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The Broken Land: the Marsh of Horror!

In our prelude, eleven members of Ironbridge’s Rogues Guild are arrested, shackled and loaded into barges. A blood moon rises, as the barges take them upriver to the Dunn marshes!

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Solo Play

Tip of the Week: Fashion a Free Funnel

“I’m not cheap, I’m clever.”  This might be a big, “Duh!” for those of you who already do this. But, do you ever need a funnel with a very wide mouth and a wide stem? 57 more words

Tips & Tricks

Can You Make a Feature Film in 14 Days for $7k?

Robert Rodriguez Will Give You $7,000 to Shoot a Feature in 14 Days

Well, Robert Rodriguez will give you that money  to make a film, to see if you can do it like he did years ago. 153 more words


The Broken Land

a DCC/dT&T/Mythic/CRGE solo play

This solo play was thrown up by events in my regular face-to-face dT&T campaign, To Ikkutas! An ‘event’ moved into play as various factions in the region were activated.

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Disqualify to Qualify

Sure, you like chocolate cake, but if it’s not in your diet plan, it’s wasted calories.

With every client I’ve had, the idea of creating an “avatar” or developing their target market is often met with cynicism. 413 more words


SEO Above the Funnel: Getting More Traffic When You Can’t Rank Any Higher

Posted by Tom.CapperNormally, as SEOs, we follow a deceptively simple process. We identify how people are searching for our product, then we build or optimize pages or websites to match searcher intent, we make sure Google can find, understand, and trust it, and we wait for the waves of delicious traffic to roll in.It’s not always that simple, though. 117 more words