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Depth of Field

This week’s challenge topic on From Moments to Memories is Depth of Field.

I spotted this fungus growing out of the bottom of a fallen tree trunk in the woods on Sunday. 8 more words


emergent ...

This grew in the stump of a tree logged last fall in the forest at my university.


Something is happening

In spite of the general tendency for a changing (warming up, that is) climate, this winter here in Catalonia was rather cold with several days below freezing point and generous snowfalls on a few occasions. 294 more words


Tea Tree Oil

Being that my husband is on medications that can affect his liver, we are sometimes challenged in finding medications that could help with other ailments that are over the counter.   151 more words

Waves of Consciousness: Global Game Jam Project

I don’t think I ever got around to sharing the project I worked on for the Global Game Jam, so here it is. I did the programming/game design in… 79 more words


Fungal Infections 

Fungal Infections 

– aka mycoses, mycosis, dermatophytosis

– lesions caused by infection are tinea



Tinea Corporis – body ringworm. VERY CONTAGIOUS.