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Sometimes stories write themselves

This started out as a fun conversation with a client then I posted it on Facebook.

As you can see one of my friends has the gift for writing humor. 39 more words

3D Printed Food and Wild Turkeys: Episode 4

This week we learn that NASA has invested in 3D printed pizzas for Mars missions, Borg reads some unintentionally funny headlines, and Sting is the King of the Mods(in Quadrophenia). 75 more words


Who the hell invited Stella!?

Mornin’ all.

So here’s the thing. Two weeks ago, it was 65. Sunny. T-shirts were dusted off and donned by the citizens of the area eager to let the door hit Winter in its ass on the way out. 1,763 more words


Cracking open the “funnies” file

On my desktop sits a folder called “funnies.” Some of its contents date back to the earliest days of the internet, so I no longer remember their source. 488 more words


It's a good thing she's got a squiffy wiffy face...


The 2017 color of the year has been announced!! Everyone ready? Could I get the band to give me a drumroll?


It’s…. 2,511 more words