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The Visible Dork Forty: Random Hilarity

So my usual pattern here on the Dork Forty is to ramble on endlessly about some funnybook or another. But I like pretty pictures, too. I collect dozens of the things, more than I could ever find time to write about. 726 more words


Hillbillies and Satan Babies: Eric Powell is Back in Fine Form

So I got a bit distracted earlier in the week by yet another Batman comic, and I felt a little bad about that, after the fact. 860 more words


Pretty Pretty Batman: The Dark Knight's Last Crusade Fails, But Looks Good Doing It

Dark Knight Returns: the Last Crusade
by Frank Miller (?), Brian Azzarello, John Romita Jr, and Peter Steigerwald

So I wasn’t going to buy this book. 1,935 more words


Comics to Film: Terminated vs Cólera

So we tend to be pretty tough critics here on the nerd farm when it comes to film adaptations of funnybooks. In this case, however, we’ve always been pretty impressed.  306 more words


Funnybook Women: Female Leads in the Comics of June

So I’ve spent a lot of time writing about work-for-hire super hero comics lately. Which is fine. They were books I enjoyed discussing, and lord knows any post about Batman or the latest Corporate Spandex Reboot ™ gives me a spike in readership. 2,471 more words


All the Pretty Fascists: the Art of Judge Dredd

So after a conversation with a friend sent me off looking at Judge Dredd art tonight, I slowly realized how many really great, crazy stylists have been given a crack at ol’ bullet head over the years. 387 more words


Linkblogging: Golden Age Modern

Huh. Who knew there was a Golden Age version of Batman Beyond?


Technically, nobody knew that.

Because I’m lying.

But that mock-up cover by Daniel Dahl is still pretty sweet-lookin’. 139 more words