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help a chicken out

Most nights in this house I can hear

an owl

at my window.

The song calms me down.

But one night

the song didn’t come. 92 more words


A Grand Entrance

Hello Internet! You and I have previously been acquainted through social media platforms. Hello audience! I have decided to form an actual website to bring you news and updates. 101 more words


Pyjamas drama in Tesco

Two women wore their pyjamas to a Tesco,

It’s not like they were going al fresco,

It’s indoors and they just popped in for a snack, 167 more words

Funny Poems

Oh Christmas Tree

Dear Christmas tree,
Christmas tree oh Christmas tree,

Why can’t I dangle my baubles on thee,

My kittens are obsessed with your danglies,

Even the posh ones I bought from Hamleys (baubles not kittens), 58 more words

Funny Poems

MB की छत से

एक DJ वाली रात थी, पर DJ में बात न थी

August के बादल छाए थे, पर हल्की-सी भी बरसात न थी

सब मस्ती में थे झूम रहे 44 more words


Incomplete Union ...

इक  शर्मा  को  एक शरमानी पसंद आ गयी.!
अज़ी फिर क्या था मुहब्बत पर आन आ गयी.!!

शरमानी भी कमतर नहीं खूब छकाती,
शर्मा की सोशियल साइट पे मैसेज छोड़ जाती.!

Nagama-e-Dil Shayari