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From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

If you want to feel truly blessed

You’ll need more than just beauty rest.

You can focus on the here and now,

Or dream up several words to rhyme with cow.

Practicing Drawing

What will kill us in the end?

What’s going to kill us in the end?
Will it be a meteorite or aliens?
Is it global warming or GMO?
Will it be sinkholes or volcanoes? 25 more words


Deaf-intely time: Deaf Awareness Week

This May it’s Deaf Awareness Week,

And it’s visibility that we seek.

I have a hearing aid in one ear,

On diagnosis I was filled with fear, 213 more words

Funny Poems


Love heart umbrella, twirling and red,

I’d rather be wrapped up in bed,

Heavy teardrops falling from the sky,

Soaking my jeans as I wander by. 114 more words

Funny Poems

Eat, eat, eat

I’ve just eaten my weight in food,

That’s not possible but I’m in that mood,

A foodie treat is just the thing,

Some chorizo or a chicken wing. 91 more words

Funny Poems

Rumours has it that I Rateng’ Wuod Mireri
The grandson of Otoyo Rabuor
The true legend of our Kaliech village
The third son of the fourth wife……. 157 more words

From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

Though my haircut’s Medieval,

I work as a paralegal.

Weekends I dress incognito,

And dine on a beef burrito.

Practicing Drawing