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If Only Princeton Seminary had Read Sarah Posner on Tim Keller

They would have spared themselves a lot of grief (though one has to raise questions about Posner’s reasons for opining the way she does). Way back in 2009, the liberal journalist… 703 more words


If Money Is All That You Love ...

Just over a year ago, I finished writing my novel and started writing this blog. Now, with the editing, formatting, uploading and proofing complete (yes, I have got to the last stage … awaiting File Review from CreateSpace so I can hit that final button) –  not to mention the decision-making and transitioning from being someone who’d written a book and wasn’t sure how to get it published, to feeling very at home with the concept of being an indie author – I am taking stock of where I am and what I still need to put in order. 621 more words

What is a Fundamentalist?

The term fundamentalist is tossed around rather loosely these days. Often groups identified as fundamentalist do not claim that title for themselves. Their opponents apply that name to them. 524 more words


A Loving God?

I was doing step work with my sponsor last night and we were working on step three. For those of you who are not familiar, step three is “(We) Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him”. 431 more words


Dear Princess ‘Ishka,

The topic of this letter is fundamentalism in dogmatic religions. Everywhere you can read of people attacking religion as the source of fundamentalism, whereas others try to defend religion detaching it from its extremist deviations, as if the two were different phenomena. 703 more words

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A community led by Dunces (external article)

An excellent article by Hartosh Singh Bal on Open, a weekly current affairs and features magazine.

The article talks about the disturbing fact that the narrative of Sikh identity which many young Sikhs grow up with is controlled by a small section of Ultra-Conservative men, who are are generally opposed to modernity, and “who believe that the truth has already been revealed in a manner that allows for no argument also tend to believe that history can be read only in one way. 100 more words


Did that terrorist deserve dignity?

If you’re anything like me, when you see terrorism in the news, you get angry. I mean you probably get afraid first, but then you get angry. 210 more words