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Googling Your First Name Followed by "Glamour Shots" Is Guaranteed to Return Hilarious Results

The “Glamour Shot Challenge” is a new game that is taking the internet by storm. Its pretty simple. You just google for first name followed by “glamour shots” and post the first result you find. 55 more words


Funny y african lady with maize

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Tumblr Puns, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Well the best place for pun on the internet has to be “Reddit”. Just post something, anything and the comment thread will fill up with series of puns, puns about punning. 25 more words

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Awkward Fan Encounters Caught On Camera

Celebrities are considered perfect(please don’t ask in what sense!) by their fans. Fans who will not loose a moment in forcing for an autograph, a handshake, take a selfie or keep a collection of her hair and dead skin (too much?). 15 more words

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Vintage ads considered inappropriate today

Back in the days when oil companies took pride in saying things like “This giant glacier has remained unmelted for centuries. Yet, the petroleum energy Humble supplies — if converted into heat — could melt it at the rate of 80 tons each second!” also had many other inept, ina… http://bigeyeguy.com/vintage-ads-considered-inappropriate-today/

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