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Smoking Cloud With Spaceman Jones

Yo I just came back from the outer nebulas with some primo cloud.

Your name did come up.

You owe a lot of people.

I told them my usual. 120 more words


Happy Talk With Old Skool Joe

Don’t worry be happy.

Seems pretty simple right.

I guess for some people it’s not.

Which is crazy to me.

I get jumped by the Red Hat Gang everyday on my way to work. 93 more words


Happy Not Birthday

So one night while feeding the missionaries I asked when their birthdays are. One said it was his unbirthday this month (which requires math for me to figure out) and the other one said “Guess.” 135 more words


A Conversation Between A Romance Lover and a Horror Writer.

Today I commented to a friend that I’d written a story for Valentine’s Day.

She smiled and said, “Oh Jo! I didn’t really pick you for the romantic author type! 117 more words

Author Life

Brittyn's Unique Talents

When Brittyn was a young baby she started making a crazy noise with her mouth. Her tongue vibrated really fast and out came a unique noise. 40 more words


Hey, Who's Craig?

Ten things I learned while trying to sell stuff on craigslist:

  1. Nobody wants your damn 1990’s armoire/entertainment cabinets. They may be  limited production La-Dee-Dah brand, made by free-range leprechauns using extinct, hand-massaged mahogany and unicorn horns, but they are worth … nothing.
  2. 357 more words

The Real Truth Behind the Most Popular Travel Quotes 


You actually clicked that link?

Whaddya say! This click bait thing actually works.


Oh well, now that you’re here, might as well stick around and read a little of what I have to say. 2,359 more words