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Tories "Fundamental Values" Means Changing The Qiblah To Parliament

As the government swiftly started its business after the general election, as per usual, the main item of business was to focus on muslims. Cameron & May have come out and confirmed the worst kept secret, extremism isn’t about violence or terrorism, rather it is everything to do with the muslim belief, with the aim of secularising and reforming it. 444 more words

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Building Fundamental Values (WR)

Robert is an entrepreneur and he believes that if any organization has fundamental values developed things would go fine. His girl friend Susan feels values get developed over period of time. 285 more words

Fundamental values, we all have them, so why split?

One of the more tiring claims leveled against Yes voters can be paraphrased in “we’re no better than anyone else in the UK, there’s no fundamental difference between us. 671 more words