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Wedding Laughs

Weddings can be hilarious sometimes! Whether it’s on purpose or by mistake, couples can do crazy things at their weddings. Have a look and laugh out loud. 54 more words

16 Days til the Big Day / Day 2 of Master Cleanse

….and I’m so damn hungry, but oddly proud of myself for not consuming anything but the maple syrup lemonade and cayenne pills – I wussed out of drinking straight cayenne – enough is enough. 194 more words

Cerebral Expletives & Musings Of My Heart

Men Crying at Weddings

Men – we’re surprisingly complex beasts you know? You women look at us and just see the oil-stained hands, our knowledge of football trivia and the leering at women we do as we drive past them on the street, but you completely overlook the fact that beneath these crunchy, sexist outer layers there lies a chewy, emotional centre. 238 more words