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The Importance of Being the Panther

So I went to see that Black Panther movie.

As long-time readers may remember, this is not the norm for me. I won’t go into my full Kirby Rant ™ right now ( 1,707 more words


Murder, Gods, and Art

So I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here…

The Wicked + The Divine: 1923 Special
by Kieron Gillen and Aud Koch

At times, I think The Wicked + The Divine is brilliant. 1,847 more words


Funnybook Heart of Darkness: What Would It Take to Make You Stop Reading Comics?

So a reader asked me, recently, what it would take to get me to stop reading comics. It’s an interesting question, and one that I hadn’t really thought about much. 1,943 more words


Mutant History X: Ed Piskor Makes Sense of It All in X-Men: Grand Design

So our attention has been turned to the past around here lately, and I thought it was high time we returned to the present this week. 2,032 more words


Technical Difficulties

So it’s one of those weeks where real life gets in the way of our usual long-winded ramblings. I had planned to just make a quick “Technical Difficulties” post, and move on. 296 more words


Waiting for the Killing Blow: Alan Moore's Twilight of the Superheroes, Part Three

So here we are, three parts deep in our coverage of Alan Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes, the great DC Comics cross-over that never was. In… 4,296 more words