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A Microbes letter

Lets skip the introductions and salutations. You cannot pronouce my name anyway. To you am a stomach microbe. You say we don’t have names, but we do.  824 more words


Two Fools


“This will cost you 300, it’s the very latest”

Said she, a true mama in the market

“I wasn’t born yesterday my friend, take fifty” 221 more words


Slithering courage

That Slimly slithering drooling snail
Appears to have no purpose in life
Other than getting squashed under the sole of a shoe
That Slimly slithering drooling snail… 151 more words


Poetry Monday #7

As I have now finished sharing my nan’s poems I thought I would move on to some children’s poems for a little while. So here is the first one, I hope you enjoy it…. 112 more words

A Crow and A Frog Singing

a crow and a frog singing
a love song
to an audience
of frogs and crows
and a few pigs

the crow missed a note… 64 more words