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Fascinating Fungi: Fun Fungal Facts

Some scientists classify fungi as a division of kingdom Plantae, and some consider them an entirely separate kingdom simply referred to as kingdom Fungi. I will be using the kingdom Fungi classification. 406 more words


Taconic State Park, New York – Copake Falls

Around this time last year, I blogged about camping in New York State at Schodak Island State Park. This year we went back to Copake Falls, which we had last visited in 2011. 131 more words

Cleansing With Anise Seed

Anise, a plant native to Greece and Egypt, has been used since the seventh century to address health ailments and may best be identifiable today for its licorice flavor. 2,010 more words


Garden of Horrors: The Clathrus Archeri

The natural world is weird, wonderful, and often terrifying. Case in point: this morning, I stumbled across the Clathrus archeri—a real-world Lovecraftian species of fungi. 125 more words