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What goes on in my baby’s head?

Do you ever look at your baby and wonder what the heck they are thinking? I do multiple times a day. My guess is for the most part he’s thinking, milk-cuddle-play-oh a shiny thing I want to touch, etc. 248 more words


The Product of Being Pregnant in Paris

This was my video assignment for the Fall 2014 SCS 2875 course at the University of Toronto.

We had to conceive, shoot, and edit a video in one afternoon. 14 more words


Hilarious Dog Named Charlie Showers Baby With Toys To Stop It Crying

Charlie the dog makes a great baby sitter.

In the video you’ll see Charlie make the baby cry by taking her toy, and then for whatever reason (can a dog feel guilty?), he triess to make thing right by going through the house and piling every toy he can round up around the baby, which makes her stop crying. 14 more words