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Presenting the Truth

Saw this meme triumphantly touted in a group recently and didn’t think much of it. But my time around the skeptics community came flashing into my mind and I realized this wasn’t a good example of reasoning. 258 more words

A Senseless Answer to Senseless Tragedy

My newsfeed has been full of ridiculous responses to the WDBJ tragedy. I wrote about one recently. However afterwards I got sent this gem and thought it was a joke. 268 more words

How much time is left?

I don’t know. You don’t know. Only the LORD knows, and He will not tell us.

If we knew it was seventeen years and three months… what would we do? 251 more words


There is no real conflict between true religion and science

Bashing ‘religion’ has become a pastime…

But did you know that it was a catholic priest that came up with the Big Bang Theory

and that… 182 more words

Frames Of Mind

Peter Rollins Talks About Extremism Amongst Triple J Fans

Radical philosopher and duck enthusiast Peter Rollins has helped explain certain fanatic tendencies displayed by Triple J fans, by claiming that the government-funded radio station acts as a means to drown out feelings of anxiety, and prevents encounters with  503 more words