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No Gods, Only Teachers (Part I/?)

So it’s one in the morning and I’m stuck in a hotel with no wifi, data, or reception, so what do I do? Decide to write a post about Buddhism on my phone! 1,007 more words


Rest Day Foolishness

Hoping we can get this wonderful teacher to come to Kaohsiung for a retreat. Will keep you posted!


Children say the funniest things (Part 5)

May 10th marked my last day at work after just over 2 years, so here’s the final installment of all the hilarious/sweet things that my students came out with! 348 more words


My favourite Viners

I’m addicted to Vine. Sometimes I can spend hours on it. You can find so much hilarious stuff on there, and it helps that each video is only 6 seconds long. 177 more words


Konnichiwa amigos!

Finally, I have set up a blog. (Its been a long time coming.)I will start with a little introduction to me!

If you haven’t guessed already (or you simply just don’t watch the greatest show on earth) my blog name – Zholeesi, is a twisty turny mix on the ever so gorgeous character Khaleesi – Queen Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of Dragons, the breaker of all chains, the silver lady, THE UNBURNT MHYSA! 116 more words


A Different Kind Of Farm Report

Not all the reports of the animals among us are true. From nursery rhymes to the Farm Report there has been a lot of misunderstanding. Here are a few corrections about the animals, some in their own words. 274 more words




Have you ever noticed how royalty acts, hold themselves? Near perfect posture, confident strides. Their actions separate them from the people.

It doesn’t matter what religion you attach yourself to. 199 more words

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