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Rule #5: Get Back to the Rules

Reality is elusive. Truth hides beyond our reach. Break-these-rules makes it clear that we simply are looking for GSOT, not truth. Let’s not make the mistake of those who tried too hard to grasp reality. 2,074 more words

Searching For GSOT

Message in a Bottle (Part 13)

I have a dog. He’s a beautiful five-year-old German Shepherd named Kaiser. He’s such a stud. Everyone stops when he walks by and looks at him when I take him out on his walks. 746 more words

The Problem With Moral Dichotomies

I propose that ‘race’ in RPGs and fantasy be replace instead with ‘Species’ and ‘Ethnicity.’ This would say a lot more about the character and start to transform some of the more racist idea(l)s, often inadvertently, perpetuated within the genre. 502 more words

I Was Taught to Hate My Lesbian Neighbors. They Took Me In Anyway.

“Penny and Joy are going to hell, but you can save them.” Penny and Joy chose to love Dena even though they knew that she was being taught to hate them.


Message in a Bottle (Part 12)

You can’t control and make people afraid with a loving God. A loving God takes away the entire platform of Independent Fundamental Baptist movement and a lot of other denominations of Christianity. 981 more words

A Fundamentalist on Trinitarianism

“The distinctions between the Persons within the essence of the Godhead and the distinctions between their respective duties and work are explained theologically by the eternal generation of the Son by the Father and the eternal procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son…. 592 more words