor

2018 is the year when effective judicial protection undertakes several new developments.

In this sense, the Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses’ 1,453 more words


PEW's latest report on Eastern and Western European divide is out

I was happy to give some hints on the European law related issues in the report. You can read the complete report here. It tells a lot about the present stage of European integration. 538 more words

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