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Sharing My World

For today, I thought I would do Cee’s Share Your World Challenge, which is to make some lists about your life from her topics ideas. 677 more words


The Godfather, His Bookkeeper & His Lawyer

A Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper, Guido, has cheated him out of $10,000,000.00. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was the reason he got the job in the first place. 173 more words


How To Handle A Self-Centered Jerk

An award should go to the Virgin Airlines gate attendant in Sydney for being customer focused, while making her point when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo. 220 more words


Dancing and Sex (NSFW)

Seriously, people – NSFW.

Everyone’s heard the joke about the fundamentalist who won’t have sex standing up because it looks too much like dancing. In fact sex and dancing have long been linked. 619 more words



Є люди-бумеранги.

Відкидаєш їх від себе, а вони, облетівши пів-світу, повертаються і б’ють тебе прямо в шию. Або в потилицю.

Ні “добрий день”, ні “до побачення”, ні “я вам не заважаю?” — нічого такого і близько. 7 more words


Hmmm Why don't I do that?

If your gonna eat a English Muffin

for Breakfast, this is how it’s done ~

Some hats can be worn anytime!