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A new edition to my music collection: Jamiroquai

I’ve been listening to the same kind of music for a long time and while I was watching VH1, I saw Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” video for the second time in a week. 198 more words

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10 more songs from my playlists

I have trouble calming down and falling asleep, and with all the stress and anxiety I manage to produce just by thinking too much, I’ve made a playlist with songs that make me calm. 408 more words

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10 random songs from my spotify list and why I like them

I think it’s interesting to see what other people listen to and I love shuffle lists, so I’ll make one but kind of extend it a little. 720 more words

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Okay, the title might seem too much but I cannot contain my love for boybands. I think this will be a long post.

This time I’ll rank them, least favourite to favourite! 679 more words

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Internet meme songs I actually like

Most of the internet meme songs that appear I hate or strongly dislike. But there are a few that I can listen to voluntarily. They are few but there they are! 266 more words

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My favourite bands

I’ve had many favourites since I first started listening to music. Not just “I love this band right now” but “they’ll always be my favourite band”. 647 more words

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Old Tune Tuesday

I felt like a little Stevie – Superstition.