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What is this cat doing

What is this cat doing? Can you answer the question?
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Video Treat: Cats Grooving on Catnip

Our cat Henry was crazy about catnip and always reacted very strongly to it. My father, who pretended not to like cats (even while Henry sat on his lap and purred), didn’t approve of catnip. 79 more words


Saturday Sillies: Cats :-)

Just for funsies….enjoy.

Oh and his name is Pickles.

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Weekend Fun

Bad Cats Stealing Pizza

I’m not convinced that pizza is a good food for cats, but the cats in this video never asked my opinion.

When the cat slyly pulled the wedge of pizza off the table and it lands face-down on the carpet, guess who’s going to have to clean it up.


World's Cutest Kitten?

Okay, I’m gonna grab this little guy and  carry him around until they come after me with a net…

What does this little kitten want, and why won’t somebody give it to him? 6 more words


Slump Day

Milo’s thoughts…

“Why do they call Wednesday ‘Hump Day’? I think they oughta call it Slump Day. Because it’s the middle of the week and I just wanna slump over and… ZZZ!”


Cats Like Video, Too

My cat Buster really got into Nature, once he realized the TV set was full of little animals for him to catch. He had bigger ambitions than the cat in this video; he wanted to catch the elephants. 21 more words