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The Wolf And The Owl

The wise old owl scowled,

At the lone grey wolf who howled,

As she prowled,

Intent on deeds most foul,

Under the rising moon.

Said the owl, “Must you howl, 39 more words


Poem of the Day

by Jill McDougall

I’ve scraped the skin

From off my chin,

My arms and legs are grazed,

My elbow’s sprained,

My ankle’s maimed,

I’m feeling kind of dazed. 56 more words

Poem Of The Day


Yellow monster, three plaid shirts, five socks

Different colors, no matter time awaits

Run mother run! Missing sock, oh no!


Yellow light, Red light, Green light, 13 more words

College Poetry


Hypotalk, hypotalk
little whispers in the dark…
its only my intentionality–
desires wishing for the free.

i make my rubbish into gold
the egoistic passioned soul… 47 more words


Poem of the Day


by Allan Cropper

A frog

a frog on a log

a frog on a log with a bag full of sticks… 278 more words

Poem Of The Day

SoCS: Boned

Today’s our anniversary.
You remember, right?
A year ago today,
you boned me in the
backseat of your Buick,
left me to dry on the curb. 25 more words


Arnie's back!

The big man: Mr schwarzenegger has returned,

He’s in London Town, showing what he’s learnt,

He’s got his comedy on in our little city,

Yes, the Terminator is actually being quite witty, 99 more words