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Yours, Sincerely, Giraffe

Title: Yours, Sincerely, Giraffe

Author: Megumi Iwasa

Series: N/A

Recommended for: Pre-K-3rd grades

Pages: 104

Call Number/Link:  J FICTION IWASA, M.

Synopsis: Giraffe is bored, as usual. 82 more words


Premature Aging by Mail

Jesus Christ… ok so… I’m named after my father. His name is Alan. He’s 70. And we currently live in the same house.

Apparently, despite the fact that MVP provides my insurance and therefore has my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and obviously my AGE on fucking record… AND the fact that I am the opposite gender…The similarity of name is too much for them. 85 more words


Murphy and O'Brien

Heard this on Pandora today. It cracked me up. Yeah, I know I’m weird. I like it that way. ;)

Murphy and O’Brien go out into the woods, they come to a clearing and see an abandoned well. 316 more words

Daily Ramblings

I Await The Day When She Gets Me Back...

Sometimes some of the best practical jokes come around completely by accident.

One of these occasions happened when Kiwi Daughter came into Himself’s and my bedroom whilst I was sorting my medication into my various daily doses. 406 more words


Approaching Last Day: My 30th Birthday ...and 5th Blogiversary

I’m pretty sure no one has used a Logan’s Run reference on their 30th birthday in the last 20 years, but it is truly one of my favorite movies. 1,042 more words


Planet of the Apes Retrospective

We are going ape for The Planet of the Apes on this episode of Monster Men. We sit down to reminisce about all the Apes films from A to Z… or Apes to Zaius. 94 more words

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