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Out of the Time Box

A realistic guide on how to manage aging is “Getting Real About Getting Older.”

The authors Linda K. Stroh and Karen Brees, themselves both in their 70s, interviewed lots of older people. 381 more words

Career Paths

Story Time for Adults

In business news, such as The Wall Street Journal, there is the pile on of speculation by experts what could trigger The Whopper.

For instance, … 480 more words

Your Game

Of Course, No One Knows

It’s 10.31 AM New York Time. The Dow is down 551.01 points.

And the question is: How bad will it get? That is, the entire interconnected global economy. 155 more words

Funding Semi-retirement/Retirement

More of Us Have Gotten It: We Have to Continue Working

It’s not a new story.

The New York Post reports that the aging are jittery about outliving their money. Simultaneously they are concerned that their monthly Social Security check will be cut back. 122 more words

Funding Semi-retirement/Retirement

The "Ordeal" of Moving Is Mostly in Our Heads

We might be in the Youngstown, Ohio Metro area. My business took a big hit when GM’s Lordstown plant shut down.

We might be in West Hartford, Connecticut. 307 more words

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So Damn Homesick

For everyone except the 1%, relocation seems a must when aging.

Income tends to decline. Or it becomes fixed, as in retirement.

Meanwhile the cost of living is probably going up where you were based for your career. 277 more words

Funding Semi-retirement/Retirement

A Sin Against the National Economy: The New Frugality

Two generations have gotten badly burned by financial upheavals.

Those are we Baby Boomers in the U.S. and iGens (those born in the mid 1990s and beyond) in Japan and Europe. 336 more words

Starting Over