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Let's Play a Real Game

beach partay 2.0
Once again we embarked on our strange family outing- dropping my husband off at the psych unit (he was such a pill during the ride I seriously considered just leaving him there) then soldiering onward to Midland Beach with the girls, this time a different set of girls as my mother swapped the 8 & 10 year olds for the 12 & 14 year olds. 628 more words

Staten Island

10 tips to prevent the job search from becoming a torture

It is often said that looking for work is one of the most complicated jobs. But the circumstances of our labor market make this mission even harder for those who pursue a position. 587 more words

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Subliminal Seduction: How to Attract Beautiful Women

Learn how to use subliminal messages to enter the minds of women and make them want you!

The human mind is very complicated, because it works simultaneously with the conscious and the subconscious mind. 487 more words

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Ways to avoid becoming shark bait

Surprisingly simple methods to avoid becoming the next meal of a shark!

– Think like a shark. If you see lots of fish, seals, sea lions and other potential preys in the water, chances are you have sharks up close and they could confuse you with dinner. 606 more words

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