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Ketchup & chips plant

The Netherlands have produced an array of wonderful stuff,

But beating this one would be rather tough,

A plant that’ll give you ketchup and chips, 204 more words

Funny Poems

Poetry Is A Shape-Shifting Zombie


Poetry is not dead.

It’s the walking dead.

Revived from its reality-TV induced coma,
poetry has shape-shifted into the Twitter trending
hashtag: I eat brains for breakfast. 142 more words

Author Heather Grace Stewart

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Mattress cheat

Ever wondered if your partner is a cheat,

Well there’s some furniture I’d like you to meet,

There’s a mattress than help you tell,

Yes it’s quite a sell, 173 more words

Funny Poems

In honor of National Poetry Month

A Work in Progress

Poetry Prompt #1:  Write a poem about a summer day

What can I say about a summer day?
I live in the south so it’s going to be hot. 234 more words

Now Double Your Otter

Halfway through my self-imposed month of otter-themed NaPoWriMo poems! Time for something ridiculous, I feel.

Double the otter is double the fun,

if you could have two, why would you have one? 133 more words

New Poetry

Crime Foiled

Policia Militar

Brazil is know for its carnival hurrah,

But two men have taken it a little too far,

They just like dressing up too much, 164 more words

Funny Poems