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Pizza Pouch: Paris Fashion Week

Fashion has taken a strange turn,

To help you avoid the melted cheese burn,

There is now a pouch to store your pizza slice,

They’ve obviously taken lady GaGa’s advice, 53 more words


Desert Castaway

I once washed up on a desert island,
Full of the sand, snake, and scorpion,
Oh I wished I’d instead be abandoned,
Upon a beautiful and deserted island, 44 more words

Selfie Stick for Dogs

Dog owners have been living in peril,

“Without any selfie’s my dog will turn feral”,

“It’s just so hard to get my pooch to look the right way”, 115 more words


Lost: The Ones That (Fortunately) Got Away

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.” Write about the one X that got away — a person, an experience, a place you wanted to visit.

188 more words
Daily Post


Twitter and the UK have truly been shaken,

Because someone put a sausage into some bacon,

It’s all alleged – could it really be true? 83 more words

Funny Poems

My cat 

My sweet kitten is growing up,

He’s drinking water out of my cup,

Climbing on the table to eat my dinner,

Even scratching our carpet thinner and thinner, 63 more words


Scent of a Loser

Your like a public bathroom fragrance,
Those fresheners randomly spritzing,
Holding the attention of #2’ers,
Not bad at first meeting,
Then over powering,
All to try and seem inviting, 10 more words