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It's You I Like

This morning, I woke up with a song running through my head. During deconstruction, it grew to be one of my favorites. Listen to Fred Rogers as he sings it to Joan Rivers. 339 more words

Spiritual Abuse

A Fundamentalist Flop?

Bad news: You just failed English. What can you do? In several school districts, you can take an approved online class to make up the credit. 1,044 more words

Tradition In The Classroom

Return To The Middle Ages When Things Were Simple And Individuals Didn't Exist

During a spectacularly disgusting “pro-family” conference of homophobic US fundamentalists and dubious Russian oligarchs the Russians and Americans were peddling homophobia, while the Hungarians were pushing demography.  775 more words


Experience // Esposito (Part 6)

On displaying the wound.

Non-knowledge isn’t the production or the attribution of meaning but knowledge’s being exposed to what denies and negates it. Whereas knowledge tends to stitch up every tear, non-knowledge consists in holding open the opening that we already are; of not blocking but rather displaying the wound… 2,315 more words

On Theory.

Islamister och extremism

Ibn Warraq har skrivit den nya boken the ISLAM in ISLAMIC TERRORISM – the importance of beliefs, ideas, and ideology. 

Redan i början av denna nya bok så lyfter författaren fram att de allra flesta attacker som genomförts av IS, Talibanerna, Al Qaida eller andra jihadistgrupper inte är enskilda våldshandlingar som genomförts av psykopater, sexuellt frustrerade eller fattiga muslimer. 304 more words


Why I Shouldn't Write a Blog: Part 1

Stop now. Go back. I don’t know how you got here, but I suggest clicking the little back arrow in your browser, and going back to where you came from.   548 more words