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Who the hell invited Stella!?

Mornin’ all.

So here’s the thing. Two weeks ago, it was 65. Sunny. T-shirts were dusted off and donned by the citizens of the area eager to let the door hit Winter in its ass on the way out. 1,763 more words


It's a good thing she's got a squiffy wiffy face...


The 2017 color of the year has been announced!! Everyone ready? Could I get the band to give me a drumroll?


It’s…. 2,511 more words

Let's hope 'rude customer' isn't the theme of the weekend...

Mornin’ all.

It’s been ages, and my typin’ fingers have been itchy for a workout. I’m struggling to get back into the work-during-school-year routine. It always feels like I’m rush rush rushing, with no time for chatting it up with pals. 2,368 more words


No sane person wears a red sponge nose...

Mornin’ all.

As you can see, I survived the attempted poisoning-by-coffee the other morning, though it took a rapid infusion of Zantac to pull through. I had a heart to heart with Teen Beta about the long term dangers of drinking his own alchemy experiments and suggested that instead, he saved his yearning for scientific discovery for the lab. 2,636 more words


Another funny headline. ...

This one from this morning’s Globe and Mail (one of Canada’s two national newspapers):

I got a bit of guff from over of my colleagues, who explained to me that the headline meant that the high jumper had surpassed expectations and had achieved the top of his field in winning the gold medal.

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