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Art History: Haughty Yet Hilarious

When folks here “Art History” certain images come to mind: an old man, sweater vest and tie, talking down to you and also moving at a glacial pace around a museum; an elderly woman, pearls and purple-tinged hair with giant glasses that make her look like an overgrown beetle, hovering over you like a librarian who doesn’t want you touching her precious book-children; the art teacher at your school, who always smells vaguely of marijuana, and keeps a poster of Starry Night on the wall of the classroom; and finally, an artsy college student with a definite air of pretension about them who can wax poetic about artists and their movements but looks down on you for enjoying a Batman comic book.  398 more words

FTESWL Season 3 Episode 7 Blue Collar Hustle Part 3

Blue Collar Hustle’s own Ziggiy comes back onto FTESWL to give us an update about how things are going in the first season. Ziggiy explains the rigor of his first time shooting between episode 1 and 2. 117 more words

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I'm Going to Hell

May I please get some virtual high-fives? Not only do I feel like the south end of a donkey, but a lady at the gas station told me I’m going to hell because I’m wearing a Harry Potter shirt. 124 more words

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Festival Fun

I’m so excited to share that American Kirare-Yaku has been named an Official Selection of Web Fest New York 2017!  I’m so proud of my cast and crew, and I’m thrilled to be sharing our work with the world.   22 more words

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