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If you believe this statement, “your pastor is more important than you are,” then you might be a cult member.

If you believe, 482 more words


Surely not C.I. Scofield!

Here are some bonafides regarding my fundy pedigree. In my posession are:

Rightly dividing the Word of Truth,” C.I. Scofield, Ten outline studies of the more important divisions of Scripture… 89 more words


A Pair of Infamous Fundy-style School Administrators

A Pair of Infamous School Administrators

Delores meet Jack… Jack meet Delores…. You have so much in common
I’m sure you will get along brilliantly! 10 more words

Social Commentary

New Words to an Old Song....

(To the tune of “Thank God I am Free”)

For a long Time I Traveled, Down a Long Legal Road,
My Heart Was So Heavy, in rules I Sank Low. 129 more words


Backslidden.... and loving it

I realize that to some I am a backslidden heathen… but it beats being “right” with the wrong god. (As in performance Christianity living up to someone else’s traditional rules) 529 more words