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American Libs Flee to Muslim Country

Fleeing America after the election of Donald Trump as president, a group of liberals landed in Magnoonistan’s Great Leader Rashid Radish National Airport yesterday to claim political asylum in Magnoonistan. 157 more words


You Christofascist, You

We can take it as a given that everyone who isn’t a crawling squid of a liberal is going to be called a fascist, Hitler, hater and biggit, etc. 241 more words



I’m sure that even the ignorant, selfish, complacent, under-educated millenials have heard the story of how to boil a frog. But for those still not aware, here’s how it goes. 433 more words


Revolution Time Again?

The number of Americans “disgusted” with the direction the nation is “headed” has been growing “steadily” over the past several years.

And increasingly, abject “frustration with the electoral process,” 1,511 more words


"Cheerful" Thoughts

Fred Reed ends a recent column with this:

America is no longer “one nation under God” (who is, I suppose, an undocumented alien). It is an unhappy land of warring tribes, of peoples who have nothing in common and do not like each other.

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