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Domestic Terrorism

Friday the 28th there was an attack at Planned Parenthood. The exact motives are unknown because it is quite early in the investigation, however it’s quite easy to assume. 508 more words


Day after day and year after year more awareness is fortunately rising about human sexuality and its spectrum, but one kind I practically never hear about, which falls between the cracks, is what I call Q-straight. 268 more words


Accidental Saints Book Review

Accidental Saints


I decided to read this book based on the following review:

“I decided to review this book because of this review. 894 more words

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on His New Book 'Not in God's Name'

Notable Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talks to Andrew Marr on “The Andrew Marr Show” about the War on Terror; Islam; Islamic Extremism and the history of religion combining with war. 17 more words


On godlessness and ISIS

On November 23, Prime Minister Turnbull gave a speech in parliament on the atrocities committed in Paris. In it, he described ISIS as  “godless murderers … who defame and blasphemed Islam itself”. 271 more words


What Is (Who Are) the Islamic State (7 of ?)

Mona Mahmood, “Double-layered veils and despair … women describe life under Isis,” The Guardian. This article from the HuffPost list of 10 offers testimonies to the pervasiveness of ISIS control of women by use of a dress code, including methods of enforcing the dress code and the problems that they create for citizens trying to conduct their normal daily lives. 95 more words