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Charming and Appalling Wonder: Alan Moore's Providence Ends Deep in the Heart of Lovecraft Country

So I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that ST Joshi appears as a character in the final issue of Alan Moore’s Providence. And yet, I was. 1,363 more words


When the Man Comes Around: Johnny Cash Sings About Logan

Back in the Seventies, when the Marvel Comics editorial staff was still doing its damnedest to sound like Stan Lee, they would occasionally make reference to something known as the Dreaded Deadline Doom. 1,603 more words


The Multitudinous Mister Black: My Poor Reading of Providence (Hopefully) Redeemed

So Alan Moore’s Providence…

…has been kind of a vexing title for me. My reading of it has been a comedy of errors, from my underestimation of it in its earlier issues, to my many wrong ideas about where the story might be going, to (perhaps most embarrassingly) … 3,048 more words


Face-Melting Goodness: The Effects of a Legion Marathon on the Central Nervous System of Your Humble Narrator

So I know I said last time that I didn’t want to do three film-related posts in a row. And I meant that. I fully intended this week to write about that stupendous stack of new funnybooks I bought last week. 2,120 more words


Laura, Chuck, and Logan: the Spoiler-Free Review

So I went to see Logan.

And, wow. This movie is a hell of a lot better than it has any right to be.

Seriously. My usual super hero movie review is “better than you might have been lead to believe,” or “good… for a super hero movie.” But there won’t be any of that here. 1,604 more words


Fantastic Four Remix, Part 5: Expanding Horizons

So here we are again, mixing up the Fantastic Four, recreating the strip from the ground-up for the modern era. I’m having a blast writing these things, and I appreciate the support the posts are seeing from a readership that doesn’t normally come here for this kind of crap. 6,284 more words


Binge & Purge: Getting Out From Under the Funnybook Backlog

So every once in a while, I let comics pile up. This happens to every serious monthly funnybook addict sometimes. You don’t get around to a new issue the week it comes out, and for one reason or another it sits in the “to read” pile, getting shifted behind the newer stuff, until the next one is released. 2,752 more words