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The Good News - The Bad News

So, which would you like first?

I’m going to take a leap here and say that the Good News is that Our Free 50 is back. 296 more words

Barack Obama

De-Constructive Behavior

By: Susan Bea Good


Last year President Obama gave a speech encouraging Ferguson Missouri protestors to engage in “constructive behavior,” instead of burning down their community. 577 more words



On Mar. 18, 2015, Obama proposed that it might be transformative if everybody was mandated to vote. (Anything, anything, that changes the structure of this great nation that he seems to dislike is a good thing in his mind.) 427 more words


His Heinous Emperor Obama Supports Mandatory Voting By All In Upcoming Elections

Why did Obama flood the country with Illegals?  Here’s the answer: “If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country – Barrack Hussein Obama March 18, 2015” 769 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny

The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 1, 2015

This plot, having taken over a century to unfold, requiring the cooperation of entire nation-states and their governments, along with the media, to prime the mass populace into denying marriage, family, and now even gender, and into embracing every possible perversion of sexuality as a “human right”, with the actual, true end goal being nothing less than the SYSTEMATIC DESECRATION OF THE EUCHARIST BY PRIESTS WITHIN THE MASS ITSELF is so diabolically brilliant that it can only be the product of an angelic intelligence. 617 more words


Which Newspaper Will You Read Tonight

I used to get newsprint on my fingertips,

after a few hours of reading the news,

today, its different,

I haven’t the trust in the words anymore. 254 more words


Obama Rewrites American History - Says Islam Woven Into America At Our Founding

Obama lifts up Islam while providing aid and comfort to ISIS at his Summit on ‘Extremism’ last week, and rewrites history to state that Islam was woven into America at our Founding. 2,393 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny