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My evil twin

In my quiet moments, AGMA thinks ‘interesting’ thoughts.

Uh oh…

We bought a new iron a few weeks ago. Actually I ordered it online. AGMA feels very millennial when I do something like this. 832 more words



I sometimes wonder if it’s easier to be alone than it is to be with someone? These thoughts have been going through my mind today. I’m feeling like, I love being with someone. 180 more words

Funny Thoughts

If you got what I got...you're welcome!

I love touting the fact that I don’t get sick.  If I feel like my throat is getting sore, or I have a slight sniffle, I grab for my bottle of echinacea and start taking a pill three times a day.   1,002 more words

Funny Thoughts

Lost Weight....Now you pay attention?

Ever notice how when a woman loses weight, her level of confidence goes up significantly, just as much as her sex appeal. Now she is doing all this for herself, no one else, yet when men start to notice that she is losing weight they all seem to pay attention to her, why is that? 539 more words

Funny Thoughts