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Incredibly Smart Cats

You won’t believe what some of these cats can do. I’ve had classrooms full of high school juniors who weren’t half as insightful as these cats. 46 more words


The Company You Keep (Cat and Owl)

The title of this video says the cat and the owl are best friends. I don’t know about that. The cat seems friendly enough, but it’s very hard to read an owl’s facial expression. 26 more words


Cats in Tricky Situations

It’s not easy being a cat. You have so many opportunities to get yourself into real trouble.

You will love the cat playing with the hamster ball. 19 more words


You Can't Hide from Your Cat

Here’s what happens when you try to hide from your cat. He finds you.

Actually, a lot of cats really enjoy this game. It’s a wise human who plays with a cat. 16 more words