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Apple Cedar Rust: What on Earth is It and Why Does It Matter?

Sometimes nature can be stranger than fiction.  At George Washington’s Ferry Farm, we are currently experiencing such a phenomenon:  Apple Cedar Rust.  Hideous in appearance, yet strangely fascinating, this fungus erupts on our cedar trees every few years when temperature and moisture are just right. 482 more words


A contagious disease is destroying wheat fields in Bangladesh, and scientists are afraid of it spreading

Only desperate farmers would burn down their own fields before harvest. But, in Bangladesh, that’s exactly what wheat farmers are doing. They are trying to contain a devastating fungal infection, and their last option is to set fire to infected fields. 327 more words

Do you speak mushroom? It's the language of the worldwide wood

If you’ve see the film Avatar, you might remember that the forest is a living being, with the plants able to communicate with one another. It’s not just a sci-fi fantasy, though. 539 more words

Anne Rooney

A Fungus Among-us

April showers bring May flowers…and mushrooms.  Here in central Iowa you will start to see vehicles lining up on timbered roadsides this time of year almost as if there was some mass evacuation that went wrong.  555 more words


Rust, broca and fumagina - 3 coffee damages 

During our travels in Colombia we saw visually how coffee can get damaged by pests and fungus. So though we would document the ones we saw. 148 more words


Devastating wheat-blast outbreak strikes Asia

A destroying fungal infection is spreading across wheat fields in Bangladesh for the first time in Asia. The fungal blast discovered in February has brought the loss of more than 15,000 hectares of crops in Bangladesh, sparking a high risk of spreading to other parts of South and Southeast Asia. 430 more words