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The Employment Equality Directive - European Implementation Assessment

Written by Jan Tymowski

Equality is one of the fundamental values that the European Union is founded upon, and it is duly reflected in the Treaties, as well as in national laws of the Member States. 1,440 more words



A recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is to the effect that a firm that read a worker’s Yahoo Messenger chats sent while he was at work was well within its rights to do so. 586 more words

Understanding the EU Rule of Law mechanisms

Written by Eva-Maria Poptcheva,

The European Union is founded on values common to all Member States. These are supposed to ensure a level of homogeneity among Member States, while respecting their national identities, and so facilitate the development of a European identity and their integration based on mutual trust. 494 more words


The principle of recognition as the cornerstone of European neighbourhood policies: waiting for Godot? Who is you, human being?

by Daniela Cardoso, Collaborating Member of CEDU

Due to the widely-acknowledged vulnerabilities that characterise the current European neighbourhood policies and external relations, the European Union has sought to encourage a renewed political dialogue. 1,109 more words


Editorial of January 2016

by Mariana Canotilho, Editor

‘The inclusion of the other and the fall of the Empire’

The word of the year 2015 was ‘refugee’. It is quite amazing how seven letters can actually encompass the sea of problems the European Union is facing, which will almost certainly be prevalent throughout 2016. 442 more words


The best things in life are free

I cried for a costly pair of shoes, until I saw a man with no legs , and I realized how futile my demand was – Anonymous .

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We need to end civil asset forfeiture!

The Des Moines Register recently ran an editorial about how the Iowa State Patrol appears to be targeting out-of-state cars travelling through Iowa to try to find assets to seize using our current civil asset forfeiture laws.   239 more words