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The Manhattan Transfer, and Other Funnybook News

So the funnybook world has been abuzz the last few days with shocking revelations and their accompanying outrage (because nothing ever happens in comics without somebody getting their panties in a bunch about it). 1,019 more words


Preacher on the TeeVee

So this weekend saw the debut of the long-awaited, long-in-development-hell television series based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher.

It ain’t bad.

It ain’t Preacher. 1,960 more words


Stylish Interpretations: Saying Goodbye to Darwyn Cooke

So comics lost one of its best over the weekend: artist and writer Darwyn Cooke.

If you’re reading this at all, you probably know the details already. 1,623 more words


Gods and Monsters. And a Bunch of Dead Rich People.

A little pressed for time this week… Or, no. Not time. Energy. A little pressed for energy. So… FUNNYBOOKS… IN REView… are… gooooo…

Renato Jones: The One % 1… 1,252 more words


Sex, Lies, and Batman

Last week was a damn fine week for funnybooks, with three of my current favorites hitting the stands all on the same day. So of course, I’m going to start this week by talking about a book I didn’t actually read at all… … 2,052 more words


Tales of Gods and Madness: FUNNYBOOKSINREVIEWAREGO!!

So there’ve been more good funnybooks out these past couple of weeks than I’ve really discussed. Too much time caught up in Amazons and Panthers and movie talk. 2,018 more words


Just Another White Guy Talking About Feminism and Race

What an embarrassment of funnybook riches last week: Grant Morrison’s long-awaited Wonder Woman: Earth One, the comics debut of journalist Ta-Nehesi Coates on Black Panther, and the latest issue of Alan Moore’s Providence. 3,328 more words