Funny, But True Stories: Keep Your Girlfriend Out of the Picture

Cheating on a spouse has been the downfall of many a business owner or CEO. Some of these stories aren’t too surprising. Consider the case of the founder of the famously hacked website Ashley Madison, created specifically to make it easy for people to cheat on their spouses. 301 more words

Lessons For CEOs

5 Reasons CEOS Wait Too Long to Address Problems

The worst cases in my career in the turnaround industry are when I work with businesses that could have been saved. If only we had been called in earlier. 653 more words

Lessons For CEOs

Funny, But True Stories: Of All the Gin Joints

This story falls under the What Are the Odds? category. In this case, they were not in my favor. And I got busted.

My intentions were good. 419 more words

War Stories

What I'd like to do today and what I'll probably do today...

I’d like work on a new zine. Something cool and engaging and filled with art and free verse hippie poetry but I’ll probably stare at a blank sheet of paper wondering where to begin…beginning is the hardest part for me. 233 more words

My Bohemian Life

Funny, But True Stories: The Thoughtful Thieves

“No way that really happened!”

You know that saying, “You can’t make this stuff up.” I’ve lived that during my career in the turnaround industry. I’ve seen the look of disbelief cross people’s faces when I’ve recounted one of my unbelievable-but-true stories. 339 more words


How I made £28,351 in one day! Read how for free below.......

“£28, 351 in one day?” you may ask. “Get rich quick scheme!”, “Multi-level marketing!”, “Pyramid scheme!”, “Con!” you may think to yourself, and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame you. 542 more words