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Funny Cats

Felines beyond any doubt have fascinating methods for communicating. Some are adorable, and some, well, can hurt. Most feline proprietors think about affection gnaws, those fun loving nips felines give now and again. 482 more words


Friday Words of Wisdom......

Blowing a raspberry in a baby’s face can get you coos, smiles and laughter. Blowing a raspberry in a cat’s face can become a near death experience!  20 more words

Funny Cat Sleeping | Cats sleeping Video

Today, I would like to inform you to watch the funny cats video, called funny cats sleeping, this video is very good now for the whole world, after finished watching this video already, you 100% get laugh full time, why you need to laugh after watch this video? 70 more words

Funny Cats Sleeping

My Favorite Sleeping with My Smart Cat

I don’t want to tell about my own body, which always happen again and again every nights, I am the one who like feed cats so much, I like play with cats, I like speak my language with my cat though he can not understand, but I try to speak with them for making my feeling get happy in a short time, for nights, I always prepare a good place for my cat, no my cats sleep alone, I prepare a good place for my cat sleep as myself sleep because both cat and me sleep together in the same place, I have never snow, but my cat snows more loudly than me, I sleep as the human being in the world, at midnight, seeing my cat sleep as my, all my behavior of sleeping, my cats are the same, sometime, I sleep as a funny sleeping, my cats get sleep as a… 31 more words

Funny Cats

4 Cats Caught in Funny Actions

HumorKitty shares 4 rarely seen cats caught in funny actions have been described with hilarious captions. Follow us on Facebook to watch more funny cats and memes.

Funny Cat Memes

I like watching funny cats sleeping video

My name is HOEURM HENG, every day, after returning from school, I like sitting in front of my computer, I have my own internet connection, so computer opening, I go into YouTube, I like watching entertainment, music, movie, and… 73 more words

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