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Some 1911 Fun

Had some time available . . .

10 yards and 2 mags – 16 rounds at about 1 round every 1 1/2 seconds – starting to get there with the 1911 pattern… 171 more words


Confused Yet? -Again

Run across this awhile back – found it again – thought everybody would get a kick out of it – Enjoy!!

It actually makes sense in a really twisted sort of way – at least to me . 11 more words


Old School Back to School Special !!

Let’s go shoot

Every time I try to get with somebody to go shoot some of this neat old stuff life becomes one big scheduling screw up. 365 more words


How to Solve the Rubik's Cube

Solving a Rubik’s Cube takes patience, practice and plenty of trial and error. Break the process into the following stages for better results.

SOLVE THE WHITE CROSS… 125 more words

Fun Stuff To Do


A very late mermay thingy,whatever man mermaids have no seasons


Make Your Paper Airplane Soar With These Tips

Folding the perfect paper airplane is tough. Sometimes they soar into the distance. Sometimes they won’t go more than five feet before twirling and whirling straight into the ground. 266 more words

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How to Play Capture the Flag

This classic outdoor game is all about teamwork. The goal is to find the other team’s flag and bring it back to your side without being tagged. 371 more words

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