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Mouthy Video

Have you ever wanted to see inside your gob?

Oh come on don’t be a mouth snob,

You must of wanted to get a closer look, 104 more words

Funny Poems

Poem: The Ultimate Romance

My erotic, sensitive,

Feminine, sensuous side

Got killed for a time

Destroyed by the wolves of winter

And the hardened arteries

Of a hardened heart… 113 more words

Cat President at University

We would all love to honour our pets,

For their love, and hair loss and for peeing on vets,

The University of Southhampton have found a unique reward, 177 more words

Funny Poems

May Poem 18

I pray ye,

Piers, Perkin


Thy merkin.


Poem: Vows to Imaginary Wife

Well, we finally did it

We got married

But now that we’re hitched

I just want to clarify

A few things

That may have been… 192 more words

Poem: Birds on the Moon

They talk about the first man on the moon

But what about the first bird on the moon?

Sparrowhawks don’t need spaceships

They can just find… 111 more words

The Eiffel Tower sings!

Who knew towers could sing,

Well they can and it is quite the thing,

It’s the Eiffel Tower no less,

But I must confess,

When I went up it in 2013, 119 more words

Funny Poems