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POEM: Sparrowhawk Intervention

I was minding my own business

Raising hell for fishermen

When some unassuming vagabond

Lopped off my arm

Well, as you can imagine

I was quite perplexed; 85 more words

As I sit Listening to Bob Marley

I wonder where my lighter is

And ignore the dirty dishes for now

Laughing at the train bombing video where an artist stops painting…

Dumbfounded at god knows what… 60 more words


Ballad of a Nose Picker

He screws his finger
Into his nose.
What will he find?
Nobody knows.

It could be a jewel,
A nugget of gold.
It might be a pea, 224 more words


चाँदनी,चुराने की जिद्द छोड़ दो.!!

मुझ को मुझ से चुराने की ज़िद्द को छोड़ दो,
बहुत पछताओगे गर दिल तुम पर आ गया.!

हसीनो का यूँ छेड़-खानी करना अच्छा नहीं, 34 more words

Shayari Khumar -e- Ishq

Ketchup & chips plant

The Netherlands have produced an array of wonderful stuff,

But beating this one would be rather tough,

A plant that’ll give you ketchup and chips, 204 more words

Funny Poems

Poem: The Yogis of Tibet

All the girls

Love a good yogi


Or as thin as a rake –

The girls just can’t get enough

Of those unbathed gurus… 230 more words

A Tale of 2 B"logs"

Or…Sailing from Mike and Lesley’s 2 VERY Different Perspectives!

If you love sailing, and your partner, and are considering more adventures on the high seas, then this book is for you. 351 more words