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Can we start this date over?

Mind you, I am far from perfect, so please remember that as you read on. Like many, I have well intentioned friends who set me up on blind dates. 373 more words


Let It Go

Hey All! Sorry for the week absence. I went on vacation last week and was preparing for it all week.

This story happens right after I graduated for my undergrad. 746 more words

A Solution for Single Men on Tinder

To my handsome single men on Tinder, who are looking for love but are lacking in this department. ¬†Your luck is about to change. From here on out, I’ll be your guide to getting “Tinderella”. 633 more words

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I'm King of the Emoji's...and Selfies

So these days most people are finding their dates on the internet dating sites instead of the old fashion way…bars or by letting your friends humiliate you by introducing you to strangers. 533 more words

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First Dates Are The Worst Dates

Right around the time that I was moving 2.5 hours away from my family to start my current career. I had opened up my search parameters to include the new cities I would be residing in. 580 more words

Messages and Online Dating

Right out of college, my friends and I were trying online dating. We decided there were not enough men within our small liberal arts college town. 336 more words

Creative Banking

Finished work early the other day and so I decided to run errands. I headed to the bank. Sitting there waiting for the bank to print a new debit card, I started noticing that all of the customers that Thursday afternoon were men…none of them overly attractive, but none the less, I was noticing them and then…a moment of brilliant stupidity. 114 more words

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