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Plant Disease: Fungus for your Thoughts

Brian Aldiss’s novel Hothouse takes place in a world that’s stopped spinning, with one side of planet Earth forever facing the Sun, and in which the existing life forms have either been wiped out by the world’s climate extremes or have adapted in monstrous ways to compete for survival. 561 more words




Foul fungus, not to be tampered with.

Modeled in Zbrush, rendered in Maya.

skfb.ly/6wGrQ 19 more words

Upon Closer Inspection

Upon Closer Inspection.

It may appear
to be just a rock
sitting amidst the flower bed

Like so many
things we are used to seeing, 34 more words



The Genus Cortinarius [ Basidiomycetes Agaricales Cortinariaceae. . ] by Michael Kuo. Cortinarius is the largest genus of mushrooms in the world, containing an Buy European Fungus Flora: Agaricaceae (Classic Reprint) on Amazon FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Maag, Carl R. 326 more words


Medical Biomagnetism tested on 265 patients at clinic in Spain in May 2009

Original article in spanish at: DiscoveryDsalud

Centro Médico Hilu ( Hilu Stem Center) and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy:  http://www.centromedicohilu.com/eng/06tratamiento-parbiomagnetico.htm

On May 2009, Dr. Isaac Goiz, who in 1988 discovered the Biomagnetic Pair (BMP) and how to treat many illnesses with the simple use of a pair of magnets, was able to put his method to the test at a clinic directed by Dr. 3,389 more words

Why Biomagnetism

Plastic fungus

I feel I am on to something with this theme, bulbous and inflated.

Bulbous is simpler to achieve, keeping things inflated is tricky.

The images stuck to my wall are of fungus, inflatables, mushrooms, sea anemones. 43 more words

Research & Reflection

The Tree Geneticist who Branched Out

What is a Tree Population Geneticist?

On October 27th 2017, Jim Provan from Aberystwyth University delivered a guest lecture in Bangor University. He came clean from the get-go telling us all that he had never actually wanted to become a tree population geneticist. 452 more words