Jump 1, Jump 2

I remember the day before our first jump. All of us “Rookie Candidates” were corralled into the airplane hanger to have a chat at the jump plane right before the end of the day. 2,044 more words

Funny But True

Basic Necessities

Here’s a list of basic things you need to get through PA school

  1. Coffee/Energy Drinks. You need to wake up and stay awake to study.
  2. 281 more words
Funny But True

Physiological changes of a PA Student

Day 4 back into school..already behind…what else is new?

After feeling refreshed and dark circle free from break and picking up some “healthy habits” such as drinking less wine and coffee, I’m beginning to see my old ways slowly creep back into my life.   795 more words

Funny But True

2016, Take a Bow

2016… What. A. Year. I know there’s been a lot of chatter about the peak of awfulness reached this past year but I have to admit I just can’t get down with that. 470 more words


10 Ways firefighting prepped me for parenthood

On a regular basis I find myself noticing similarities between fighting fire and being a parent. These are the top 10 that spring to mind. 2,221 more words


Merry Christmas?

So a couple of days before Christmas, the husband and I went to Hersheys for our 10 year anniversary. We thought while there, we would get presents for the kids stockings. 276 more words

Weight Loss

christmas rice

The classic Christmas story; Mr jide the father of two would buy clothes for his children and wife, he would also buy at least two Congo of rice, because femi his brother and probably his wife too is visiting, jide doesn’t want to appear poor. 289 more words

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