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DCMe? Redux: When Interesting Comics Fail

So lotsa funnybooks happened while I was on blog vacation. So many that I’ll play catch-up with some capsule reviews here in a bit. But first, I wanted to talk about a bit of news that’s broken this past week: the “DCYou” publishing initiative, known internally as the “Batgirling” of the line, has evidently been a dismal failure. 1,441 more words


Happy Birthday to the King

Jack Kirby, the man who tops my very short list of contenders for Greatest Funnybook Artist of All Time, would have been 98 years old today.  138 more words


Gone Fishin'

As happens from time to time, real life is getting in the way of me getting my writing done. I’ve been struggling to keep the schedule up of late, and something’s got to give. 90 more words


Heroes, Mad Dogs, and Presidents: Ted Cruz Talks Spandex

So we don’t talk politics much here on the nerd farm. Seems kind of outside our mission statement. But this past week, a bit of political news hit that seemed more in our line: Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz gave reporters a list of his five favorite super heroes. 1,044 more words


Funnybooks in Brief

So it’s one of those weeks.

Bit of a time crunch, and my brain’s been insisting I write fiction instead of non. So this is gonna be quick. 455 more words


Tales of Gods and Trannies: FUNNYBOOKSINREVIEWAREGO!!!

Three books to discuss this week, bound by themes of heroism and the divine…

18 Days
by Grant Morrison and Jeevan Kang

This is kind of a curious project. 1,510 more words


Secrets and Lies: Superman Enters the Age of Transparency

Superman 41
by Gene Luen Yang, John Romita Jr, and Klaus Janson

Okay, so I’ll admit it: curiosity got the better of me last week, and I shelled out four bucks for the new issue of Superman. 929 more words