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Funnels - Part 4; Point #3

Funnel Concept #3 –

3. There are several types of funnels created for you by others.

Before i develop this thought, please keep the following in mind. 484 more words

2017 Funnel

Funnels - Part 3

Working toward a prosperous 2017 and beyond…

Funnel concept #2 – It cannot hurt you to re-evaluate your funnel.

With global traditions, although varied, around the globe at the start of every New Year, we often turn our sights on renewal of goals, hopes and dreams, many of which are referred to a resolutions. 369 more words

2017 Funnel

Thoughts About Funnels - Part 2

The Funnel Continues…

It is never too late to remodel your funnel

Let’s talk about some things that may be causes of a funnel that is restricting flow in your life to a better tomorrow. 277 more words

2017 Funnel

Thoughts About Funnels - Intro

Thoughts about funnels.

Three thoughts come to mind when I think of funnels. Things that destroy, things that feed or help flow, and one thing many eat at every county fair they attend. 755 more words

2017 Funnel

#vawx Storm chase statistics on a rainy December day

FINALLY…a decent rainfall is soaking our neck of the woods. It’s been sorely needed for weeks and I’m glad to see it. However the current wetness coupled with this week’s upcoming Arctic blast are emphasizing the suspension of┬ástorm chasing for the winter. 302 more words