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10 random songs from my spotify list and why I like them

I think it’s interesting to see what other people listen to and I love shuffle lists, so I’ll make one but kind of extend it a little. 720 more words

Funky Music


Okay, the title might seem too much but I cannot contain my love for boybands. I think this will be a long post.

This time I’ll rank them, least favourite to favourite! 679 more words

Funky Music

Internet meme songs I actually like

Most of the internet meme songs that appear I hate or strongly dislike. But there are a few that I can listen to voluntarily. They are few but there they are! 266 more words

Funky Music

My favourite bands

I’ve had many favourites since I first started listening to music. Not just “I love this band right now” but “they’ll always be my favourite band”. 647 more words

Funky Music

Old Tune Tuesday

I felt like a little Stevie – Superstition.


Hotting it up in November

Hot on the heels of the spooky Halloween ride the last Friday of November was upon us so that meant only one thing, Critical Mass! 193 more words

Slow Burn | Dornik - 'On My Mind'

If you’re in pursuit of funky soul patch grooves and slow burn seduction, then look no further than Dornik’s single, “On My Mind.”

The London producer is working on a new EP which will hopefully be announced in the coming weeks on PMR. 24 more words