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How Much Would You Weigh on Other Planets?

Gravity on the moon is about 17 percent of what it is on Earth. That means you can figure out what you’d weigh there by multiplying your weight by 0.165. 238 more words


#Events Update #EnterpriseMuseum - Backyard Birds Part 1

I’m still here, honest! Had company last week, and a luncheon/tea to host this past Saturday, and a brand-new presentation on backyard birds to prepare for this coming Saturday. 344 more words


Furniture in my house // Random Ramblings

Note: I originally drafted this post last summer when I was about to move. Apparently I never posted it but I just rediscovered it and I still like it so here it goes. 912 more words


How to Make Invisible Ink for Writing Top-Secret Messages

Create your own top-secret notes with this simple technique using grape juice and baking soda.

For the chance to win a cool spy prize, click here to read the rest of our invisible ink message. 128 more words

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How to Wash Your Dog

Being a responsible dog owner means keeping your pup clean. Try these dog-bathing tips from the Dog Care merit badge pamphlet.


Start by getting your dog used to an empty tub. 171 more words

Fun Stuff To Do

Some "Thank You" Laughs!

Just wanted to thank everyone who shared my The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody release posts this week. (Two more coming next week, and that’s all, I promise!) I really appreciate your generosity and support, and figured I at least owed you some Saturday laughs as a way to say thanks. 26 more words