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Building Fundamental Values (WR)

Robert is an entrepreneur and he believes that if any organization has fundamental values developed things would go fine. His girl friend Susan feels values get developed over period of time. 285 more words

Fundamental values, we all have them, so why split?

One of the more tiring claims leveled against Yes voters can be paraphrased in “we’re no better than anyone else in the UK, there’s no fundamental difference between us. 671 more words


2. How culture happens

Ed Schein, a theorist of organizational culture, is an emeritus professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Economics. He has a theory about how culture is created and how it evolves. 265 more words

Museums & Culture

Hesitation Proclamation

Today I’d thought I would take the time to write a shorter but prevalent article on something that is getting a lot of attention throughout the media.  435 more words


The Girl Who Loves Pain

Mariana and I, we are good friends. Her mother is a ballet dancer from Russia and father, a Harvard educated Arab. She has inherited the best from both sides. 1,201 more words

Nothing Personal, But...

Love, Marriage and Exit Doors

Most of us are married to the wrong people. And, married for the wrong reasons. Ask our partners and they will insist what we have done is downright irresponsible if not outright criminal. 1,150 more words

Nothing Personal, But...