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Fen Fearful and Frantic

“This will be the last time I call you or talk to you,” the voice came through the receiver loud and clear. “If I had known … If I had even had an inkling of what I was getting myself into, of what kind of lowlife you really are and … just how twisted and perverse, well… Of course, I would never have had anything whatsoever to do with you.” 1,802 more words


Words can Kill...or at Least Deaden!

Blogging the past three years has been such a wonderful experience for me. One of the nice things is that it has put me in touch with interesting people from around the world people who have books, movies, and experiences to share and thus broaden my life.   553 more words

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Having Your Own Personal Cheer Squad

I’m not a music buff, but I do rely on anthems to cheer me on. Sometimes, we have to be our own cheer squad and hype man. 366 more words

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Homeschool space monkey.

We were the guinea pigs, the cyber soldiers, the space monkeys. We were the subject of a radical experiment cloaked in the guise of folksiness or a return to tradition. 538 more words

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Shakespeare & Binary Thinking

“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” This might be one of the richest bits of Shakespearean wisdom that I have gleaned from the treasure of his work. 617 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Raif Badawi: a New Trial

Yesterday morning, I read News in complete disbelief. How could they?

Raif Badawi had been accused of insulting Islam, but it is my understanding that he now stands accused of committing… 174 more words

The Middle East

The Church and the World: Early 20th Century Responses to Liberalism

I am enjoying and learning a lot from ITunes University theological seminary series: first Carl Trueman’s (Westminster Theological Seminary) Reformation History series, and now… 731 more words

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