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Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water - Motherhood Updates Part 14

Motherhood Updates Part 14

“Your kid stinks,” My mother often tells me- “Clara he needs a bath every day. I don’t know why I have to keep telling you this…” 513 more words

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Little Ol Me...

Hello World! This is my official first post as a “blogger” I have read a ton of blogs and have never thought that I would ever be into writing one… Until about 2 weeks ago when I was bombarded with a ton of messages saying “you should write a blog” even now as I am writing this I am thinking if I can help ONE person start or motivate the personal journey of their own life then my mission is complete! 465 more words

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New Mommy Revelation #13

It is astonishing how Moms can be super flexible.You are the busiest a person can sanely be and then you do some more…you step out and step up. 31 more words

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Lawn Gnomes and Cycling Parrots

What. The. Fresh cut grass.

So, I’m driving down the road and come to this house I’ve passed plenty of times. These people either run a home daycare or have 1,000 children of their own because they have a whole metal swing set museum in their front yard. 502 more words

Every Day Fun And/or Misery

She is Mad but She is Magic: How I Hacked My Family's Genome.

And Something’s odd –within—

That Person that I was —

And this One – do not feel the same—

Could it be Madness –this? – Emily Dickinson… 2,269 more words

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1. Be a Crazy Mom ....Check! Updates on Motherhood Part 12

Updates on Motherhood Part 12   

I took Rowan to his four month checkup last week. His pediatrician insists on making me fill out a questionnaire every time I go. 527 more words

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The Joys of Living With Gigi and Bring Back the Boobies - Motherhood Updates Part 11

Updates on Motherhood Part 11

– Living with my parents is going really well so far. We are all pretty respectful of each other’s space and picking up after ourselves. 527 more words

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