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Poem: What I Did Today

Today I tried to make a conversation
But it wasn’t very good
My words just would not stick together
And my partner wasn’t in the mood… 90 more words


Top and Bottom

I pass it on my way back home from everywhere I go,
and every time my car just seems to naturally slow…

348 more words
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What You might Not Know about Dr. Seuss

What You might Not Know about Dr. Seuss

In the 50’s, 23 different Dr. Seuss poems were published in Redbook Magazine. All but one, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” were original.  452 more words

Humorous Poetry

The Untitled Poem

Memories like a dust ring on a shelf,
I knew something was there, but just what,
I’m no longer sure.

Tu Kahe To

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Funny Poetry


Glitches like snitches,
Something isn’t right inside,
Sneezes like trumpets,
Friends disconnect and go hide,

Alerts aplenty,
Now so obviously sick,
Tissues aplenty,
This virus I just can’t lick.