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Cake for breakfast, time travel, & Belgium

As I referenced recently on Facebook, somewhere in the world, or maybe the universe, there is a law that states if a person is wrongfully imprisoned and spends time in jail, that person is allowed to go back in time and change his or her age. 490 more words


The hostage negotiator, the air traffic controller and me ... 

Motherhood can be best described using a whole lot of action words. I am constantly attempting to reach agreements, compromising, mediating, discussing and consulting. Along with a whole lot of directing, keeping people on course and securing their safety and well-being. 44 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Landing the Helicopter

helicopter parenting

  1. Informal

A style of parenting in which an overprotective mother or father discourages a child’s independence by being too involved in the child’s life: 549 more words


Being a woman 🙃

Tired. So very tired.

Anxious. So very anxious.

Am I depressed? Or am I just super tired? Or am I on my period? What if I’m pregnant again? 1,185 more words

WWE Restaurant Style

Motherhood Updates Part 24

Rowan has now become “that” kid at restaurants. Somewhere between 11 months and 12.5 months Rowan became a terrible toddler.  My husband and I used to pride ourselves on how well behaved our child was. 406 more words

Funny Mom

Actual Things: A Mother's Letters

Dear God,

I’m sorry that I called Savannah an “Asshole” behind her back today. I promise that I will try to be more patient and positive from now on. 258 more words


Terrible Mothers Unite - Motherhood Updates 23

My new favorite saying is “If it makes him happy…” This statement can apply to many scenarios.

“Clara your son is lighting the dog on fire…” 464 more words

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