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God was created by the human mind thousands of years ago by the superstitious who lacked evidence or answers from science. Man needed answers and effective control of barbarism at a time when they seemed lost, with no other solutions forthcoming, and so god was created. 296 more words


Five Seconds from Atheism

I’ve always been about five seconds away from being an atheist, or of just being indifferent to the idea of God.

I once knew the son of a minister. 2,950 more words


The Authoritarian Personality and the National Divide

‘In talking to right-wing authoritarians (RWAs) — in any situation — the first and greatest challenge is to reduce the level of fear and increase the level of trust. 2,107 more words

Human Rights

Female Genital Mutilation And Islam. (Video Special)

It’s barbaric, it’s painful, and it’s EXTREMELY oppressive towards women. FGM (female gentital mutilation) is widespread among Islamic ruled nations, and the statistics on this disgusting practice will absolutely blow your mind! 11 more words

Politics & News

Why Never Trumpers Need the Falwells

Because they are both fundamentalists of the double-separatist variety.

Here’s something for John Fea to consider (as he passes on advice to the new White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders): 248 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Shocking similarities between geek culture and religious fundamentalism

What do Superman and God have in common?

Well, I’m sure many have written a dissertation on such a question, but one obvious answer is they both have obsessive fans – geeks and fundamentalists. 1,441 more words