Funny, But True: Lipstick, Vacations and The Pope

In November 2015 Tesla lowered its delivery goal from 35,000 cars to 33,000 cars. While it did meet production goals for the quarter, they weren’t able to deliver all the cars to buyers. 419 more words


Prove Yourself

My first season on a Hotshot Crew was tough.

I felt like I was strivin’ for survivin’ in those first weeks. I showed up with some type II handcrew and engine experience but even still it felt like a big leap to the type I world. 890 more words

Funny But True


There are many things associated with this color.  Money, trees, recycling, Irish, vomit, vegetables, I could go on and on.

Green is ever shining. It constant glow is all around us. 93 more words


Funny, But True: Give a Second Thought to That Second Chance

You have an employee who makes a big mistake, but comes to you to admit it and offers a solution. So, you forgive him and move on. 344 more words

Lessons For CEOs

Jump 1, Jump 2

I remember the day before our first jump. All of us “Rookie Candidates” were corralled into the airplane hanger to have a chat at the jump plane right before the end of the day. 2,044 more words

Funny But True

Basic Necessities

Here’s a list of basic things you need to get through PA school

  1. Coffee/Energy Drinks. You need to wake up and stay awake to study.
  2. 281 more words
Funny But True