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Layoffs are Tough

Mr. Smith owned a small business. He had two employees, Sarah and Jack. They were both extremely good employees – always willing to work overtime and chip in where needed. 155 more words


Joke of the day - Apex

What is the definition of apex?

A female gorilla (APE-X) 6 more words


Pirate at the bar

A man was sitting at a bar when he noticed a pirate walk in the front door.

The pirate had a peg leg, a hook for one hand, and a patch over one eye. 149 more words


The Wandering Churchgoer

One balmy evening in the South Pacific, a navy ship spied smoke coming from one of three huts on an uncharted island. 91 more words

Fun Friday

Nuns at the grocery store

Two nuns are doing their grocery shopping.

As they pass the cooler full of beer, one nun says longingly to the other one, “A cold beer would go down great tonight!” 96 more words


Joke of the day - Candle

What did one candle say to the other? 

I’ll be going out tonight.