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Poem: Cardiff Central - A Poet's Journey


Cardiff – you have soothed and slayed me;

I need only inhabit you for the space of five

Minutes to assure myself that the madness… 1,314 more words

Fat rolls 

I’m not talking bacon butties I mean the bits around your middle,

That make us uncomfortable in certain tops so we fiddle,

Pulling our T-shirts this way and that, 163 more words

Funny Poems

Short mess

I just got my hair cut short,

I can no longer hide behind my hairy fort,

My face is now free for all to see, 131 more words

Funny Poems

I Spoke to a Word

I spoke to a word

I expected a miracle

I thought it would change my life

I waited for this word

To act

I prayed everyday… 132 more words

Too windy

Gosh it’s been a windy week,

Storm Doris is battering London as we speak,

I also had a photo shoot yesterday,

And so my hair didn’t get in the way, 169 more words

Funny Poems

Honeymoon, bottoms and bugs

Honey, moon sounds like an instruction,

For baring your bottom by way of introduction,

It’s not exactly a great first impression,

So I do … have a confession, 227 more words

Funny Poems

BrainERCISE: "InFLUenza"

February  4th,

I  welcome  you  today,

with  puffy  eyes,

and  nasal  spray.

I  knew  it  was  coming,

I  could  not  avoid,

My  kid  got  a  cold, 44 more words