Getting through the holidays

It’s holiday season! That means carefully constructing your answer when your grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins ask you the timeless question, “How’s school?”

Here’s a carefully constructed, personal fave of top 5 gray answer(s) to give when people ask you how school is going. 313 more words

Funny But True

Fire Culture

First of all, don’t be that guy.

Don’t be last to lineout in the morning; get back to the rigs from a store stop, water up, suit up in your jump gear, get up the hill, or be last in a run. 726 more words

Funny But True

Blissful Breastfeeding. Really?

Without taking any polls or sending out surveys I can make the confident statement that no person has any concept of what they are getting themselves into by becoming a parent. 1,174 more words

Trials Of Parenting

Unconditional Love Anyone?

We’ve all heard this term get tousled around our entire lives. “I love you unconditionally”. I dare say that statement cannot be truthfully uttered unless that person is a parent. 600 more words

Trials Of Parenting

PA-S Diet

In PA School, we learned about the DASH Diet for patients with high blood pressure. What they neglect to tell you is the PA-S Diet, which is what a majority of students will develop because life becomes something else. 971 more words

Funny But True

How to look good in PA School

  1. DRY SHAMPOO. Not sure if I need to say more, other than there are some weeks where your hair gets nasty and a spritz of dry shampoo that tells the world you practice good hygiene.
  2. 224 more words