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Die Dancing...

Remember when you used to do dumb things?  Perhaps I should elaborate.  With more life experiences, do you find yourself taking the safe route in life?   953 more words

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When is it a good time?

I often wonder when it is a good time to tell someone how you feel about them? I often get scared because in the end I don’t have a lot courage to face what will happen next. 314 more words

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Good Men vs Bad Women

So I went out for dinner with a guy friend of mine, (yes that is all he is), but we started talking about relationships and how people fit into certain types of categories. 756 more words

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Competition....good thing or bad thing?

I often wonder if competition between men is a good thing?

I’m going to test this for many different reasons. I often wonder if men who are “Alpha Males” get jealous of other men who might be “circling” their territory. 319 more words

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Thoughts...sadness & never ending heartache

Having late night thoughts go through ones head about things makes certain situations difficult it deal with.

My life is busy now that I’m working two jobs, his life is busy since he’s always on the road for work. 205 more words

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The Daily Grind...

My love of cooking knows no bounds.  When I see new kitchen equipment advertised I get all jittery and excited!  New electric can opener?  That’s for me!   934 more words

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Do you ever feel like an idiot when you fall pray to someone who can still make you feel weak in your heart?

I know I do. 335 more words

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