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What Motherhood Is

Playing Peek-a-Boo behind the shower curtain to keep baby entertained while you scrub crusted spit up and dried food purees off your body.

Putting your tennis shoes on at 6am and finally slipping them off beside her crib at bedtime–mom’s wear one kind of shoe and they wear it all day. 348 more words


Caution: Hard Lessons Ahead

We recently took a vacation with my side of the family to Georgia.

Yes, we traveled 2,000 miles in a pick-up truck with a five month old. 1,307 more words


Kids Love Procrastinating

I had shit to do today. It began with needing to drink my coffee, all 5 cups, in peace but that was quickly interrupted with an almost three year old on my lap wanting me to read him a book. 442 more words


Memorial Weekend Thoughts

Memorial Day Weekend. The name itself conjures up images of girls gone wild. A suitcase filled with fancy, going out… well basically slutty clothes, makeup, and bottles of pre game mixers and alcohol. 267 more words

Mommy Musings

Crying Over Spilled Milk

I have used the phrase often in my life–have told my husband or my sister when something unfortunate occurs–“There’s no use crying over spilled milk.” We laugh like characters from Leave it To Beaver and move on with our lives. 880 more words


This Little Light of Mine

My child loves routine, adores routine, and should I ever miss a step in her nighttime routine, we all suffer the consequences–she won’t sleep well, she’s cranky the next day, and usually will eat like a crazy girl throughout the night. 795 more words


Miss Independent

“Oh geez,” I would think to myself when I saw yet another cute baby or toddler pictured with the hashtag #stopgrowing or #imissthemsolittle. I used to read these posts, shake my head, and think to myself, “Are you kidding me?” I can’t wait for her to grow up… whether it was Gia, Arianna, and now mostly Lexi. 197 more words