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S is for Showers. But I Took One Last Week!

There’s nothing I love more than arguing with my kids before putting them to bed. (That’s sarcasm, by the way)

Me: Take a shower.

Child: But I just took one yesterday! 96 more words


A Deck of Cards

I’m pretty excited for the summer concert season this year.  Now that the kids have reliable babysitting options (hooray!) I can finally go back to my roots for some musical delight!   1,605 more words


Who Bit Beyoncé ?

I know the answer!  Yes, I do! It was Audrey DuPage.  Who???  WHO IS AUDREY DUPAGE?  Let me explain!  Time to go into the time travel machine and head back to November 2015: 1,070 more words


N is for Not That Hungry

If you have kids, you might have run into these…issues.

Kid: Mooooooom! I’m starving!

Me: I’ve got baby carrots, string cheese. Or you can have apple slices with peanut butter. 184 more words


M is for Movies I Know Nothing About

My husband has officially revoked my license to pick movies based on the “gems” I’ve obtained. Unfortunately, for him, I don’t abide but such rules or restrictions. 718 more words


The Obsession Continues

Yes The Greatest Showman fans – this is exactly what you think.

Brittyn has used yarn to create trapeze gear.

While watching the movie, when Anne was on the trapeze when Phillip first saw her, Brittyn turned to me all sweetly and said “This is what we do when we play Barbies. 92 more words


H is for Holy Cow! I Forgot!

Forgive me for falling behind on the A to Z challenge. I shall endeavor to catch up.

My friend had gone to a ranch with her family. 263 more words