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Mary Turck | Dialogue, not demonization – for “rural, white Christians”and others

Demonization of “rural, Christian, white America” seems just as bigoted as denouncing  Muslims as fanatical jihadists or  Jews as world-controlling conspirators.    1,425 more words


Fasting and Prayers above the Arctic Circle, in Alaska, Russia, Norway and Sweden

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

The sun sets for the last time over Barrow, Alaska. 1,327 more words

The Muslim Times

If More Congregationalists Read Machen

They might understand the difference between a Baptist and Presbyterian. But to UCC pastor, Peter Laarman, Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne’s proposal to re-brand evangelicalism (post-Trump) is a fool’s errand: 443 more words

Adventures In Church History

Rustbelt Rural White Fundamentalists

Why do they do it??? Why do they vote against their own best interests? The answer: (they do, but) they don’t.

It is the stupid… 686 more words

People of the Book: What Explains the Rise of Extremism in The Muslim World?

Perhaps one of the defining characteristics of religion is that it provides a structure for adherents to process the world around them. For the world’s Muslims, who have been rocked by isolated waves of violent extremism in recent decades, their religion provides a rich cultural history that is interwoven with grand narratives of holy wars, martyrs, and heroes. 1,123 more words

Public Diplomacy

Fuck You, Brian

For those of you who haven’t been following, first-class fuckwit Bishop Brian Tamaki, the self-appointed leader of a fundamentalist Christian sect in New Zealand, has blamed the recent earthquake there on homosexuals. 977 more words


King James Only-ism - invented by Seventh Day Adventist?

One of the usual attacks on King James only proponents is that it was invented by a Seventh Day Adventist.

There is an implication in that statement that Seventh Day Adventism is wrong – and yet most modern translation proponents have absolutely no problem calling the SDA Christians, when they should be dismissing them as a cult! 199 more words