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The Spectacle of It All

So last week was a good week for funnybooks. But, as sometimes happens, life has gotten in the way of me discussing them in my usual depth. 692 more words


Fugitives From the Law of Averages: Revisit World War II with Willie and Joe

A Retro Review this week! Or, well… A Retro Appreciation, maybe. Because “review” ain’t really what’s gonna be happening here…

Willie and Joe, by Bill Mauldin… 377 more words


Big Shoes to Fill: Daredevil Comes to Television

This week, we give proper funnybooks a rest to discuss (Good Lord! *choke!*) a funnybook TV show…

So, yeah… I watched Daredevil this weekend, just like every other dork in America. 1,737 more words


The Talking Dead: Jonathan Hickman Gets Verbose

This week, kind of a rarity for the Dork Forty: a negative review. As I’ve said before, I prefer to talk about things I like, rather than hate on things I don’t. 1,329 more words


Simple Funnybook Pleasures

I spend a lot of time around here digging deep into the funnybooks I read, picking out fine details and admiring craft. That can make me a tough audience. 1,222 more words


Box Diving for Fun and (No) Profit

So we had a little funnybook show here in town this past weekend. Nothing spectacular. Just a Masonic Lodge full of comic and toy dealers, and a few local artists shaking hands and drawing pretty pictures. 902 more words


Objets D'Art: Eisner and Kirby Make Beautiful Things to Look At

I’m afraid I won’t be doing my usual in-depth, over-intellectual funnybook reviews this week. Why? Well, for one thing, I’m on vacation, and just don’t have the discipline required to do all that. 1,175 more words