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The mind is at crossroads
Tied by chains of imagination
Inside this hot blazing skull
Is a cold thick cloud of thoughts
Thoughts of the long gone days… 123 more words

Funny Poems

Westminster attack

I wasn’t there but I was near,

At Oxford Circus we didn’t hear,

Everything seemed ‘normal’ until I got a text,

Is everyone okay? What happens next? 212 more words

Funny Poems

The Emperor of Chocolate

                                                                             image from internet

The Emperor of Chocolate

I am the emperor of chocolate. I conquer every bar.
I can detect its presence in wrappings or in jar. 329 more words

Daily Post

Guest poem: Texts from my coke dealer 

By Eleanor Conway
The only man that regularly texts me is my coke dealer,

He’s the most consistent relationship in my life,

The saddest thing isn’t that he misspells his texts to me, 19 more words

Funny Poems

Fat rolls 

I’m not talking bacon butties I mean the bits around your middle,

That make us uncomfortable in certain tops so we fiddle,

Pulling our T-shirts this way and that, 163 more words

Funny Poems

A Match With The Moon

Weary already, weary miles to-night
I walked for bed: and so, to get some ease,
I dogged the flying moon with similes.
And like a wisp she doubled on my sight… 221 more words


#Poem My Foolish Dog by Kathlene Bouzek

My dog is quite hip
Except when he takes a dip
He looks like a fool
when he jumps in the pool
and reminds me of a sinking ship