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Body-snatching fungus hijacks cicada mating behaviour

It’s disappointing when your Friday night internet date doesn’t match their profile. But for male periodical cicadas this could mean their match is in thrall to a body-snatching fungus and they’re about to be the next victim. 427 more words

Peer Reviewed Research News

Bacteria & Fungus Galore!

I hope y’all find these little guys as interesting as I do. I love to learn about the weird things that inhabit the Earth with us. 701 more words

Nerdy Things

Dreams of Spring XI

Sometimes the dreams aren’t good; sometimes it feels like we’re not going to make it. Sometimes it’s only a twig without buds. (Black and white version below.) 18 more words

Macro Photography

Lucky day

I was so lucky to capture strange¬†white frozen growths on treas around foxholes. At first, it looked so weird that I didn’t allow¬†girls to touch it! 77 more words

Mmm ... Brains

I noticed this vivid patch of orange on a dead tree whilst walking the dogs a few weeks ago. It just looks like a blob, but is actually a fungus called Yellow Brain which is a common woodland species in the UK. 121 more words


False Turkey Tails

Stereum ostrea, the false turkey tail, is a bracket fungi. This was found in central Kentucky on a rainy day (though this was not important to its presence). 89 more words