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Did someone say "Beans"??

I mentioned to one person that my blushing bride wanted a batch of beans and I figured I would go ahead and make some. Three phone calls and 5 text messages later here is how they go together . 376 more words


Weekend Fun . . . Old School Flashlight Shooting

A long, long, time ago . . . in a galaxy – No wait -It was a dark and stormy night – No that’s not right either. 149 more words


Spoiling the child . . .

Just trying to make him feel welcome!!

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!


500 S&W - 2 Quick Videos

For your enjoyment . . .

Two rounds loaded randomly – cylinder spun – try not to flinch – Jacques makes it look easy!!

This next one the recoil from the first shot knocked the ear muffs out of position enough that the second really hurt – and not just the hands – wrists – and shoulders – yes there is that much recoil . 64 more words