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1. Be a Crazy Mom ....Check! Updates on Motherhood Part 12

Updates on Motherhood Part 12   

I took Rowan to his four month checkup last week. His pediatrician insists on making me fill out a questionnaire every time I go. 527 more words

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The Joys of Living With Gigi and Bring Back the Boobies - Motherhood Updates Part 11

Updates on Motherhood Part 11

– Living with my parents is going really well so far. We are all pretty respectful of each other’s space and picking up after ourselves. 527 more words

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6 Months / Labor Story

Goodness tomorrow marks six months of survival of myself and my little bug.

So in honor of my babies entrance to the world I think I’ll share my labor story… 991 more words

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Mommy is Going Bald and Quit Messing Up My Jams - Motherhood Updates Part 10

Updates on Motherhood Part 10

I’m losing my hair. I mean I knew that the lush locks I grew during the pregnancy would go away eventually, but I thought it would be a gradual loss…My hair is coming out in clumps. 486 more words

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Things that change after children

I keep in frequent contact with my sister-in-law. (Hi, Jess! You’re practically famous now!!

Beyond venting about the long days we spend with our children, we love to make each other laugh. 1,042 more words


Motherhood Update Part 9 - Big Changes Ahead and How Hipsters Almost Stole My Baby

Motherhood updates Part 9

– I’ve never been afraid of Rowan being kidnapped, until today. This afternoon a friend and I went to Denver’s hippest Flea/ Farmers market located downtown. 476 more words

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Motherhood Updates Part 7 and 8 - Orange is the New Daycare and a Not so Happy Bed Time Story

Motherhood Updates Part 7
– Rowan has started full time daycare. He is already picking up bad habits and I’m pretty sure he’s getting ready to be jumped into some sort of baby gang. 713 more words

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