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I once started an instantly successful suicide-watch group called “Let’s End this Together”, but nobody showed twice.


How do you fix a government....?

Try turning them off and then on again…


How They Could've Avoided a Government Shutdown

Make wages of congressional representatives inversely proportional to how stupid they are acting.

Any representative who offers an amendment that kills more than ten Americans will be bikini-waxed. 125 more words


Being a Wal-Mart greeter is the only example I’ve seen where “years of experience” and “entry-level position” makes sense.


Yoga, medication and farts!

After a couple weeks dragging my arse I finally made it back to the studio. It was dark, raining and cold and I totally didn’t want to go back out of the house after getting home. 952 more words


Saturday Humor!

Here’s another batch of funny messes! Happy Saturday!