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Explorers Log

Second walk of the day.

First thing we see, a 3 foot garter snake laying in our path. He slithered into the brush along the path pretty quickly. 70 more words

Explorer Log

Candida Albicans Overgrowth: What Is It And How Do You Treat It?

I first heard of Candida Albicans when I went into my Homeopathic Doctor’s office with complaints of feeling incredibly tired and moody all the time, not to mention my skin issues and digestive problems. 991 more words


On Pajero Road: spongy fungi

This large, spongy Fungi rose up like a ball of yeasty dough on a bush track in the Black Range, west of the Grampians in Victoria, Australia.



I finally have Photoshop on my computer, so today I had a little play around with some of my drawings, here’s one on the left. As for my studying I haven’t officially started yet as I will be following term times. 77 more words



Ocher bracket fungus in a balancing act.


In the swamp

Things I saw on a recent trip to Chesnut Park. The alligator picture was taken through the slats of the boardwalk rail so he wasn’t that close. 37 more words

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