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Jotunn's L1 mission

Jotunn – off the table – took the Tags at crack of dawn – or earlier – out to escort some honest millers and maybe a gunner. 708 more words

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#vawx SPC Outlooks and Chasing

The January 3rd WeatherBrains podcast included a spirited discussion of the lack of coordination between local NWS offices and the Storm Prediction Center when it comes to convective outlooks. 566 more words

Shatterzone funnel #4

This is the third and final playtest of how a DCC funnel works, using DCC rpg rules in Fingold’s shatterzone.

During the course of the day, three attempts have been made on the shatterzone.

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Success Channel

Happy New Year!

Everyone is talking about the “New You” resolutions and plans for change this time of year. For sales people, this is often an optimistic discussion that lacks follow through. 538 more words


Shatterzone funnel #3

This is run two of the same DCC rules test, using simple solo tools (card draw, dice).

For this run another 16 citizens are assembled, rather a scrawny bunch with a couple of squires among them.

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Shatterzone funnel #2

This is a playtest of the DCC rpg rules. I have randomized 16 citizens of Fingold, with the minor tweak that I re-confirm non-humans rolled up.

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TI2.07: Dungeon rush/Level 0 funnel

Characters for this session:

Fennec, L2 Dwarf wizard

Cauleigh, L3 Dwarf warrior (Townsman)

Jotunn, L5 Dwarf warrior (Hunter; Tracking)

Crompton, L2 Dwarf rogue (Roguery, Rune-bearer) 3,138 more words

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