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Book Review: The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism - Carl F.H. Henry


In his 1947 work, The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, Carl F. H. Henry (1913-2003) confronts what he perceives as an ethical indifference on the part of fundamentalism towards the evils of the larger society and world. 2,585 more words


4 Tremendously Serious Problems within the Fundamentalist Homeschooling Movement

Let me begin by saying that I do not oppose homeschooling. One of my best friends homeschooled his son, and that son was among the most broadly educated children I have ever known. 947 more words


Points of View

Given my current sequence on the dangers of ideology, idealism and meaning systems, I couldn’t resist reblogging this.


Fundamentalism & The Constitution

For the average person, it’s safe to say that fundamentalism consider an extreme regardless of one’s belief system.  Every major world religion has a form of fundamentalism from Fundamentalist Christians to various orders of Sunni, Shi’a and even Kharijite Muslims to Hassidic Jews. 809 more words

Action Steps

The Black Album: Between Liberalism and Fundamentalism

I am cross-posting a book review I did of Hanif Kureishi’s novel “The Black Album”. This was originally published on The South Asian Idea in October 2012. 1,906 more words

Book Reviews

"Come Sunday" asks: what about hell?

If there’s one movie that I have to recommend watching this year, it’s “Come Sunday” (premiered on Netflix just last Friday): the real-life story of the crisis-of-faith experienced by Carlton Pearson, a highly successful Pentecostal Bishop and preacher, and which asks some really important questions for the church/believers today. 1,778 more words


When Your “Sincerely Held Religious Belief” is Not Ok

Hardly a week goes by when I run into someone who says its “ok” if they believe being Gay is “abnormal” or “sinful.” “You have your opinion and I have mine.” “What’s wrong with having an opinion?” As one gentleman recently told me “…nothing wrong with being of the opinion that it is abnormal. 1,505 more words