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Funnybooks in Brief

So it’s one of those weeks.

Bit of a time crunch, and my brain’s been insisting I write fiction instead of non. So this is gonna be quick. 455 more words


Tales of Gods and Trannies: FUNNYBOOKSINREVIEWAREGO!!!

Three books to discuss this week, bound by themes of heroism and the divine…

18 Days
by Grant Morrison and Jeevan Kang

This is kind of a curious project. 1,510 more words


Secrets and Lies: Superman Enters the Age of Transparency

Superman 41
by Gene Luen Yang, John Romita Jr, and Klaus Janson

Okay, so I’ll admit it: curiosity got the better of me last week, and I shelled out four bucks for the new issue of Superman. 929 more words


DC ME?! Comics' Oldest Publisher Re-Invents Itself (Again)

I do my best not to talk about publishers around here. I just don’t get the fascination comics fans have with them. Nobody cares who publishes the new Stephen King novel, after all. 1,508 more words


I Hate It When You Guys Fight: Jonathan Hickman's Avengers, Part Four

Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers
by Jonathan Hickman (duh!) and a Great Many Artists

Alright. So this time, we’re gonna finish this bitch.

So far, we’ve discussed crisis, betrayal, and set-up ( 1,967 more words


Cool Air and Yellow Kings: Alan Moore's Providence Debuts in Style

Taking a quick detour from our magnum opus on Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers to talk about something that’s more along the lines of our usual fare… … 970 more words


To Erase All Our Legacies: Jonathan Hickman's Avengers, Part Three


Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers
by Jonathan Hickman (duh!) and a Multitude of Artists

And we’re back again to continue our discussion of what I’ve called the defining super hero comic of the decade (and don’t think I’ve forgotten that bold claim, either; I’ll be coming back to it before we’re done). 1,846 more words