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On hold with Amazon

On hold with Amazon

Are my pants on?

No! I’m on the pot

So they are most definitely not.

Well, they’re on my legs

Which the question begs… 67 more words


Dress Mania

Dear the world and people who read,

I am a woman in desperate need,

I have a dress that I absolutely love,

But the price tag is way above, 190 more words

Funny Poems

To-done list

My “to-do” list is overflowing

(some over-clocking is my hunch).

My but “to-done” list is empty as can be

so I’m off for lunch.


Bulls, crepes and swagger.

Your life’s not a chore.
Stop tallying score.
We all have a bull
who is chasing our cape.
We’ve all missed the mark
when flipping our crepe. 19 more words


Another Double Deuce

Another double deuce!

Am I at war with my ass?

I’d call for a truce,

If I knew it would pass.

Punctuation is fun:

Look at me run! 50 more words


No More Oreos

About 15 Oreos and a chocolate milkshake

Demanded to be released right away

I held off agreeing for my girlfriend’s sake

We slept very sound and woke to the new day… 57 more words



I thought I wasn’t going to poop today!

But a wee little poo wriggled its way

Through all my guts

Right out my butt!

And truly, I must say… 25 more words