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Cranky Critters

Sometimes you just can’t please a dog or cat. Doesn’t this video make you glad you don’t have huskies? Anyway, who knows what these critters want? 13 more words

We Love Cats in Boxes

There’s something about cats grooving on cardboard boxes that just brings a smile to my lips, unless they’re doing it in my living room and turning the cardboard into confetti. 33 more words

For Your Monday Blues

On a rainy November day like today, here’s a little cat humor to cheer you up! I dare you not to grin :)

Cat Humor

Cats Raid the Fridge

These are incidents that were not disasters, because somebody was standing there with a camera, filming them. So no cats accidentally put themselves in cold storage. 42 more words

Why Do Cats Rob Purses?

“Because that’s where the money is,” silly–don’t you know your Willie Sutton?

Seriously, though: don’t you ever wonder whether cats have been with humans longer than is good for them? 27 more words

Pets on Parade

They’re all in this video–cats, dogs, hamsters, raccoons–even a feisty monitor lizard. Dig the dog visiting the meerkats at the zoo, and the parakeet figuring out how to tote a new ladder into his cage. 21 more words

An Apology

Dear Cats of the World,

I have to apologize. I may have blown our cover.
The Management caught me unaware and I reacted in a completely un-catlike manner. 84 more words