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How to Know You're in a James Bond Film (Female)

  1. Your co-worker winks at you and makes sexist and lewd comments towards you. You still sleep with him.
  2. A man in a well fitted suit shakes you at least five times and slaps you across the face because you are becoming hysterical.
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When Bread is Not Bread

  1. When it drunkenly swears at you from the end of the dining room table.
  2. When it fetches the post for you.
  3. When it begins to question your life choices and if you were sensible to do THAT degree.
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T.V's Most Memorable Moments of 2015

As we are winding down the year, we would like to look back at some of T.V moments that either changed our viewing pleasures or dropped our jaw. 266 more words


My Top 5 Uncle Albert War Stories

Only Fools and Horses remains one of the most quintessentially British television shows of all time. It embodied the working class of modern Britain in the 1980s and 1990s, it being one of the first television comedies in the UK to embrace the multi-culturalism of London as opposed to other shows of the time that concentrated on the traditional cockneys. 1,150 more words