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8 Things I Realized While Watching 'Koi...Mil Gaya' After 14 Years

The first time I watched Koi…Mil Gaya was around my 10th birthday. I remember it was not one I was looking forward to because my mum was visiting her sister for some reason that I’ve long forgotten (but not forgiven…) 1,107 more words


Nightmares and Things That Go Whooo in the Night and Make You Almost Wet Yourself and Impossible to Sleep!

Occasionally, I have a nightmare. Tonight was one of those nights. The last thing I remember from the nightmare was yelling, “Is anyone there?”

I knew it had to be a dream because friends, I would NOT yell that in real life. 623 more words


Turns out I’m Cis-Demisexual… Or Pronouns are the New Metric System

Bil Lepp Copyright 2017
My son, like any good sixteen year-old, is more socially relevant than I. We got to talking about gender identity and sexuality the other day, partly because we were driving through Omaha and I saw a sign that read, “Exit here for L-Q streets.” I says to my son, “Know what streets are in between L & Q? 1,231 more words


The 'FLUTE' That Took Me Down

If you have or have ever had kids, you know that they bring home some pretty yucky things. Last week, my kiddo brought home, as he likes to call it, the “flute”, otherwise known as the flu to the rest of the human population. 228 more words


With Friends Like This ...

When I was deep in the trenches of the early child-rearing years, and perhaps once again through sons’ teenage turbulence, I longingly yearned for quick acceleration to the “easy years.” Certainly in one’s forties or fifties, life would be less stressful. 546 more words