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Graphic Designers Who Are In The Wrong job

Whoever designed these toilet signs maybe needs to take a long hard look at their chosen career. These signs were found in Bergen Norway.

What the duck?

Is the duck some kind of safety mascot for the hotel?

Maybe the duck is blind and insisted on including Braille.

The sign must have been designed by committee.


Sign Pro Web Spots A Funny Sign

Sign Pro Web spotted this plywood sign faced with what appear to be spray painted bed sheets. Don’t gamble with your image, call Sign Pro Web today!


Funny Signs We Have Seen

My cousin from Australia spotted this funny sign in Hirafu, Japan on a skiing vacation. There’s a lot going on here. This is a kebab joint in Japan, using an Elvis like image, a Mideast motif, and a kebab tower, to promote their food in a ski village in Japan. 11 more words