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Fashion For All Of Your Aliening Facing, Monster Chasing and Space Racing Needs

When dealing with aliens, monsters and space in general, look to Gucci for all your (cough) out of this world fashion needs. Oh brother…  :)


43 problems every curvy girl has faced at least once in their life

1. “One size fits all” isn’t a game you can even think of playing.

2. You’re no stranger to walking out of a store because they don’t carry anything above a size 12. 700 more words


Podcasts I'm Listening To Now

My excessive commuting is fast coming to an end (Hooray!), but I’ve had lots of time – and thousands of miles – in the past six months to drive, contemplate life, fret over uncertainty, worry about Anything and Everything, plan vacations and listen to podcasts. 507 more words


Not a great start to the day

After a particularly hot and sticky night with loud raging thunder storms I couldn’t decide whether I was happy the alarm had gone off at 6:30am or not. 294 more words


This Quiet Season

I am still on a bit of a posting holiday, apparently. A lot is happening here at Chez J, but it’s all ruminative on the writing front, nothing to see here… yet. 244 more words


Top 5 Things That Prove "Millennial Pink" Isn't "Millennial" Pink

I love the color Millennial Pink. Just look around this blog. What irks me is the the labeling. This pink — whose exact shade, it seems, no one can agree on — has been linked to Millennials because of its non-threatening quality, suggesting this is a population that needs soothing, coddling and safe spaces. 195 more words