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Who Shall Have This Bed?

Boy, cats can put on the cool when they want to. You know they do it on purpose, just to exasperate naive puppies and naive human beings. 14 more words


The Great Stone Cat

If ignoring people ever got recognized as a martial art, this cat would have a black belt.

Poor puppy! He wants to play and can’t get the slightest response from the cat. 35 more words


Happy National Margarita Day!

Hey all you cool cats out there! It’s National Margarita Day! Time to put your phone on hold, grab your friends, kick off your shoes and party! 28 more words


Sharing is Caring (Unless You're a Cat)

Cats can bother each other just fine without any help from stupid humans–especially while they’re eating. Don’t be like some of the gavones in this video who bug their cats at mealtime. 87 more words


When a Cat Overdoes It

I loved my old slot car racing set; and I guess if we’d had a cat back then, he would’ve loved it, too.

WARNING: Some cats just don’t know when to stop! 35 more words