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The Black Hat

My black hat arrived (Robert Hall, fur felt, 6 5/8), with the colour band placed around. The original hat band is lovely, a thin, flat braid leather belt band, and the colour band can go right over when I want that, and taken off when I want basic black.


Stetson 4X Stetson Open Road


This hat was made by the John B. Stetson Company.  It is their iconic Open Road style, with a thin ribbon, narrow binding and a fedora flanged brim. 53 more words


Marathon thin ribbon fedora

This vintage fedora was made in the mid 1950s and was sold by Penney’s under the Marathon hat label. It is made of fur felt, has a blocked in teardrop crease, a thin ribbon and thin binding, and a brown leather sweatband. It is a 7-1/8.


Champ Fedora

This vintage hat was made in the late 1950s by Champ. It is a size 7-1/4 and was sold by Wein’s Clothing Store of Butte, Montana.


5X Beaver Resistol cowboy hat

This vintage cowboy hat was made in the 1950s for the CR Anthony Company from XXXX Beaver fur felt. From the style of the sweatband, the “Hand Creased” logo and the style of the reorder tag (partly missing) under the sweatband, it’s safe to say that this was made by Resistol as a house label hat for Anthony. It measures a 7-1/8


Globe Clothing Company blue thin ribbon fedora

This vintage hat was made in the late 1930s-early 1940s and was sold in Helena, Montana by the Globe Clothing Company. It is a thin ribbon fedora style, in a vibrant shade of blue. 14 more words


Globe Clothing Company blue fedora hat

This hat was made in the late 1930s-early 1940s and was sold by the Globe Clothing Company of Helena, Montana. It has a mid-with ribbon, wide brim binding, and distinctive blue green felt. 31 more words