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Cranston Senior Services Director Resigns After Having Man Dress Up As Women To Improve Press Conference Appearance

CRANSTON, RI—The director of the city’s senior services department has resigned after she reportedly had a man dress up to look like an elderly woman at a press conference last week.Sue Stenhouse resigned her position Friday and neither she nor the mayor’s office will comment.Pictures from the event, which was organized to announce a new city program connecting high school students with seniors who need help shoveling snow this winter, show the man wearing a gray-haired wig, lipstick, glasses, earrings and a tag on his lapel that stated “Cranston senior home resident.”That person stood next to Cranston Mayor Allan W. 300 more words

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68. Nine Tree Hill (1)

What a great name for a street. I try to imagine what it was like before it was developed. Although this rather naive mural is signed by Fung, I can find out nothing about the artist and I would guess it is an early work before a reputation has been developed. 118 more words