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Chemical Formula of Kiss

Trying to find out with her
Romantic Result of this
Chemical reaction of kiss


Saturday in Verse - August 6

I had the opportunity to visit Carowinds with my sweet kiddos and combined fantastic church youth groups today. The first place some of us checked out was the… 88 more words

Writing For Children

Poem: As You Like It

Sleeping drunk under a bridge

The night sands caressing my face

The disco dancers are still about

Roaring against rhythms that should destroy them

But only give them more power… 220 more words

High time in Colorado 

You’ve heard of hash brownie,

To get you high if you are having a downie,

Well who knew hash water was a thing,

If you’d like some give the residents of Colorado a ring, 135 more words

Funny Poems

Poem: The Single Man

When you’re a single man

Underwear models are your only friends

Women come out of the walls

To tackle you to the ground

This is why men get wives: 53 more words

Her Digestion...

ज़रा – सी तारीफ़ किसी की क्या की,
उनका हाज़मा खराब हो गया.!
अब तक जो करते थे नखरे मिलने से,
प्यार  उन  को  हम  से  हो गया.!!

Shayari Khumar -e- Ishq

Decisions, Decisions, Poetry by Marcus J. King

Genre is funny and hope

Decisions, Decisions by: Marcus J. King  

Stuck. Lost. A brick wall.

Go left. Go right.

Make a left turn. Around the corner. 149 more words