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Funemployment: Week Two


It’s been another week and this one has been drastically different from week one, which I am grateful for. I was really done with all of the crying. 506 more words


Funemployment: Week 1

I told you guys I’d keep you updated, so I’m fulfilling that promise with this weekly update thing until I have a new gig. (Dear God, please let this be a short lived series).   779 more words


Funemployment Goals

If you’re not happy, something needs to change. Your life, your perspective. Change it, bcause no one is going to do this for you. It is so important to remove any negativity, no matter how much you think you are reliant on whatever it may be. 326 more words

New Blog

DEUCES DUKE: Carmen Sandiego is unemployed...

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Is it weird that I sort of like in flight turbulence? Sure, it can be unnerving, but every little bump is a good reminder of the fragility of life, how lucky I am to be alive, and ultimately it means I’ve got something good. 1,175 more words


Tips for Flying Budget Airlines

I’ve been flying a lot of budget airlines lately (a side effect of my funemployment), and have a few tips for those looking to fly budget airlines in the future.


Funemployment begins

Having worked from the age of 15, leaving my job after almost five years excited and terrified me.  A good friend termed this cloudy, unpredictable point in life – ‘funemployment’.   636 more words

Oh Sh*t I Quit My Job

Well as you can see from the title…. Yup I quit my job.
I know… its crazy… but here are the reasons why.

1. Mental Health… 989 more words