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A Manic Shit

A burrito baby
Forced it out
It wasn't a maybe or some buuuulllashit shout!
About how killing a whale gives you clean burning lamp oil.
There's no reason for me to be standing here in a hat of tin foil. 71 more words


These fourteen lines of my poem
None is about money or fame
For I have written about the same
In my previous poem
These lines are written for them… 57 more words

Funny Poems

Steve, is that you??

Poopless I went, on yesterday 
But today, today I sit and heave
And push out a poo named Steve 

And wreak havoc, on the ponies 
Let no poo, be an unsmelling phoney 
Bet your paycheck on Rides Fitz Blue Jay. 19 more words

No vegan money here

So if you are vegan you can’t eat meat,

You can’t even have cheese and biscuits as a treat,

But now you also can’t spend any cash, 169 more words

Funny Poems

Little Alphabeta

There was once a little girl
named a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-zed.
No one could pronounce her name
so they’d spell it out instead.

Poor little a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-zed
(let’s call her Alphabeta). 117 more words

Funny Poetry

Times are Changin'

My routine is changed 
From the glory of the morning
I feel deranged 
As I poop in mourning 

Of the lost early poop
Which is far superior 
Than this later poop
Of a quality that's inferior 

There's just something lacking
From this post noon sight
To give it that smacking 
Of an afternoon delight. 26 more words

Poem: Kenneth (who was too fond of bubble-gum and met an untimely end) by Wendy Cope

The chief defect of Kenneth Plumb

Was chewing too much bubble-gum.

He chewed away with all his might,

Morning, evening, noon and night.

Even (oh, it makes you weep) 229 more words