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Did I just miss the boat on this X Factor Show?

I used to love American Idol in its heyday and I am a genius at Dancing With The Stars, but for the most part I try to avoid these types of shows.  72 more words

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Chicago Blackhawks Grades at the quarter pole(ish)

This team has me scratching my head 25 games into the season.  On one hand, they are tied for the most points in the Western Conference.  1,631 more words

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This Kid Hates Tom Brady

This kid hates Tom Brady and its fantastic.  I love being a fan of the evil empire.  You think Jay Cutler is good enough to make kids that are fans of other teams cry…for sure NOT.  138 more words

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Bradley Cooper, Sexiest Man Alive...for sure NOT

I don’t get it.  I feel like chicks and gays are losing their minds lately.  Bradley Cooper kinda sucks.  I saw Limitless.  I was wicked pumped for it. 47 more words

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Guys who like Glee are so gay blah blah blah FALSE

Slow day on the old interwebs today and a slower day in the sports world.  I could talk about Penn State again, maybe the NBA Lockout, but instead I am giving the people legitimate entertainment.  91 more words

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John Fox is an atheist

I mean, what the hell?” Fox said Monday in an interview with NFL.com reporter Jeff Darlington.  “You don’t get points for style in this league. 158 more words

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Jeopardy like a boss

I think it’s a general rule that if you get double jeopardy twice you gotta double down.  This guy didn’t even blink.  Suriname…BITCH!!!

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