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Me and you
Our noses face down
You live in town
I live in the bushes
Aren’t we all beings
Breathing same free air
Try to be fair friends… 182 more words

Petty Friend



The man is sick as a result of the Sun.
The table is split as a result of the Sun.
The man and the table are results of sunlight. 158 more words


Everything Said Hopeless

Everything Said Hopeless

Not beautiful, it wasn’t that.
Alive, unbarren as a childheavy woman,
She could unscar me if I was loose.

I was the good but dangerous student; 47 more words


Writer's Dilemma

Rainy Day

In Mid July

That’s a song

Wait, who am I?

The trees are red

The sky is blue

Oh lord, what am I to do? 18 more words


The Power Is Out

The power is out

So I light my candle.

I don’t mind silence

But darkness I can’t handle.

The floor still creeks,

The ceiling still leaks, 52 more words


Poem of the Day

Clown Stuff

“Put that cauliflower in the colander,

not on your head, you fool!

It’s no time now for climbing the ladder

to the loft. Come on down… 16 more words

Poem Of The Day


I tried to write a sonnet,

A fourteen line poem.

It’s really hard

I’m not the Bard

I cannot write like him.

His skill with the quill is undeniable… 43 more words