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Poem of the Day

Pickled peppers

Polly Packer picked a pile of pickled peppers

outweighing the paltry peck that Peter chose.

Poor Peter Piper’s paused his pepper picking

and all he picks at present is his nose. 46 more words

Poem Of The Day

'His steed was a gigantic Prius' - the hard thing about occasional poems

I believe (i.e. this is not a statement I can back up with scientific data) that it used to be quite common to give and receive original poems as gifts – the poems were not given  663 more words

Poet's Parody

I want to write a poem but I have no ability with words, so
I will stick odd words on the end of lines. People… 103 more words

Creative Writing

Two Llamas

Two Llamas

The Llama is a wooly sort of fleecy hairy goat,
With an indolent expression and an undulating throat
Like an unsuccessful literary man. 204 more words


Sorry Charlie 

I think I upset Charlie today, I didn’t mean to, honestly, it was completely unintentional. It’s because I’m a hound and he’s a terrier I reckon. 159 more words


High time in Colorado 

You’ve heard of hash brownie,

To get you high if you are having a downie,

Well who knew hash water was a thing,

If you’d like some give the residents of Colorado a ring, 135 more words

Funny Poems

Pokemon Go Cheat

Evan thought he was playing an innocent game of Pokemon Go,

Oh no Evan – really just no,

Following the latest gaming trend,

He popped around to see his ex girlfriend, 109 more words

Funny Poems