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Crisis in Democracy – What are the Issues?

Problem 1 = Representatives – the Intermediate Body

Nowadays, societies are losing faith and trust in politics, due to issues such as corruption, the continuity and concentration of political elites as well as the homogenization of ideologies of political parties. 561 more words

Theory Of The State

The Social State in Democracy

The following questions were asked during a group debate:

1. Is there an absolute and universal meaning of the concept of democracy or are there different  576 more words

Theory Of The State

Cyber laws : IT act Section 66A gone forever

Relevant cases of misuse

  1. Asim Trivedi
  2. Ambika Mohapatra
  3. Renu Sriniwasan and Shahin Dada
  4. Kanwal Bharati
  5. 19year old in UP arrested for criticizing minister

Most unfortunate thing is that Section 66A was passed without discussion in 2008 when IT act was amended. 153 more words


Right to Health

(from forumias.com)

Should Right to Health be made a Fundamental Right?

Draft National Health Policy has been released by the Government and put up on… 1,090 more words


Censor board controversy

All that you need to know about Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC ) and the Leela Samson resignation issue

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What is the Censor Board ? 671 more words


Fundamental Rights in the European Union : The role of the Charter after the Lisbon Treaty

Written by Francesca Ferraro

The European Union, like its Member States, has to comply with the principle of the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights when fulfilling the tasks set out in the Treaties. 176 more words


Member States and the rule of law Dealing with a breach of EU values

Written by Eva-Maria Poptcheva

The European Union is founded on values common to all Member States. These are supposed to ensure a level of homogeneity among Member States, while respecting their national identities, so facilitating the development of a European identity and their integration. 283 more words