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Does God Send Terror Attacks because of Bathroom Rights and Evolution?

Those Christian fundamentalists are at it again!

This time it’s Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the famous evangelist Billy Graham.

According to recent statements by Lotz, terror attacks such as… 2,204 more words

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The Strenght & Weakness of Traditional Man in Post-Modern World

I saw this on Facebook and it immediately struck me how powerful archetypal MAN is in today’s Western post-modern world. The video shows 300 South African firemen who’ve landed in Canada, preparing to help battle… 370 more words

Trump adviser miraculously 'stops' tsunamis, 'heals' cancer

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump‘s Christian Policy Adviser Stops Tsunamis & Heals Cancer

30 May 2016

Last week, Time reported that…

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Definition: Jesus-bombing

Jesus-bombing (also: Christianing at): The act of inserting statements of Christian faith or religious opinions into an unrelated conversation, usually for the purpose of appearing righteous, derailing the conversation, or proselytizing.  426 more words

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Libby Anne’s Wager

When it comes to the question of God, there are four basic options:
1. There is no God.
2. There is a God, but that God does not care about humans. 356 more words

You've Got To Do Better Than That

Confirmation bias is an issue þat can plague any school of þought. I do often wonder, from time to time, wiþ all þ time I spend reading posts from aþists if I’m slowly building up an echo chamber, shutting out counterpoints regardless of merits. 588 more words

Why political / religious controversies abound (also, why should the bible be 100% true?)

Political / religious issues are often incredibly complex, and we ought to be careful to avoid oversimplifying matters. People who are strongly for or against some political / religious view generally neglect the fact that their entire argument rests on many assumptions whose factuality (or necessity) they have not even begun to examine. 444 more words