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At Journey's End

This road that we travel
Is long and winding
At times smooth, often rough
But it leads somewhere
Experience accrues
And memories collect
Regrets and successes… 46 more words

Absurd Poetry

A Cheesy Nativity (literally)

“Baby Jesus and the Wise Men say cheese”,

But this isn’t a photo if you please,

No the nativity has been made out of cheddar, 58 more words


Moby Cock

Let us tell tale
Of a Caucasian whale
A whale so white
Who, at dawn’s first light
Took a generous bite
Out of my stylist Dwight… 67 more words

Absurd Poetry

Lego slippers

Since the beginning of time (maybe) there has been the slipper,

To help keep your feet feeling chipper,

Protection against the cold,

And kitchen floor mould, 58 more words


To Die By The Sword

I would not mind it
To die by the sword
Historic, honorable
A man’s end
A death worthy of story
A death worthy of song… 25 more words

Absurd Poetry

Peep Show Review (in a poem)

Three years they’ve been gone – sob sob sob

But Peep Show is back and they’ve done a stirling job,

My name sake (Sam Bain) and Jesse Armstrong have penned a great script, 120 more words


Alas, We Find Ourselves Alone

Where are we going?
Why are we here?
Destinies interwoven to this now
And my recollection fails
Though it tries
Just please know it tries… 53 more words

Absurd Poetry