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Pluralism - Winds of change that will not change

Pluralism is the belief that society is best composed of different ethnic, cultural, political and religious groups, or it is the term describing a society constituted as such. 313 more words


A Moral Threat to Gender Norms?: Linking Christian Fundamentalism to Intolerance of Transgender Americans

This paper was submitted on April 27, 2016 for the course DR: 6120 at Wayne State University, Human Diversity and Human Conflict by Amber Hughson and should not be copied. 5,507 more words

The New Pharisees

SNL’s Dana Carvey as The Church Lady

The Pharisees were a Jewish faction during the time of Christ. These guys were famous for reducing spirituality to a system of rules. 693 more words


Faneros Deipnos 2016: Storm in a teacup

Those who follow the atheist movement in Greece might know that every Good Friday (April 29th in 2016) the Atheist Union of Greece has been organizing for the past 6 years an event called “Faneros Deipnos”. 675 more words

In English

257. torschlusspanik


This is one of those supposedly untranslatable German words. The definition from Wiktionary seems to capture the essence, though: “the feeling that medieval peasants had when the castle gates were closing for an upcoming onslaught by enemies.” 1,010 more words


Encountering the Bible, Post-Deconstruction

It’s time we all face it: the century-long stranglehold American fundamentalism has had on worldwide Christianity is loosening, and quickly. Some bitterly blame the perceived rejection of absolute truth as society at large moves deeper into postmodernism, while others gladly rejoice at the wide possibilities of emerging pluralistic expressions of the faith that are now appearing in an ever more open and accepting culture. 920 more words