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How to Make a Plaster Cast of Animal Tracks in the Snow

A blanket of snow covers the ground: It’s prime time for animal tracking. So why does your cast of that picture-perfect raccoon print look like it came from an eight-toed alien? 146 more words

Fun Stuff To Do

you've got to get rid of it.....it's gotta go.....

i know that i’m a ceramic hoarder….it goes hand in hand with owning a kitchen store which turned into a functional art, gifts and accessories boutique for 27 years….and probably has to do a little with the fact that i’m a.d.d……i just cant get rid of stuff…..and everytime we have a party at the house i tend to throw things in the pantry on top of other things which are balancing on top of other things and then the next time i need something of course i can’t find it but then i go and organize a bit…in the 15 minutes of spare time that i have……and i find all this kool stuff…..i once read somewhere that the rule of thumb for getting rid of stuff is…..if you look at something and it makes you smile or happy …..keep it….my problem is that if it didnt make me feel good i wouldnt have brought it home in the first place so obviously just about everything i have in my pantry i love…..it either reminds me of a specific time in my life or its just so kool why would i want someone else to have it….i know thats very selfish of me but i have to be selfish with some things…..don’t i……well maybe i can get rid of a few things….i seem to have a few items that i do believe people have brought over for a party and left….so i’ll start there…..


does anyone else run out of soap just in time for thanksgiving.....

does this happen to other people…it must….it just seems that every thanksgiving i go to wash my dishes while preparing stuff ahead of time…yes i do some stuff ahead of time….amazing isnt it….never as much ahead of time as i would like to….but anyways…..i go to wash the pots and pans and dishes and someone put the bottle back under the sink with a tablespoon of soap left….it’s like putting the milk container back with just a gulp of milk or the butter with just a smidge…..i’m pretty sure it wasn’t me but since i think i’m the only one around here that handwashes the pots and pans it must have been me….but maybe the dogs had a bubble party while we were gone….they were awfully tired last night….they are usually all over me all night long while watching tv and at 8:30 they start begging for the 9:00 cookie…..when our other dog issue was alive she would get up around 8:45 and go into the next room and keep poking her head out the door with the saddest look to see if it might be cookie time a little earlier….miss that girl….ok so let me go back and see where i was going before i got on the dogs…..oh ya dish soap…..oh….lost my train of thought…..i’m over it……i know its a day late but…… 43 more words

Two Plates Full

The Purple Parade

Things have been pretty purple in Singapore this last week. The skyline has been lit up with 19 buildings going purple in solidarity with the purple parade movement. 332 more words


Worth Reading

I’ve come across several fascinating blog posts and articles that relate to Library Land.

From Malinda Lo’s Blog:

“Should white people write about people of color?” 394 more words

Just For Fun

Getting To Know Me 😊

Another week is upon us. I’ve been hit and miss playing along with the Cee’s weekly  SHARE YOUR WORLD This weeks questions are just to fun not to play along…. 197 more words


Combat Food Waste with These Easy Recipes

More food ends up in landfills than plastic or paper. In fact, 30 to 40 percent of the U.S. food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. 372 more words

Fun Stuff To Do