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5 Things I Fantasize About

Wait…you didn’t think that this would be one of THOSE posts, did you?

1.) Throwing things away

Yes, that’s right.

I walk around my old house and marvel at it. 724 more words

These Are Days

7 Things I thought I would be able to avoid as a parent

I read this post over at Mama by Fire at the end of last week, and I loved the idea so much that it prompted me to make my own list. 1,162 more words

These Are Days

Who invited crazy face?

Some of us know this scene all too well.

You go out into the world with good intentions and who you thought were the rational children you’ve been nurturing and loving since birth, only to enter a crowded vicinity and have PDI kick in.  483 more words

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My Mom Is.... Well You Probably Should Read This

My mom is a lecturer.

You would think she is a lecturer in some university holding a professor degree but what’s a professor’s lecture compared to the lectures my mom gives me, almost everyday. 305 more words

Hearty Giggles

Things to stop saying to twin moms.

1. “Oh my gosh! You got two for the price of one.”

I sheepishly smile at you and pretend you are hilariously creative and witty.  Inside I am suppressing the twitch my body has involuntarily started to form from hearing this so many times. 232 more words

Dark Humor

OMG he ate a magazine!

A few days ago my husband and I were rushing around like crazy people packing for a big trip. We were off to see my brother Tyson who lives at the beach a few hours away. 726 more words

Dark Humor

We put the D in dysfunctional

A long time ago during the turn of the millennium, I was in high school.  During this time I lived in Germany with my family. Our familial matriarch bestowed on us the most wonderful visit.   572 more words

Dark Humor