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Things that change after children

I keep in frequent contact with my sister-in-law. (Hi, Jess! You’re practically famous now!!

Beyond venting about the long days we spend with our children, we love to make each other laugh. 1,042 more words


Motherhood Update Part 9 - Big Changes Ahead and How Hipsters Almost Stole My Baby

Motherhood updates Part 9

– I’ve never been afraid of Rowan being kidnapped, until today. This afternoon a friend and I went to Denver’s hippest Flea/ Farmers market located downtown. 476 more words

Funny Mom

Motherhood Updates Part 7 and 8 - Orange is the New Daycare and a Not so Happy Bed Time Story

Motherhood Updates Part 7
– Rowan has started full time daycare. He is already picking up bad habits and I’m pretty sure he’s getting ready to be jumped into some sort of baby gang. 713 more words

Funny Mom

"Grumpy Pants"

Like most two year olds, when T was about two years old, she was just pushing my buttons.  After the 5th time of me telling her to “Stop eating the dog food!”, she threw a fit.  40 more words


Examples in Motherhood

Okay I know I have been absent for a while- blame a holiday and the film festival. But I am back- starting off with a tame one… I ramp up from here over the next week. 1,089 more words

Chapter 3- Month 3

5 Things I Fantasize About

Wait…you didn’t think that this would be one of THOSE posts, did you?

1.) Throwing things away

Yes, that’s right.

I walk around my old house and marvel at it. 724 more words

These Are Days

7 Things I thought I would be able to avoid as a parent

I read this post over at Mama by Fire at the end of last week, and I loved the idea so much that it prompted me to make my own list. 1,162 more words

These Are Days