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You're Not an Asshole For Needing a Break

I love my kids more than anything, I really do. But sometimes I need a fucking break, pronto. I need to NOT be tending to everyone else’s needs- even if it’s just for twenty minutes. 333 more words

CODE BROWN: The Jelly Bean Incident

Long before our girl Oprah was doing yoga in a black spandex onesie on her lawn, I was on Weight Watchers. I loved it because I was on a diet but I could still have junk food. 1,229 more words


Life of a Soccer Mom

When soccer (or really any sport) is your children’s lives, it becomes your life, and life seems to move around the sport.
Laundry loads are based around what jersey needs washed for tomorrow’s game. 79 more words


Livin The Mom Life

Hey ya’ll! So let me just get to the point here! A week and a half ago I made a promise to start a 100 days of selfies to document my journey with AdvoCare and weight loss! 475 more words


The hostage negotiator, the air traffic controller and me ... 

Motherhood can be best described using a whole lot of action words. I am constantly attempting to reach agreements, compromising, mediating, discussing and consulting. Along with a whole lot of directing, keeping people on course and securing their safety and well-being. 44 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Landing the Helicopter

helicopter parenting

  1. Informal

A style of parenting in which an overprotective mother or father discourages a child’s independence by being too involved in the child’s life: 549 more words


Being a woman 🙃

Tired. So very tired.

Anxious. So very anxious.

Am I depressed? Or am I just super tired? Or am I on my period? What if I’m pregnant again? 1,185 more words