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Now, clearly I cannot take all credit for this one. Phil Dunphey, author of the self help and life guide book  Philsosphy has to be mentioned because he is the king of all relevant life advice. 774 more words


G rated cursing

Now, I know this is something every parent of a toddler has gone through..having a potty mouth and your sponge of a 3 year old repeating every word that leaves your lips. 300 more words


Sicko Baby - Motherhood Updates - Part 16

Updates on Motherhood Part 16 – Baby Sicko 

Rowan is sick. We went 7 months with no sneeze, cough or so much as a runny nose. 566 more words

Funny Mom

Busy Busy Mama

I’ve been neglecting what I love for a long time. I’ve missed my writing and putting things down on digital paper. There’s so much to talk about but so little time to do it. 254 more words

Mommy's Online Dating - Motherhood Updates Part 15

Motherhood Updates Part 15

I started online dating. Well, it’s online dating for moms…to seek and find other lonely moms…

Anyhow, after signing up and creating my profile, I was ready to start meeting the ladies! 437 more words

Funny Mom

Vacay time

I bet you thought I was really going on vacation .. Nope.. Just the hair salon. And this was much needed after an afternoon of screaming temper tantrums, pushing and no wine in the house. 225 more words

Is it just my kid?

Here is a compilation of the lucrative things my kids say and do:

  1. Wake up at 5:54 in the morning, every.single.day
  2. Insist on eating packets of jelly.
  3. 207 more words