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157 characters? I can't tweet that!

I ran across this video online. I enjoy satire, so this was amusing for me. House hunters meets church hunters.

“The pastor’s main point? 157 characters. 17 more words

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Hacker shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable

You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and “secure” credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable.

English As A Second Language (ESL)

Food Shaming

  1.  The reactions of the health conscious colleagues eating with you is directly proportional to the amount of oil in your food.
  2. It is okay to eat a salad laden with cream based dressings but not okay to have a home cooked meal with some extra serving of virgin olive oil on it.
  3. 298 more words

You had me at "Angus" Dei

This picture was shared on the Piano Guys’ Facebook page. Cracked me up a bit. A little music (sorta) humor for today.

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heard this joke...

…the other day and it goes a little something like this:

How To Do Stuff

Thought for the day....

If being in my pajamas after noon is wrong…I don’t want to be right!