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High Noon: Kitten vs. Cat

Really, what this video needs is some Ennio Morricone music in the background.

No, the tiny kitten has not invented a new way to commit suicide. 35 more words


Video Treat: Cats vs. Metronome

Thank you, everybody, for your prayers: I’m already much, much better than I was this morning! Pain has abated to mere unpleasant twinges. Maybe it’ll be gone by tomorrow. 51 more words


Video Treat: Serious Cats

Ed Sullivan, Puddleglum, Buckingham Palace guards–when it comes to taking a serious view of life, the cats in this video got ’em all beat.

Maybe they’ve just come back from the Obamma Tower…


Camouflaged Critters

Okay, these pictures have been set up by some pretty good photographers. But they’re still cool. In a few of them, you’ll find it very hard to find the real animal. 43 more words


Cat vs. Can

Sometimes it can be a great disadvantage not to have hands, even for a cat. As clever as they are, there are things that a cat just can’t do. 21 more words


Dogs & Cats & Snow--and Fun!

My cat Henry used to get kind of mad at me if it snowed: didn’t like to get it on his feet. But the dogs and cats in this video are having an absolute blast–they love the snow! 26 more words


Sanity Break: Tumbly Kitten

I am scrupulously avoiding the news today. It will still be here tomorrow, sleaze and all. Nuff said.

This is what I call a tumbly kitten. 26 more words