How I made £28,351 in one day! Read how for free below.......

“£28, 351 in one day?” you may ask. “Get rich quick scheme!”, “Multi-level marketing!”, “Pyramid scheme!”, “Con!” you may think to yourself, and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame you. 542 more words

Caprese Salad FTW

I’d like to wish eternal cankles on the evil SOB who decided to sell Girl Scout Cookies on the eve of swimsuit season. Why not sell those tiny little sabotagers in November when we are all bundled up and hidden from the unforgiving world of spandex? 377 more words


15 poems about nonprofit that will move, anger, and maybe even inspire you / Nonprofit With Balls

Hi everyone. Thank you to all who participated in NWB’s first-ever nonprofit poetry contest. This weekend, the two other judges (Nate Thomas of Rainier Beach Action Coalition, and Rainier Valley Co… 16 more words

Funny But True


I knew this day would come. Not that I haven’t spent ample energy delaying it, attempting to avoid it altogether. I’m not saying I haven’t had moments of choosing comfort over fashion or a weakness for watching Dateline on my couch on a Friday night, but to be smacked in the face with such a stark reality of getting OLD! 617 more words