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Sunday romance

“if love had one question to ask it would ask.. why me and if love didn’t have any question to ask.. it would just respond.. only you “ 88 more words

Lucky 13 for Gloucestershire history

Founded in 1899, the Victoria County History (so named because of its dedication to Queen Victoria) aspires to create a scholarly history of every parish in every County in England.  559 more words


How Jordan’s ‘sheikh of sheikhs’ (Towelhead Freemason) negotiated with Zionists, founded a kingdom

On April 8, 1933, the “most powerful man” in Transjordan took a trip to the famous King David Hotel in Jerusalem. He was there to negotiate with the Zionist leadership over the sale of huge tracts of land on the east bank of the Jordan River. 3,087 more words

Daily News

Behind the Scenes of the War Co. Kickstarter by Brandon Rollins

Behind the Scenes of the War Co. Kickstarter: Guest Post for The Players’ Aid

My name is Brandon Rollins. I made War Co. Expandable Card Game… 1,707 more words


[Funded]Let's Show Our Support for the... A Foretold Affair Kickstarter

Edit (9/23): The Kickstarter for this game was successful at meeting its funding goal and the game was successfully Greenlit for Steam. The final funding amount was $2,969 with 111 backers!  689 more words


Anti-Google research group in Washington is funded by Oracle

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The Google Transparency Project is a Washington, DC group that’s laser-focused on letting Americans know about Google’s lobbying efforts. To get its message out, GTP has worked with journalists at… 369 more words


Duterte Claims De Lima's Senate Campaign Was Funded By Drug Money! Shocking Revelation!

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The mass media have been so caught up in the President’s remark over De Lima on being an immoral woman who was having an affair with her driver that the people have disregarded the main issue that Duterte was trying to point…