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Singapore - a clean "happy happy" platform with many rules

After a pleasant 17 hour journey on the Dreamliner, we landed in Singapore to find ourselves in a beautiful, clean and lush airport (the airport had everything from water features to tropical foliage and not to mention a Victoria Secret, just in case you needed to do any last minute lingerie buying before flying out). 2,192 more words

Two Girls In Wellington Have A Kayak Adventure Thanks to Pokemon GO!

Best Pokemon GO adventure yet?

The internet has literally lost it’s sense of reality since Pokemon GO landed in the US, Australia & New Zealand last week. 278 more words

Weird Travel

Airplane Appreciation

So today, or I guess tonight considering its two in the morning here, I am going to be talking about a very important topic that I believe deserves our undivided attention. 350 more words

Opening Objectives

Hello everyone! I’m so glad that you have found this blog amidst the many others that scatter the web. You are probably wondering what makes this blog different from the other ramblings of travelers, dreamers, and so on and can honestly say… I don’t know. 207 more words

The Inspiring Story of This Couple Who Quit Their Jobs to Travel

Aircraft aviator Hugh Glass and his writer wife, Grace Dove recently quit their jobs for the love of globetrotting. Life has become awesome ever since, says the young couple. 1,063 more words