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future criminals of the world are...

future criminals of the world are….

the present ingrates in your care.

Teach your kid some gratitude before it’s too late.

Be Grateful Little Bear is available on Amazon.  11 more words


Can You Guess Ronnie's Alleged Crime?

This extremely jovial mug shot of Donald R. Searl was shot after his arrest for . . . you guessed it . . . Driving under the influence. 25 more words

Criminal Law

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Won't be smiling after he's sentenced.

Mugshot of the Year: Drunk Mom Is Strongest Contender Yet...

Sandra Grohman is a 29-year-old mother who was arrested  for public intoxication–which was probably a good idea, since she seems drunk enough to have confused her mugshot for an audition as Melissa McCarthy’s stand-in. 168 more words


"21 JUMP STREET, PART 2" Took Place in Real Life [VIDEO]

They’re filming 22 Jump Street right now, but the comedy about high-school narcs became a gripping drama at Perris High School in Southern California. It turns out that some high-school narcs can be pretty damn effective. 235 more words


Collection of Ironic Mugshots

As if being arrested and booked into county jail isn’t enough to ruin a day, this collection of ironic mugshots proves some people might have stacked the odds just by choosing the day’s clothing ensemble. 16 more words

Florida's Best Mugshots

Proof why Florida is a sunny place for shady people. Hard to believe that this state played such an important role in the election.


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