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The Baby is a Perverted Cat

Rowan has started hissing like a cat. Our daycare lady used to own a pet shop and when the shop closed, any animals who didn’t get adopted found their forever home with her. 399 more words

Funny Mom

Secret Santa Ideas

There I was, minding my own business, when the Secret Santa list goes up at work. Don’t get me wrong, I love Secret Santa. Giving and receiving. 551 more words

Every Parent's Guilty Pleasure

As much as we all claim to be the utmost perfect parents…let’s be real; we’re not. We all make mistakes and sometimes these “mistakes” are perhaps at times done purposely; e.g “throwing away the pack of playdoh your kid has been getting all.over.the.fucking.place by ‘mistake’.” Another example , “I’m so sorry I passed toys r us, it was a mistake!” Yeah, do you think I wanted to stop in fucking toys r us with my 2 cranky, whiny, sleepy toddlers. 260 more words


Yes It's Me - The Ugly Mom! - Motherhood Updates 18

I got called ugly the other day. Well technically, I was asked to leave the room so the prettier coworker could come in. At first I stood with my mouth agape and looked around to everyone else in the room. 712 more words

Funny Mom


Now, clearly I cannot take all credit for this one. Phil Dunphey, author of the self help and life guide book  Philsosphy has to be mentioned because he is the king of all relevant life advice. 774 more words


G rated cursing

Now, I know this is something every parent of a toddler has gone through..having a potty mouth and your sponge of a 3 year old repeating every word that leaves your lips. 300 more words


Sicko Baby - Motherhood Updates - Part 16

Updates on Motherhood Part 16 – Baby Sicko 

Rowan is sick. We went 7 months with no sneeze, cough or so much as a runny nose. 566 more words

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