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Simple Funnybook Pleasures

I spend a lot of time around here digging deep into the funnybooks I read, picking out fine details and admiring craft. That can make me a tough audience. 1,222 more words


Box Diving for Fun and (No) Profit

So we had a little funnybook show here in town this past weekend. Nothing spectacular. Just a Masonic Lodge full of comic and toy dealers, and a few local artists shaking hands and drawing pretty pictures. 902 more words


Objets D'Art: Eisner and Kirby Make Beautiful Things to Look At

I’m afraid I won’t be doing my usual in-depth, over-intellectual funnybook reviews this week. Why? Well, for one thing, I’m on vacation, and just don’t have the discipline required to do all that. 1,175 more words



Keepin’ it short tonight.

(That’s a joke, son! Don’tcha get it?!)

Big Man Plans 1, by Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch

Have you ever wanted to see a pantsless dwarf goin’ down on a foxy black mama in the back seat of a Cadillac? 74 more words


Why I Hate Funnybook Movies

So we’re gonna eschew the normal reviews this week. Not because there’s nothing to review, understand; we just got a new issue of Wicked + Divine, after all, and that’s always worth talking about. 1,018 more words


Infinite Shades of Gray: Cloudy Morality Defines Grant Morrison's Mastermen

A word of warning: the following review gets pretty SPOILERY, in the interest of analyzing the story. So if you haven’t read the book in question yet… Tread carefully. 1,249 more words


Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Vadercomic! Dark Side Represent!

Darth Vader 1, by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca

I picked this book up for exactly two reasons: 1. I like the idea of a story told from the perspective of Darth Vader, and 2. 2,025 more words