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Jack Chick dead at 92

Chick Publications has announced that its founder, the mysterious Jack Chick, died this past Sunday at the age of 92.

Several months ago, I posted my memories of Chick tracts. 195 more words


On the Impossibility of Abandoning Only Biblical Literalism

That my path led directly from Christian fundamentalism to atheism strongly-construed might seem surprising to some. After all, we’re quite familiar with the slow-but-steady slide to moderation from conservative religiosity towards more-liberal, more-modern, and more-humane religiosity — but religiosity nonetheless. 1,235 more words


Frontline on Convergence

One of the best periodicals coming out of Fundamentalism these days is Frontline Magazine, the official publication of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, International. The current issue is devoted to discussing “ 63 more words


The Split Between Stott and Lloyd-Jones

You need to know this bit of history because of the important ecclesiological issues that were at stake. Thanks to Justin Taylor, you can.

arguments took three forms: 169 more words


Women Punished For Normal Activities

The largest Muslim-majority country in the world is Indonesia, a country in which 87.2% of the population is Muslim and contains 12.7% of the world’s Islamic population. 868 more words

Don’t Let’s Preach Conservation

The end of the world is coming; humanity shall be punished for its sins; we need to change our ways; those that disagree are traitors. 1,492 more words


I am living in a country that is not my native land

On an altogether different piece of earth

But perhaps the only place I’ll ever really understand… 101 more words