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Edinburgh Fringe 

Next week marks the start of the the fringe,

Yes team it’s time for a comedy binge,

Get those rain macs and comfy shoes ready, 110 more words


Rex the Friendly Dinosaur

Rex was a friendly dinosaur
The friendliest one around
While other T-rexes were roaring loudly
He made the faintest of sounds

Rex loved to sing lullabies… 119 more words


It's That-a-way (Good Luck)

I feel terrible pointing the way
when people are in distress.
Instead of being a comfort station,
it’s an “Out of Order” mess!


Poem of the Day

Pirate plight
by Jenny Erlanger

Though pirates get by

with a patch on one eye

their lives out at sea can be grim.

No wonder they’re mean, 49 more words

Poem of the Day

by Allan Cropper

There’s a booger in my hanky, it’s been there for half an hour

It is fresh and it is green, but it tastes a little sour… 186 more words

Poem Of The Day

Poem of the Day

Green winter
by Nadine Cranenburgh

In winter my feet get quite chilly

So I wear umpteen socks, I’m not silly

When the gas bills come in… 16 more words

Poem Of The Day

Poem of the Day

Feeling Weird
by Allan Cropper

Have you woken up to find
you don’t know how you feel?
That’s how I felt when I woke up today. 125 more words

Poem Of The Day